Grenada’s Proposed Constitutional Coupe d’état

By John A. Rullow

Within the State of Grenada much stir is being made at certain levels for a “Constitutional Reform” whereas in effect what is occurring is a proposed superficial alteration in the form of amendments to an already “illegal” and mal-functioning, neocolonialist, bourgeois, bureaucratic and parasitic privilege protection system established in the current constitution of the State.

It is therefore extremely important that all Grenadians and even beyond at a regional level understand, be aware and cautious of what is being planned. It is the hope of  “Project Grenada” to “Pimp” on the existing constitution to further entrench themselves in their privileged positions to continue to abuse the citizenry, violate their rights, continue their nepotism, their secrecy and their victimisation while shrouding themselves in the impunity provided for under the current system.

Grenada has to move to the stage of truly reforming the constitution of the nation for many reasons too many to mention here; we know them all and therefore any reform of the constitution has to be integral, profound and with the total involvement of the “people.”

When we look at our history we see that in 1973-1974 a merger between the then political elite, the remnants of the plantocracy and the colonial masters conspiratively compromised to produce a document which was handed down to us. The people of the country had no say.

Today the same mentality exists but the only factor excluded is that of the “White Man.”

A privileged few, trained in the “white man’s law with the same “superiority complex is now usurping authority which they do not have to produce a replica of the 1973-1974 document, spitting in the face of the dignity of the people and jeering and mocking the genuine aspirations and ambition of the “other” citizens of this country who own the sovereign and constituent power.

They have hand-picked a team of “selected people from special interest groups” to write a constitution with what they want to put in it and to do it how they want to do it. This, Grenadians can never be democratic and certainly sits within “anti-democracy” because in this nation all men are equal and none are more equal than any other; no man nor woman in this country has more privileges than another as a citizen of the nation; therefore all and sundry have rights to decide who they want to write their constitution and to decide what they want to put in it; and this is why a Constituent Assembly is most appropriate and most democratic so that the people have the opportunity to exercise their rights and to fulfill their will.

We have to understand that if there is no “demos”, no “populi” and no “plebe” in other words if the people in their masses are not involve there is no DEMOCRACY. Make no mistake about it. In true democracy there are no privileges.

If we were to take the most democratic path to constitutional reform meaning the elimination, curing and abolishing of all abuses and mal-practices we shall guarantee many things. We shall guarantee full independence, we shall guarantee the practice of true protagonic and participatory democracy, we shall guarantee a major bond between the people and their constitution, we shall guarantee and inform citizenry, we shall guarantee that patriotic and nationalistic commitment to uphold and to guarantee the upholding of the new constitution, but last and by no means least it shall guarantee a yes vote at the referendum of ratification.

It is important therefore Grenadians that you think well of the “Referendum of 2015”. Project Grenada has its plan – they have decided what they want and they have the “heavy roller” of 15 seats in the Parliament to make it law, but we have the key.

It is true to say that if they win the referendum, they win; if they lose the referendum, they still win because the “melee” will continue, and this is why the voice of the people in rejection of the plans of Project Grenada has to be elevated.

A plebiscital “no” vote with a huge majority will send the message to the conspirators and thus abort the constitutional Coup d’état that is proposed. “They” shall never have “their” way “we” shall have “our” way because Grenada belongs to us.

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