Reduce or Multiply: You Decide

By William Joseph

The process from nothing to something is one that is Creator-made for human existence. Whether one takes pleasure in doing or having nothing or is indifferent; or drives oneself for more, depends on one’s beliefs and decisions. In all aspects of life whether personal, social, spiritual or political, people are challenged to reduce or to multiply.

It’s a choice or judgment thing. To reduce is to be so closed and negative that one virtually takes away from life. To multiply is to be so open and positive that one lives life to the fullest.

The Scriptures abound with accounts of richness in poverty; of strength in weakness; of hope in despair; of triumph in defeat and of food in famine. Today, preachers who specialise in ‘Seed Theology’ have found ways to dramatise that little can be multiplied to much through a transaction of faith.

The world teaches that a seed’s existence above ground soon comes to nought, but that when it dies in soil that is fertile it brings forth many fruits. The message is that while the mysteries of life may be revealed to man, he can multiply by putting his God-given gifts to work. Unlike the ‘reduction’ of idleness, work is a multiplication seed.

The God who removes sin by forgiving is the same God who restores by giving. The God of favour and grace multiplies through provision and prosperity. The narrowness of competition on the journey to certification in education may prevent one from appreciating that to help a fellow student is not to diminish one’s prospects of success.

On the contrary, helping ensures the success comes not just to one individual, but to as many as are helped.

The gift of healing is given to one woman, but if she were to use it only for herself, then sickness would quickly surround her community. That is a ‘reduction’ outcome!

One man hears music in his soul, but unless he plays it aloud, enjoyment is restricted to him alone. That’s a state of ‘reduction’. When that music is played audibly, enjoyment is multiplied.

Multiplication is implicit in sharing and giving, and it is more powerful to share and to give than to be selfish and mean. The hand that is formed into a clenched fist may be adequate to strike a blow at someone, but hands that are opened wide strike a chord of friendship, love and protection. These are important values of multiplication.

Reflect on two significant happenings in our history. Grenada was a colony owned by Britain with production of wealth in the hands of slaves. Today, Grenada is an Independent State with production in the hands of free men and women. Secondly, we had a Revolution which some Grenadians opposed.

Now, all Grenadians are entitled to the Revolution’s heritage value; an intangible asset, but priceless for its role in keeping Grenada relatively safe going forward. Today, our Nation is richer and wiser for the experience of the Revolution.

Something has multiplied beyond the ‘reduction’ of the worst national stigma in our modern history (October 19, 1983).

The temporary loss of our democracy has been restored with repeated cycles of free elections. Now, men and women of importance are not identifiable by the AK47! They are declared, “Honourable”, by a sufficiency of votes. From the ‘reduction’ of one party, the NJM, a dozen parties have emerged. Freedom has multiplied! From the dictatorship of one un-elected leader; to the democracy of one elected leader!

In fact, our generosity of spirit and our forgiveness have multiplied so ‘bigly’ that former lovers of minority dictatorship and the ‘gun standard’ in politics are free to place themselves at the will and pleasure of the Grenadian majority.

One day, one of them may legitimately become Prime Minister, especially if he/she were to be open and positive. A multiplying persona is a landmark along the road from nothing to something!

(William Joseph is a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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