The Chinese plan

By Sandra Ferguson

In mid-December an article created quite a stir – China set to move into United States’ backyard with national development plan for Grenada

The article reported on the preparation of a national development for Grenada by the China Development Bank.

The following are excerpts from the article:-

*Request by the Grenadian Government: “The Chinese foreign ministry told the South China Morning Post this month that “China Development Bank, at the request of the Grenadian government, is helping them draft a national development strategy……….”.

*Plan Completed: “…Wang Yingjie, a lead researcher involved in the drafting of the Grenada national development strategic plan, told the Post this month the plan had been finished recently and “should be in the hands of the Grenadian government already…”.

The Grenadian government announced its national strategic plan 2030 in November 2014.

*Beijing’s Plan: “Beijing’s blueprint envisions the construction of massive infrastructure projects in the small tropical nation, which has a population of about 100,000. They include the construction of a highway connecting the major towns on its main island, which is about four times the size of Hong Kong Island, and a railway line encircling it.

The plan also calls for the building of deepwater ports that could accommodate a large number of cruise and cargo ships, a large wind farm to replace diesel-fuelled generators and a modernised airport with more, longer runways. It also sees a future for Grenada as an offshore tax haven for foreign companies or individuals…”.

*Visit with Government Officials in 2016: “The website of the economic and commercial counsellor’s office at the Chinese embassy in Grenada says Chinese experts involved in the project visited Grenada in August last year and met government officials in charge of diplomatic relations, economic development, tourism, agriculture, industry and education.”

*Shown at Domestic Conferences: “Documents from the Chinese team working on the development blueprint that have been shared at domestic academic conferences show Grenada’s main island divided into seven different zones.”

* “The central mountainous area would be left alone as a national park with limited human activities, mostly for ecological tourism and education. The five other districts would be dedicated, respectively, to renewable energy, agriculture and fruit processing, fishing, general tourism and medical tourism.”

BETTER ACCESS FOR CHINESE COMPANIES: A China-drafted development plan for Grenada would give Chinese companies better access to future investment and infrastructure projects”, it added.

*The Chinese team warned in one document that the development envisioned by blueprint would not be achieved unless the Grenadian government took strong, effective measures to ensure and protect the interests of foreign investors.”

Note the following:-

Airport Loan: One could draw the conclusion that the airport loan of $66.0m from the People’s Republic of China for airport expansion, addition of another runway, bypass road and passenger tunnels – part of the grand design., of the Beijing blue print.

Protecting the interests of foreign investors: Exactly what is meant by that? Is the donation of a military-type fleet of vehicles part of the preparations for “protecting the interests”?

Shown at Domestic Conferences: Domestic Academic conferences discussing and debating the Grenada’s plan? What about the real citizens – those whose nable string bury here?

Future and Vision for Grenada: The future and vision of Grenada mapped out a Chinese research institution?
Better Access for Chinese Companies: Construction work will be undertaken by Chinese construction company China Harbour. Just look around! Every major infrastructural project is now done by a Chinese company.

Launch of National Development Plan 2030: In 2015, when the National Development Plan 2030 was launched with a plan for people’s participation, were we DUPED again? All that talk and hope of “people’s participation”; “OUR plan” and “from the ground up”?

The Chinese Feeding Us: When we the people expressed concern about the pagodas at Grand Etang, The Hon Clarice Modeste-Curwen, in a budget debate reminded we the people that the “Chinese feeding us!”

Is this a plan to collect payment for all the food we eating or is this a plan for more food but for WHOM?

It looks like all dis Chinese food go CHOKE little Grenada!

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