PM Mitchell deserves another five years

By Helen Grenade

Here’s a reminder of just why Dr the not so honourable Keith C. Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP) deserve to win another five years in political office in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. I am quite certain readers will agree with me.

Let me begin by saying, I am a voice for the ideals of democracy. There are those on social media who have no idea what these ideals mean, and that’s why their idiotic assumptions might be funny, if they were not so flagrantly offensive and damaging. Anything less would be a complete dereliction of moral obligations.

The Dorcet Charles judgment, $1 million; Dipcon judgment $16 million; the first stadium, which Mitchell promised would not cost taxpayers one penny, ended up costing the poor taxpayers $16 million; three desalination plants, which cost Grenada’s taxpayers over $10 million, have not produced one drop of water to date.

The Hog Island project with E.J. Miller, more than $30 million disappeared, and 500 acres of prime land was also given away by Mitchell. The Lewis Hamilton scandal. The St Mark’s poultry scandal, which produced absolutely nothing, not even a feather, but millions also disappeared; $26 million disappeared from Marketing Board.

The Call Center, over $20 million disappeared, monies Mitchell’s family has never repaid. The $10 million from the IMF that was given to Petit Trou for safekeeping disappeared.

Mitchell must tell the Grenadian public where the money went. He owes that much to the people. The Garden Group, millions disappeared. Can this money be traced?

Come on, citizens of Grenada, open your eyes, remove the chains that are holding you down, lift yourself up. Mitchell keeps lifting himself up, now it’s your turn. Mitchell is a divisive, hypocritical liar.

This cheeto is nothing but an idiot-in-chief. An individual with no character or ethics, he is incompetent, wicked, and useless too, who has worked hard since 2013 to destroy Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Keith C. Mitchell should be attached to a polygraph that should shock him for every lie he has told.

Mitchell must be given another chance to sell out Grenada completely. He has already sold out Calivigny Island, Levera, State Farms, the Postal Corporation, fishing trawlers, and agro industries created by Bishop and Coard, Silver Sand, two banks, the plane, and CPE programme.

Mitchell has become the seller-in-chief. If that’s not enough reasons why the seller-in-chief should be re-elected, then I don’t know what is. Over and over again, the man continues to prove just how much he doesn’t care a damn about poor people or this country.

Mitchell is selling out our most valuable assets of the country for a mess of pottage for his own gains, and committing a multitude of sins, short of treason and most sinister. Selling out our assets harms our country and people; it shows a shocking level of naivety and disloyalty to Grenada.

We have to face the fact that Keith Mitchell is giving many the impression by his behaviour in public office that he more loyal to money and foreign countries than he is to people and country.

His elitist, globalist agenda puts Grenada at risk, and weakens us from the inside. The citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique must wake up and ensure that the NNP is decisively defeated in 2018, and until then we must keep up the fight, keep up the pressure.

Free the people, break the chains of witchcraft encircling Grenada, free them from the chains holding them together, Dr Mitchell, free them from the bondage. Grenada deserves a leader who will put our country first. You’re no longer that leader; you have sold your soul to the devil for financial gains. Sad.

We are in serious trouble, if we continue to allow this crown prince of mediocrity to continue with his lies and complete failure.

This is a golden time to take back your country, this opportunity should not be wasted, viva a free Grenada, forward Grenada, a people united could never be defeated.

Yes, we can, this is for those 15 NNP who want to rule for life, to respect our country and people. Now is the time for the citizens of Grenada to stand tall, stand up and have a spine to end Keith Claudius Mitchell and his NNP regime’s despicable agenda.

The National Democratic Congress political party must continue to fight Mitchell on policy grounds that will win over swing voters. That ground tends to be economic, education and healthcare. The NDC needs to continue to use facts, effective arguments, Mitchells’ own words, his own failed election promises, and focus on economic issues that are hurting our people. Betrayal of his promises to eradicate, reduce inequality, and unemployment, he has not delivered on his so-called vision.

The decomposition of Grenada institutions has been blamed on the Keith C. Mitchell NNP government. His cabinet constant reshuffle is confirmation of a silent coup that has Grenada in the grip of a corrupt network intent on looting the country, and incapable of driving genuine development programs.

The need for radical economic transformation must be rescued by the NDC from the NNP political project that uses it to mask the narrow ambitions of a power elite that is only really interested in retaining political power.

These NNP so-called leaders don’t seem to understand how their specific actions are contributing to the wider process of systemic betrayal that has up until now remains opaque.

Grenadians must once again be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts, the NDC must realise, Terry Forrester must realise, that the time has come to defend the founding promise of democracy and development by doing all that is necessary to stop the systemic and institutionalised process of betrayal that is now in its final stage of execution by Keith Mitchell and his NNP.

It is not too late, the 2018 NDC democratic promise to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique remains an achievable goal.

The NNP government sites reads that Grenada has a favourable record in providing a safe environment.

The facts, statistics prove differently. Grenada with a population of approximately 106,000 reported in 2016: 10 murders, 273 sexual assaults, 941 residential burglaries, 740 drug related crimes, 6 shootings, all this under the leadership of the Mitchell NNP regime. Grenada is today a country run by the worst, least qualified and most unscrupulous individuals.

The Royal Grenada Police Force recently received 100 bulletproof vests. The Mitchell government robs from the poor, they act with impunity, routinely trading government contracts and other favours to fake investors for millions of dollars, meanwhile ordinary Grenadian citizens live in fear of the government that sucks them dry by charging fees for services, throwing them in jail, when they can’t pay arbitrary fines.

Grenada is plagued by untrustworthy and badly functioning public institutions like the police and judiciary, in practice the laws are often skirted or ignored. People frequently face situations of bribery and extortion. This kind of corruption violates the rights of the Grenadian people, prevents sustainable developments and fuels social exclusion.

This NNP government lies, misrepresents, fabricates, misleads, and pretends to be doing the best they can for all concerned. Some of us Grenadians are the careless inhabitants of our country, who are comfortably blinded, misled, deceived, misinformed and lied to, yet with no reason.

The information is out there for all of us to learn from and read between the lies written and spoken, although we stumble upon excuses of unethical and amoral illusions created to reality by intellectually demonic tyrants who quench their thirst for power.

The women of Grenada are not familiar with their rights, and are unable to source and use the opportunities and services that are available to them. Living in St George’s, the capital of Grenada, is very expensive, it is more expensive than Houston, Texas, 87.2%, especially when it comes to buying groceries, 60.5% more expensive for household costs than Kuala Lumpur, and 43.6% more expensive for transport costs than Dubai.

Medical treatment is expensive and medical facilities are inadequate for general treatment. The roads in Grenada are in dismal shape, when it rains you can catch fish in the puddles that looks like small pools.

The roads are not maintained. Police respond to robberies, but they do not have any resources to pursue cases, they do not collect fingerprints.

“I have no experience of them solving cases,” said one citizen.

The Hong Kong billionaire bribery case exposed China’s corruption problem in Africa and the Caribbean, companies have found themselves operating in countries with high corruption ratings without domestic legislation to answer to.

Chinese companies are bribing those officials, the Chinese government crackdown virtually ignores foreign bribery. Chinese corruption in Grenada under the Mitchell NNP government is on the rise. Transparency International ranked Grenada as being the most corrupt country in the Windward Islands.

Grenada’s reputation and economy are suffering under this NNP regime. A former US ambassador to Barbados said that “Mitchell is more corrupt than the Bird family in Antigua.”

These are not fabricated allegations, just ask the Prime Minister, this is not fake news, Mitchell and his NNP disastrous regime have been selling out our country in their pursuit of power and money.

Mitchell has betrayed the values that we once held dear, the values Grenada was founded on, the values such as transparency, accountability, integrity and credibility, a Grenada that embraces people.

The NDC political leader, Senator Nazim Burke, is calling on Prime Minister Keith C. Mitchell, to join him in advancing legislative reform to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the public sector and within the political parties in Grenada.

Burke believes it’s an urgent requirement for strengthening national integrity systems in Grenada.

(Helen Grenade is a former political activist of the NNP)


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