We are on the waiting wagon

Lloyd NoelAs a people always in need, we are used to waiting on help and here we are again  two years after that clean sweep victory at the Polls in 2013 on the waiting wagon to begin to set the wheels in motion, to bring our people the many promises that won The Controllers that last unanimous Victory two years ago.

From all appearances, it seems very clear that the only country with whom The Controllers are in close and constant contact on matters of state and development on the Islands is the Peoples Republic of China

Many of their citizens had bought our national Passports, and when they travelled to Canada as Commonwealth citizens, the Government in that country had them crowded in one area.
But thereafter Canada introduced the system of visas for entering that country, from our people even though we have been Commonwealth citizens from way back.

The Controllers have been publishing news, that so many foreign investors were on the move to come to our Islands to start businesses and provide employment but from the reports thus far, the only Foreigners who have been showing any interest of coming to our Islands for whatever reasons are Chinese Nationals.

And the reports that those Chinese business people are all buying Grenadian Passports leave one to wonder why those folks need to be seen as Grenadian Nationals?
Does this for example mean that those Passports holders have the same rights as our naturalised Grenadian citizens?

And that is of great interest to our people in general because The Controllers decision to hold a National Referendum, to decide whether we can move out of the British Commonwealth system, and form an Alliance with whichever Foreign country that is prepared t o have us  – whether that decision could be affected by those foreigners who are holding our Grenadian Passports as nationals.

No one is saying anything on that issue thus far and although quite a number of Passports have been sold, under the scheme of Foreign Investors coming to our Shores, none of those have surfaced on the Islands to-date.

As for the referendum itself which was initially published to be held by March fifteenth that too seems to have been placed on the back-burner for the time being.

And while we had our “Billion dollars plus” Budget for the current financial year  easily passed through Parliament with no opposition to make any changes, nothing further has been heard about any of the programs listed therein, nor any signs of the many projects coming on stream.
The roads maintenance and de-bushing gangs, have been out of work since early December – and no words from The Controllers about when those workers will be back on the job, despite the “Billion dollars plus” Budget for this year.

Most of those workers do not have any other sources of earning a living and they are the ones with the bigger families to maintain.

But they are on the waiting wagon, like the many thousands who cannot find work to care for their families and who believed the promises of The Controllers, of when they canvassed to win all fifteen seats in Parliament two years ago; and thus far no signs or follow-up promises, of when the waiting wagon will make a move to end the pressure.

The Controllers must be well aware of the Economic hardships that a whole lot of our people are undergoing Island wide, since they all more or less live in their respective Constituencies and must be in contact with their followers.

Against that back-ground it is strange that no positive explanations and information seem to be coming from those Representatives to their followers, to at least give them hope and some measure of re-assurance that they are not forgotten and all is not lost.

Those M.Ps were all over their local areas in the build up to Elections when they were campaigning to win their seats so now that they are drawing their reasonable salaries for the next three years, they should not neglect those followers who made the same possible.

But whatever is said or promised in the current situation will not be realized anytime soon and therefore The Controllers must be very frank and state the current position as it is.

If the referendum plans are still on the Agenda for the near future, to enable the Government to get the two-thirds majority votes for the Reformation of the Constitution, those plans must not be exaggerated to get those votes to bring about the changes because the next stage of that decision may very well be a whole lot more disastrous than what now exists.

We can only wait to see or hear what is forthcoming to get that waiting wagon moving unto better days ahead.

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