This is 2015 – What can we expect

The Political Road Map of the Government in control of the Nation’s affairs was earmarked to begin producing positive results and lasting benefits, to the people of our Tri-Island State come 2015.

The main activities expected to be forthcoming in this New Year are the arrival of hundreds of Foreign Investors who have purchased our National Passports, and the holding of a Referendum to gain two-thirds of the Votes to be cast in that exercise, for the Reformation of our Independence Constitution.

The arrival of those expected Investors in our current unemployment situation, where perhaps nearly half of the working population and those seeking employment, are unemployed and need jobs to make economic ends meet must be the most urgent needs of our people.
Whether they are still expected to come calling and to make some Investments as The Controllers have been promising – only time will tell as the months go by.

I saw a report that the P.M had said the unemployment figure is about 30% in the Tri-Island State. If he said that at all, he must have been referring to those persons over forty years of age and no other group.

The situation Islandwide is desperate and some improvement has to be coming up very soon to avoid any further chaos and confusion.

A whole lot of families with very many young children, are going through some desperate times to make ends meet for basic necessities. And if some improvements are not forthcoming very much sooner than later, the end result can be chaos for those families.

The needs of those families are simply basic necessities and some measures must be created to enable them to earn a living wage to care their families.

All the boasting about those Foreign Investors coming to the Islands to start up Business that will provide thousands of jobs for the unemployed, those have not been realised, and by the looks of things and the silence in the corridors of power, the picture looks very dim and the coming of those businessmen very distant.

Whether The Controllers can speed up the process, to make things happen sooner rather than later – only time and their urgent attention will decide.

But in the meantime and the silence prevailing over and about the very many critical issues affecting the people in their daily lives, a whole lot of our people are suffering severe hardships.

And now we hearing about more problems, with the Teachers and their payments due and owing for nearly Two Years now; as well as the conditions of Temporary Teachers who are not treated fairly, but The Controllers are simply dragging their feet about the whole matter.

I suspect it is a straight case of how those in control see their priorities as far as the business of the Government is concerned on the one hand, and perhaps more importantly, how soon they can embark on their major priority, of holding the Referendum to bring about the Reformation of the 1974 Independence Constitution, to go Republic and be associated with whichever Foreign country they have in mind, other than those in the British Commonwealth of Nations.

To be able to make that major decision, the people have to give them the authority by a Two-Thirds majority vote when the Referendum is held so at the end of the process it will be the people who will be liable for whatever befalls them, so may the good Lord guide them and they follow the guidance with common sense.

The plans for that major decision, were initially laid down for February and then March this year but for the last few months, discussion or further information about the matter have been very, very, silent.

What is or maybe happening behind the scene, only those in control have the answers, and thus far they are not sharing them but it will be very surprising in the given circumstances, if that major decision can be arrived at in the near future.

So with all major decisions on hold at present and the Economy at a standstill for some time now, with no visible signs of any positive movement anytime soon, we are all left in limbo as to what next and where from in the foreseeable future.

As for those Foreign Investors who are holding our Passports and are supposed to be coming to their newly acquired homeland to provide all those jobs, that scheme is also on hold and no further news as to what is happening and how soon.

The Passports must have been paid for but as to how long they are valid for, only The Controllers have that answer at this stage.

So the waiting game continues and the Economic struggle goes on with no visible signs as to how much longer while the people live in some hope, that some things will change sooner than very much later to improve their living conditions.

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