A power hungry Prime Minister in the Gardens

By Helen Grenade

Grenada’s New National Party (NNP) is about to burst, just like a balloon, with a thin wall in many spots, the balloon will burst as soon as the weakest spot fails to hold pressure.

Since word of Terry Forrester distancing himself from Keith C. Mitchell and his NNP government broke, Mitchell unloaded on his former public relations officer (PRO), who has been with him forever, confirming reports that the former PRO is no longer associated with his campaign, and saying, “As you can imagine, I’m sorry to see that he has fallen short.” No, Mr Mitchell, you are the one who fell very short with the Switzerland briefcase issue still consuming you.

Forrester was Mitchell’s top backer in the party, his loyal supporter, and for years he had worked to round up support for Mitchell, but what Terry Forrester and many others have finally come to realise is that Keith C. Mitchell is a deplorable, ungrateful, heartless, individual who has no remorse.

What that reminds me of is the fact that some people who are elected to public office continue to disappoint, and they somehow tend to think that if they come with more lies to their constituents, and make more false promises on issues of significance, or they can speak a good lie, that people will just forget and forgive, or if they go to Trinidad, and come back with a phrase, “We will deliver” that would make it okay. Deliver what, Keith Mitchell? What have you delivered?

But the truth of the matter is the most important thing that we expect from old elected officials is a level of dignity and character that a parent can point to for their kids and grand-kids, and say to them, “I hope someday when you grow up you can be like that person.”

But we are sadly mistaken, if we can say that about Keith Mitchell and those who call themselves NNP ministers. What we are seeing are disappointments within this NNP government and, frankly, it is disgusting.

Mitchell’s nasty treatment of another of his loyal supporters makes him politically radioactive at this time. After 18 years of Mitchell’s cronyism and misplaced loyalties, it’s actually refreshing to see Terry Forrester react like this in a quick and decisive manner.

Mitchell threw Terry under the bus; he drove it over him, and then threw it in reverse.

If Mitchell had been just a little accommodating to Forrester, who has saved him so many times from political assassination, but Mitchell clearly stated what most of us know – that he is disloyal, no character and a power hungry Prime Minister, who would execute a friend when he is down, Terry Forrester’s supporters love the way he cut ties with him and his deplorables.

Terry Forrester is showing decisive leadership; it’s nice to know that he will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from anyone. He is brave enough to call a spade a spade, and condemns the act.

Terry Forrester, running as an independent, is the only hope we have for mounting a credible challenge to the NNP government. The last thing they need is an independent splitting the already fractured vote.

Not only is he looking to unseat the minister for that constituency by taking away votes from the NNP in the upcoming general election, is one hope he has for mounting a credible challenge to this corrupt government, unethical behaviour that undermines the principles of the office.

That’s just another low for Mitchell and his administration. He can now add juvenile syndrome at age 71.

I can’t fathom what is wrong with this man’s critical thinking skills. Is he that dense that he cannot see deeper into the lack of integrity that he portrays? Look at his behaviour and his words, Mitchell is not stupid, he’s just wilfully ignorant, selfish and wicked.

Terry Forrester has done more in his constituency than anyone associated with the NNP. Forrester has the political experience needed to serve his constituents as he has been doing, a former PRO turned politician, a career switch couldn’t come sooner.

Forrester is thinking pragmatically about running for his first elected office, he wants to make it clear that he wants to serve his constituents, which is the most noble reason for running a political campaign, which is a great way to advance his political career and to have more opportunities to affect positive results for people in his community.

He knows how government works from the ground up, and that will make him a better and more effective elected official. This could be the first step he needs to take on the road to higher office.

Terry Forrester is a dedicated man, a comfortable choice for many voters, unlike the RMC Peter David, not only because he is known in his community, but also he is someone trustworthy, hardworking and has a genuine desire to serve. He is a potential leader that his community needs.

(Helen Grenade is a New York-based Grenadian who was an activist for Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his New National Party over the years)

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