Comrade Chess – the destroyer

by Ray Roberts

How long will that love affair between Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Chester Humphrey last?
Both men are cunning as a fox and unquestionably have a quenching passion for political power and dominance.

Dr. Mitchell is the NNP and his mere followers dare not challenge him but they all adore even his worst qualities in public, because of political favours and financial opportunities.

Dr. Mitchell is the ultimate leader – he puts you up and takes you down as he chooses.

The examples are all around – Terry Forrester, Alexandra Otway-Noel, Clifton Paul, Adrian “Spaceman” Mitchell, and even Jos Whiteman who bankrolled the NNP in the earlier years and is now pushed under the bus by the NNP one-man leader.

In private Comrade Chess does not hold Dr. Mitchell in high esteem, he considers him a political opportunist of the worse kind.

However, NNP now provides Chess with the last opportunity to be in frontline politics and to be a part of political power.

The Comrade knows that given his age he could not start a new political party with Peter and do the work for another 20 years in order to position the new party to challenge for State power.

Poor Glynis Roberts, she helped bring down Tillman Thomas and NDC from power in 2008-13 and kept waiting on Peter who is now being rebranded a Pedro to face the electorate to come in and take over the leadership of NUF.

One of my NUF friends told me that every time a date was set for the launch of the party, Pedro kept telling them the time was not right and to push back the date.

It emerged that Peter was playing with Glynis while he worked out his so-called political future with the Doc.
Smartman also Chess came to the realisation that NNP is the best bet to harbour him in order to remain politically relevant.

This is the same Chess who said in 2013 that he could not appear on the platform of Nicholas Steele for the Town of St. George because he represented big business.

However, in 2018 the same Comrade Chess is running all over the South with Businessman Steele as part of his selfish mission – to make a power grab in NNP down the road.

Comrade Chess remains over ambitious and values himself as a major and premier political force. His partner in crime Peter David, the so-called great, like all followers of Dr. Mitchell, adores him in public – hoping to be seen as the golden boy.

Dr. Mitchell is no political fool and knows that Chess and Peter are after something – the same thing that he already has and will not easily surrender to them – political power.

Chess and Peter need Dr. Mitchell more than he needs them. The Doc would have already access the situation and knows that these political lightweights are no threat to him remaining as NNP leader even at age 95.

I want both the Revo boys to consider this: Dr. Mitchell often reminds those in the NNP that he comes from a family with long life.

What he is saying indirectly to them is that he would be around for a long time.

The question that the future will soon answer is how long will that new love affair last considering the revolutionary spirit of Chess and Peter David, and their burning desire to create the second coming of their revolution of March 13th and a socialist state – such as Venezuela.

Chess and Peter believe that NNP provides that final opportunity for them to get the power that eluded them in NDC.

Is it really possible considering that Dr. Mitchell is also now seen by many as a tired and burned out leader with no attractive alternative talents around him?

Gregory Bowen is not the perfect and ideal leader for NNP and the likes of Dr. Modeste, Anthony Boatswain, and Emmalin Pierre have all surrendered as followers.

Both Comrade Chess and Peter have evaluated the situation and are spearheading the NNP media campaign under the leadership of Hamlet Mark.

Much of Peter’s time is today spent in St. Patrick campaigning for Pamela Moses and in St. Andrew helping another new candidate, Kate Lewis.

Having interacted with many of the Chess followers, they are confident that Peter David will replace Dr. Mitchell within the next five years.

The growing Peter & Chess clan sees Nicholas Steele as a token challenger and old guard Gregory Bowen as a potential loser against Franka Bernadine in St. George South-east – thus paving the way and road ahead for the ever smiling Peter.

Already the zealous followers of the new socialist fraction within the NNP have created their own media entity in that building opposite Excel Plaza in Grand Anse where they have employed more than 25 media workers in all areas to promote Peter’s candidacy.

Does Dr. Mitchell and NNP have so many media workers on their payroll at Mt. Helicon?

The new power players in NNP know that Sheldon Scott and the others are no match for their team led by Hamlet Mark.

So far, it’s all smiles among the new friends and lovers of politics. However, the showdown is not far in coming if the Doc does not move first against them.

I strongly believe that sooner rather than later, the ambitions of the highly motivated but shameless Comrade Chess will show itself with Peter behind the scene – similar to the collapse of the PRG.

Having worked with Chess for 25 plus years, I know that he has a thirst for political power that is irreversible.

The mere fact that he finds comfort going into the NNP and promoting their philosophy, (but even worse, championing Dr. Mitchell – a man about whom he said the most horrible things) tells you that he is a character who will stop at nothing.

The consequences of Chess’ power thirst have destroyed many – going back to the 1979 revolution and the barrel of grease with arms and ammunition and the eventual collapse of the NDC in 2012.

The question is – will Grenadians fall asleep and allow themselves to be preyed upon once more by “Chess” who sees himself as the last remaining communist in our midst even if the Soviet Empire collapsed many years ago.

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