Meet the young leader from Carriacou shaking up Grenada politics

By Helen Grenade

NEW YORK, USA — The Grenada opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) caretaker and candidate for the constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Tevin Andrews, stood in New York at the NDC New York Chapter Day Brunch recently, and declared a new vision for the future.

He proclaimed that the youths of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique will govern. There will be work under the new government of the National Democratic Congress, education and health care for all, Grenada would belong to all Grenadians.

This was an affirmation, full of hope and the promise of a better life in Grenada under the NDC.
Master of ceremonies for the event was Gerry Hopkin, public relations officer of the NDC New York Chapter. Welcome remarks were given by executive member Nick Cox.

Also present at the event, in a private capacity, was Gregg Bishop, New York City Commissioner of Small Business Services, who delivered brief remarks that affirmed the vision, focus and candidacy of Andrews and the NDC.

The feature address was delivered by Andrews himself, an update on the state of affairs in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, just before the close of the event.

This was another opportunity for him to strengthen his personal leadrship skills and enhance his understanding of international relations.

The brunch was held to promote mutual understanding, respect and friendship among young people, who are poised to become tomorrow’s global leaders and policymakers.

Andrews spoke out about youth’s participation in the democratic space and nation building, pointing out the challenges they face and how their participation could help create opportunities that benefit them.

As a political party, the NDC will only have itself to blame if tough questions about the role of the youths in national development are not asked.

The NDC promotes youth leadership and participation in governance and development.

Andrews said, “The obvious one is the quality of leaders we vote into office. If we vote in the wrong, we get the wrong results; this means that if the youth vote in people for the wrong reasons, they have no reason to question the policy outcomes in the future.”

He called on young people to vote for change in the upcoming general election.

Speaking to supporters in New York, the leading young politician said, “We are the dawn of change of a new day.”

The NDC support among the nation’s youth could be a deciding factor in the upcoming general election with the youths now said to backing the NDC.

At age 23, the youngest politician in Grenada’s history believes the NNP leadership is scared of the youth influence, because they are not controllable.

The young NDC politician and his team of talented men and women are arousing and mobilising people.

They believe that social stability and integrity are key to the country’s success.

“Young people believe in politics, but some don’t see voting as a civic duty, as their parent’s generation did. If they don’t see the benefit in voting, they won’t vote.

Andrews told his cheering supporters, “The NDC will restore the nation’s dignity, and with a vow to save the youths and the country. Our leader’s image among his supporters and people who know him is a stable leader, calm during crises, strong and dependable, no matter what his opponents want you to believe.

“Senator Nazim Burke has said what we have, what is needed more than ever, is a focused NDC political party. We reject unthinking and stupid labels.”

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