By Rae Roberts

Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell’s appointment of his son, Olinga Mitchell, as his adviser could only be interpreted as a clear sign that the soon-to-be 72-year-old leader is systematically imaging and profiling his son for bigger things to come.

And that, undoubtedly, is to replace him as political leader of the New National Party (NNP). Olinga, a likeable young man, is sure to benefit significantly from this political job created for him by his father.

Clearly, it is an unethical decision. No decent thinking person in public office – and more so – the leader of the nation, would create a job paying thousands of dollars for his own son, and most blatantly using taxpayers money to fund it.

This reminds me of Haiti back in the days of the father and son combination – Papa Doc and Baby Doc.

Had Olinga applied for the job through the Public Service Commission (PSC) and competed with others, then there could be some merit. But the Prime Minister employing his son?

However, we are in a society in which many men and women have surrendered the values of decency and morality. So, many see absolutely nothing wrong with that practice. In fact, too many of us are easily tempted and bought by favours and money; so we keep out mouths closed.

The privileged position of Prime Minister Mitchell ought not to be used to favour family and friends! No other Prime Minister in our history has so shamelessly used his office to favour the chosen ones.

Unfortunately, that will not be a debate on the Beyond the Headlines – perhaps too-hot-to-handle GBN?

Expect in the coming months and years to see the Olinga parade. The Prime Minister has developed, and today enjoys a tremendous affinity with a large number of citizens across the country; and I have absolutely no doubt that he will provide his son with the opportunity to inherit that passionate following.

Dr. Mitchell has outfoxed all and sundry in his political career thus far, and he is at it again. The million dollar question is what is the response of “king David” in common letters, and Chester Humphrey and others behind the scene whose dream it is to crown king David within the next five years?

The Prime Minister has smartly calculated that the time is right to play another game of chess, capturing the prized piece of Queen, and will it to a younger man who is likely to be more acceptable than the NDC “rejects” who have established themselves as power grabbers, and who also dream of a socialist Grenada.

Dr. Mitchell’s strategy is to definitely lay the foundation for his son to travel across Grenada with him and deliver much of the government’s social programs to the very ordinary people; and win their affection. In addition, as P.M’s adviser, Olinga now has the influence through his father to get things done.

Better still, he is within the age group which is the biggest voting bloc in Grenada, and can surely make an impact.

The NDC “rejects” consider themselves thinkers and the most cunning on the bloc and they too would have calculated the Prime Minister’s move. And knowing them as I do, they will attempt to counter.

If Chess and Peter are honest they would admit that they did not see the Olinga appointment coming in the mix of things to put a spoke in their wheel.

During the election campaign, the energetic Peter David was close to many of the new candidates sowing seeds, and I am sure he will endeavour to have his labour blossom.

Equally important, as Minister of Labour, he is linked to the trade union movement and has influential friends there. He will surely use it to his political advantage; as well as to keep the Prime Minister on his toes.

It is an interesting period ahead for all Grenadians. A clever and cunning Prime Minister – always having his way, but who, for once, could encounter a Goliath of equal determination.

Politics in Grenada is never dull and, amidst all the talk of economic growth and a party of lovers of Dr. Mitchell – wait and see!

Brutus, with his dagger, is awaiting the opportune time to make his play for the leadership. Time will tell.

PM Mitchell does not keep many friends around for too long as history has shown.

If he only suspects them of plotting anything against him well crapaud smoke their pipe as they will be crushed ruthlessly.

Tobias Clement’s protest for a salary increase brings laughter; but it might all be part of the game.

If Tobias has any decency and integrity in him he should walk across the aisle and become the Opposition Leader in Parliament after staging such a protest against his own government.

Is the St George North-east MP in it only for the money?

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