NDC 30th anniversary celebrated in New York and Grenada

By Helen Grenade

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) celebrated its 30th anniversary with many activities held in Grenada and New York to mark the special occasion.

Two of the NDC candidates were in New York for the festivities, Mr Adrian ‘Persuader’ Thomas, the caretaker for St David’s constituency, and Ms Claudette Joseph, the caretaker for the town of St George’s.

Some of the planned activities included a meet and greet event, a cocktail reception, a fundraising event, church activities and a farewell reception. At an emotional and wide ranging town hall meeting in New York, a lively exchange took place between audience members and Thomas and Joseph, regarding issues pertaining to the economy, health care, the unemployment situation, the selling out of our agro industries, the high taxes, the unemployed youth, the upcoming general election, and the NNP government’s inattentiveness to the issues affecting the Grenadian citizens.

Adrian ‘Persuader’ Thomas persuaded and emotionally connected with Grenadian audience in New York and laid out his campaign promises in his bid to become the NDC leader for the constituency of St David’s.

Mr Thomas believes that constant dialogue between the people of Grenada and the NDC political party is required for lasting progress and development to be achieved in Grenada.

“We are offering our expertise in rebuilding our country and help solve the problems affecting our people and country. We are more interested to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to assist this beautiful country of ours on taking on the challenges it’s facing. We as a Grenadian people can do better,” he said.

Adrian ‘Persuader’ Thomas is a political leader who demonstrates seriousness and competence; he has displayed his ability to think clearly when challenged to stay balanced and on message; he shows good judgment, cool reason consistency and he convinced voters and citizens that he is committed to the political good ahead. Big problems require big solutions, and the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are already hard at work to meet the NDC’s most ambitious goals for the people.

The NDC leaders have a vision for a sustainable future. The National Democratic Congress leaders have a unique responsibility to implement many of the necessary strategies for a sustainable future for the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, and that’s why good government is so important, and that’s why the NDC is winning support from voters, because they are moving in the right direction.

Grenada needs a radical reform, and Senator Nazim Burke, the leader of the NDC political party, is the man to do it. Highly educated, experienced and successful on his own merits, is prepared to carry Grenada’s economic and social progress forward with great skill and dedication.

The NNP government has not put forward long-term plans for decades, they appeal only to immediate self-interest. Mitchell and his NNP have turned back the clock on the advances made by Maurice Bishop, and leaders like Nicholas Braithwaite. Mitchell has taken us back 100 years. What is happening today in Grenada, the citizens are in a Zionist state of amnesia. There is a form of mass demoralisation, which is leading to mass apathy.

Mitchell has not invested one dime in Grenada; instead he is selling out Grenada and its people – Calivigny Island, Levera State Farms, The Postal Corporation, Grenada Beaches, Fishing Trawlers, Agro Industries created by Bishop, Silver Sands, Two Banks, the plane, CPE programme, yet Grenada is in its worst shape ever. Where has all the money gone?

Mitchell has raised and implemented 28 new taxes. He is the undisputed tax raiser in the world. No relief for the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Mitchell raised his and his ministers pay. Five more years of Mitchell and his NNP is unaffordable.

The citizens of Grenada have a choice, they can either continue to collaborate with the NNP leader, thereby courting disaster, or they can renounce him, finally putting our country’s democracy ahead of loyalty to their party tribe. There is shame in loyalty to a disgraced or deplorable party and leader.

“The prime minister needs to be held accountable regarding issues of high unemployment,” said one supporter. “The deplorable state of the health care system in Grenada, nurses are underpaid and overworked, just as any other prime minister should be and that targeted help is essential in confronting the problems and investing in the future of Grenada’s youth.”

Another person who attended the event had this to say: “We need education, jobs, justice, health care, social and cultural issues.

Agro industries as we had during the days of Maurice Bishop. We are fighting for a Grenada that embrace people. Today, under this NNP government, we are victims of a system that has failed us. Mitchell has no goods to deliver.”

Town hall meetings have long served as an opportunity for politicians and candidates, to interact with locals and constituents on a variety of issues of the day. Both Rep Adrian Thomas and Claudette Joseph worked the floor, where they engaged in conversations with the audience. The people didn’t want the town hall meeting to end. The NDC candidates are moving the party forward and bringing everyone together and allowing a new generation of party leaders to emerge.

The NDC has moved on and are promoting an alternative agenda, putting the past behind them and getting back to work, for the Grenadian people.

The NDC is bringing a unifying message that focuses on economic growth, tax reform, ideological tolerance, and most importantly, an agenda that focuses on traditional values. They care about job creation, so the citizens can have a pay cheque.

The town hall seeks to engage Grenadians in discussion about Grenada’s economy, unemployment and youth welfare. The New York town hall is part of a broader national initiative, which includes dozens of town hall meetings throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The NNP government has a retirement account, while the rest of the people have none. The NDC team of brilliant men and women are leaning on economic and job creation.

The citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique must ask themselves whether blind devotion to the NNP is the best way to retain their hold on the reins of power, instead of acknowledging facts, like the horrible state of Grenada’s unemployment situation, the debt. What is happening to any semblance of political consistency?

The NNP government shouldn’t have to add falsities into their arguments, but they choose to, the NNP government shouldn’t have to play on insecurities and fears to drive their party’s agenda, but they choose to.

The NNP government shouldn’t be willing to trick and misinform voters to win a political battle, but they choose to.

The NNP government knows that it’s easier to distract than it is to discuss their obligations, buoyed by its numbers in Parliament, the government does not bother to consult the opposition, even when it should.

If the NNP government has the better argument, the better policies, if they have better ideas, why is Grenada in such sad state, shouldn’t they be able to rise above the identity politics that they purport to hate and argue facts? But instead the Grenadian public has been lied to repeatedly by this NNP government.

Where is the sustainable strategy to make sure the youth are not left behind? Mitchell pointed out that saving Grenada could only be done by a responsive government, one that can deliver economic growth.

Mitchell has proved that his government has not delivered economic growth and therefore cannot be considered “A responsive government”.

Is there economic growth from travo? Or as Mitchell calls it “debushing”?

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