Where are we heading – And how soon?

Lloyd NoelThe actions and omissions of those in control of the nation’s affairs as the Government of the day will always determine where we heading and how soon we can hope to getting wherever.

And the situation facing our people as we come to the end of another year, and the beginning of a new year under the control of the exclusive NNP Government with no other opposition voice in the Lower House of Parliament – and those in the Upper House or Senate are so heavily out-numbered, that they can hardly be heard and will not be listened to by the majority in any case.

So that as we face up to the New Year, we can only hope and pray that some of those in control will begin to view the situation from a position of national concern – rather that a strictly party – political outlook – because at the end of the day, whatever calamity should befall us as a people – those in control would be subject to the same conditions, unless they are fortunate enough to see ahead and move out to some greener pasture.

Whatever maybe the secret thoughts of those in control of our affairs as a nation – the emphasis on plans they have been disclosing, seem to be always the coming to the Islands of those foreign Investors to start businesses and provide employment.

But so far those plans have remained just that and the waiting game continues as to how long that will go on only time and the actual coming ashore of those Investors will determine in due course.

The emphasis on the Constitution Reformation for early this year, seem to have been cooled down in recent months and lately not much is being said on the matter.

Whether or not that major program of The Controllers, have a whole lot to do with the sale of our Passports to those Foreigners who will be coming to the Island and may have the right to vote as citizens in the Reformation – only time will tell as the months move on to the date of voting down the political road.

So now that we have our Billion dollars plus Budget for 2015 and we continue to wait on the coming ashore of those Investors, to provide the thousands of jobs The Controllers had boasted about, and which won them a clean sweep of the polls nearly two years ago, there is nothing else the people can do to speed up the process, and the outcome of whatever remains solely in the winners hands.

That state of affairs however, cannot be in the best interests of our people and the good and welfare of those in control of our nation’s affairs; and something must be done, or be seen to be taking place inthe general business of the people, to give them the confidence and the hope for some better times ahead in the near future.

Nothing of any economic or developmental interests, can be seen to have taken place in the past year – and the figures that have been recorded in the Budget to make up the Billion Dollars plus Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the next twelve months, are mere figures with nothing of substance or background reliability to support and ensure success.

So the waiting game continues as the year moves on but the Billion dollars question that comes up with the Budget is, where would those dollars be coming from to provide the services and eventually Balance the Books.

And while that question is waiting on an answer to begin the process for the good and welfare of the people – the even bigger question is just dangling in mid-air, as to where and when those Investors will be coming from, to help provide the thousands of desperately needed jobs for the masses of unemployed, who relied on the winners promises for the second time to return a full slate of winners with no one in opposition.

That question is the major cornerstone of The Controllers Election promises, that won them the clean sweep victory just two years ago; but from all appearances and the news bulletins coming through the grapevine – the answer is silent.

With no opposition in the seats of power, whose voices can be heard to make any difference, the people can only wait and hope that things will change for the better in due course.

But that waiting game is so uncertain and can be some long distance away, that the situation is very disheartening.

In the meantime not much else can be done but hope and pray that the Good Lord will come to our rescue sooner rather than later.

As we all keep on waiting for some things to change for the better,
my sympathy goes out to Mrs. Clytie Pierre and family, on the passing of the late Leslie Pierre who will be buried on Tuesday 7th January.

May his Soul Rest in Peace.

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