Where are we heading

Lloyd NoelThere is so much ole talk and promises coming out of the corridors of power and control in these trying times that a whole lot of people are confused, and many very concerned about where we heading and how we getting wherever.

As one listens to the various ministers, and read the news they publish on different aspects of the people’s business, it leaves many to wonder whether the group as a whole ever bother to discuss those issues, before the individuals go public.

And lately matters pertaining to our very Constitution and the Laws of the state, are also being tossed around as though they have no relevance while at the same time there is a Constitution Reform Committee, looking into the 1974 Independence Constitution, so as to advise on changes and or additional provisions after forty years as an Independent Nation State.

Almost six months now we do not have a Supervisor of Elections in that position, and no one appointed to act as such – even though the Constitution so provides.

The little people up and down the Countryside are being taken before the courts for minor offences while those in control and their associates are in serious breaches of the highest Laws and the Constitution of the nation and nothing said or done to them.

That state of affairs cannot be right for any organisation, or nation of independent people, and those with the power and authority at their disposal, should take some positive steps to make amends and remedy the situation.

It was very noticeable how the people in the Trades Union and Labour Movement reacted and responded to the longstanding Union Leader of TAWU, at the national Stadium.

It was clearly not because of his support or alliance with political comrades, in the last NDC Government that brought about the clean sweet Victory of the existing NNP Rulers, for the second time in our political history.

The reception or rejection by the Union members of that longstanding Trade Union and workers comrade was a very clear indication of how the workers must be feeling, about what is on-going in the country now-a-days.

Many of those with jobs are finding it very difficult to make economic ends meet along the way and the thousands who are unemployed are even more desperate and hopeless, as they see and listen to what is happening and being said by those in control of the nation’s affairs. The struggle is very rough and getting worse, but the Controllers are going about their business as though things are not so bad and will improve with time.

The promises made to help win those now in control another clean sweep victory remain mere promises and now we have a Structural Adjustment Program to cope with for the next three years, to enable those in charge to get loans of just over a hundred Million Dollars, but no one is really telling the people what is truly involved in that SAP, nor how it will help our economic problems down the road.

It is obvious that social and economic reliefs will not be improving from the Government side because the funds are not available and nothing in sight to make amends anytime soon. So that for the three years of the SAP, which has been agreed upon to be able to get the hundred Millions, in those years it will be a straight case of making sacrifices to make economic ends meet in the hope and expectation that things will improve, and outside help will somehow be persuaded to come to our assistance.

It is not going to be easy or smooth sailing, and conditions may very well get very much worse off before getting any better.

Additional Taxes cannot be the answer – whether on wages or property – and ways and means will have to be found from outside sources to aid our recovery.

The situation could very well get much worse before beginning to get any better but those in control have to be prepared to deal with the crisis on a national basis, and do not relegate it to any party political melee.

Some public servants and Teachers who have been waiting on backpay for some time now, have at long last been paid so at least they can deal with their increased Property Taxes; but those unemployed daily paid workers in the maintenance gangs, are not so lucky and they have to keep on waiting indefinitely.

Funds for that type of work are not easy to come by and there are a whole lot of them who are depending on that type of employment, and have large families to support.

Overall, therefore things are rough for loads of families and wherever we are heading, and for how long it will take to get us there remains a national problem.

Things are very quiet overall as the waiting game continues but we cannot continue to wait indefinitely and some means must be found, or measures put in place to assist the recovery, because to leave the situation to go its own merry way could lead us to uncontrollable disaster, that will take many more years to overcome and that must be avoided.

Wherever we are heading and how we planning to get there as a people cannot be left to chance and wishful thinking by those in control.

Time is of the essence, and positive action must be taken now if we are serious about moving the nation forward.

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