What can we expect – in year two?

Lloyd NoelThe first year of that total victory in February last year has now gone by and the question remains floating in mid-air waiting to be answered – what has been achieved in that first year?

And while waiting for that answer to be provided by the winners, the above question is already on most people minds, as we begin the second year with cautious expectations.

But with both questions waiting for some answer from the powers-that-be, I could not help paying special attention to an advert in thelocal papers last week by “The New National Party – NNP”.

The party took the opportunity to congratulate the Government of the Tri-Island state, on its first Anniversary in office since winning the General Elections last year. And below the photos of the Fifteen Winners it stated – “we will continue to deliver as promised”.

I could not decide who was wearing which hat – the NNP, the photos, or the Government – but another reader who saw the advert put it to me that the party and the Government were congratulating themselves.

I cannot see what has been achieved thus far to congratulate themselves about but they may have plans that are on the verge of coming into effect in this second year, so in the interest of all our people we can only wish them well.

As for the Budget that has been passed by Parliament for the current Fiscal year, I can foresee very serious problems ahead for a lot of our people. Not only are thousands unemployed and have no other means of financial support but among those employed, the wages and salaries they are earning will leave them very hard-pressed to meet the increased Taxes being demanded.

How that scenario will play out only time will tell as the months go by and the property owners receive their Tax Bills for the year.

It is hoped that the Controllers will realise the problems people are facing generally, and make provision for those owners who are unemployed to pay as best they can and that facility must be applicable across the board, regardless of party membership real or imaginary.

It is widely accepted that the financial situation is bad at all levels and the Controllers have a tremendous responsibility in being able to meet their monthly commitments to the people at all levels but in going about that task they must ensure that their efforts are applicable to all those in need across the board.

This is not the time for handing out special favours to individuals who are party members or supporters, and ignoring others who are considered in opposition.

The party has total control in the second year in office so there is more than enough time to do what is right and just in favour of all concerned, and leave the special bits and pieces for much later down the road.

The last time the party in control won all the Fifteen seats in Parliament, in 1999 or thereabouts, the same Leader now in charge went on to win the next Elections in 2003, to complete three consecutive terms in office.

Against that background therefore, it is to be hoped that he and his advisors will view the situation in like manner, and go on to act in the interests of all the people regardless of party membership or support.

In the newspaper advert of the NNP congratulating the Government in control below the photographs of the Fifteen M.Ps in Government it stated that “we will continue to deliver as promised”. I can only encourage them to keep that promise, in the second year and the years following.

In our tiny nation of just over one hundred thousand inhabitants – to be cared and provided for by those in political control – it should not be so very difficult to deliver as promised in the ongoing second year in Government.



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