Where has that decent Catholic young man gone?

By The Philosopher

It isn’t mere coincidence that the last issue of The New Today came out swinging with its headline: “Major Diplomatic Embarrassment – China snubs Foreign Minister Steele”.

Any decent Grenadian still alive right here on ‘the rock’ ought to be ashamed to learn that while the Christian season of Crucifixion and Resurrection is being celebrated, we are to reflect on the very details of a “fishy situation” which begs the question: “Where has that decent Catholic young man gone?”

When Nickolas Steele was seeking approval to join the halls of local politics, the staunchness of his Catholic parents was never discounted for what many thought could very well be the trappings of a decent young man, supposedly properly socialised and the whole nine yards, which encouraged the support of many.

Unfortunately, that so-called decent young man seem to have become the right hand of the individual whose legacy precedes him, with signs that young Steele has been moving away from the once perceived decent upbringing he was believed to have been exposed to.

The signs on the wall for Nickolas Steele are no longer promising, even among some of his more sensible so-called social peers, who are beginning to speak in not-so-charitable terms about him.

A positive sign which encouraged support for him (Nickolas Steele) in his political career was when he was elected to office on the NNP ticket, his dear wife – Michelle Emmanuel (LLB) – a close relative of the late outstanding Dr. Patrick Emmanuel (may his soul rest in peace), resigned from her seat on the Integrity Commission. That was a huge plus for our perception of their intention to stay on the side of uprightness and integrity.

Unfortunately that was not to be as not so long after that when the questionable Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program became law, he, being the chief Cabinet spokesman on the CBI, ought to have known better than to accept his dear wife signing on to it as an agent. There must be some measure of conflict of interest there! Where is the consistency of that show of integrity back then when she stepped down from the Integrity Commission?

The signs are there for all who have eyes to see that something is fishy about that Citizenship by Investment program. It is no secret that the United States through its local representative must have eyes of a hawk on every move made by this government as they seek to spearhead anything which involves Grenada passports and money, which can compromise the national security of the United States.

Imagine Sir Daniel Williams in a recent appearance on “Sundays with George Grant” when asked bluntly if he would agree that we need Constitution Reform – said: “Yes, but I say so reluctantly!”

Since he left that up for interpretation, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that he agrees but not under this questionable lot in office? If this is what he really meant then it shows how much he has come to his senses and that this time around how much lonelier the “Legacy Man” is becoming as he continues to cleave to young Steele, much to the disgust of several in the Cabinet, without Steele realising that when he is finished with, he would be finished totally.

Many right thinking people in Grenada believe that we could well do with a Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore) style government – BUT NEVER UNDER THIS QUESTIONABLE LOT!

There must be turmoil within the ranks of the NNP, as the level of confidential information which The New Today has been peddling must come from somewhere too close to them. Knowing how cagey this administration is about things which it does not want the public to know about, senior civil servants could never be the source. Therefore – Trouble is brewing in the camp!

On the issue of trouble in the camp, we have to recognise that wherever a certain (now) irrelevant politician and his demolition crew are, there must be mischief, malice, mal-intent, division, intrigue, subterfuge, counter subterfuge and ultimately chaos.
Sad to say, the NDC was plagued by that malady when that individual was in its ranks, and now he is portrayed as senior advisor to the current administration, there seems to be trouble in the camp there too. Can we reasonably expect otherwise? It is a known fact that die-hard NNP’ites do not like or trust this individual.

It is reported that he was enticed to seek to be the replacement for Gregory Bowen in the South East, but was rejected. He was told to look towards the North East where Tobias Clement is now the MP, because “The Legacy Man” is not likely to run Mr. Clement again for obvious reasons, but again he is too coward to try a match up with his erstwhile friend and colleague – Nazim Burke, now enviably Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

What do you know? Could it be that as advisor, he is deliberately providing bad advice directly or indirectly to the Foreign Affairs Minister through his new boss and now close buddy, so that he (the Foreign Minister) could fail miserably and he (the advisor) could start off by replacing him through the Senate in the spot of Garrayway and then candidate in his far more comfortable constituency in the town?

One thing we all should know is that the Americans are looking on very resolutely with a view to taking note of our inclination toward dollar diplomacy, as we appear to be dishing out diplomatic passports and ambassadorial positions left, right and center, seemingly without a care for the likely consequences to the national security interests of the United States and our region, in particular.

At what price and paid to whom, we are yet to know! Remember Eric Resteiner where evidence in a US Court clarified that he paid two installments of US$500 thousand.

Just a note of clarification, our diplomatic passports when delivered to all and sundry, do not carry any more weight than a regular passport, as without diplomatic visas, they are nothing.

Diplomatic visas must be issued through official requests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with proof of accreditation for them to be granted by the US, Britain and other EU countries, Canada, et al.

When these questionable characters obtain our diplomatic passports only to discover that they are not worth anything as per information shared here, if at all they paid dearly for them, they may come searching for the con-man/men who issued them.

May be that is why certain people have so much security around them all the time! LoL!!! Remember – we are yet to know how much was paid for them and paid to whom!
We all have to be careful who ends up with our regular passports so that we legitimate holders do not end up being asked to step aside when we travel to the US, Canada, and Europe to be processed as if we are wanted criminals.

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