The future of NDC

by Kem Jones


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) must focus its efforts on reorganisation and fund-raising.

The leadership issue being peddled by the Peter David and Keith Mitchell camps should not be first on the party’s agenda. Mr. Tillman Thomas, the political leader made it abundantly clear that he will not be running for any public or private offices in going forward but he will continue helping the party in any way that he can.

Therefore, the Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke must continue the reorganisation drive of the party. The Public Relation mechanism has been perpetually improving but there is some more work to be done in that area, particularly funding radio and TV programmes and supporting the social media warriors and patriots.

The Women’s and Youth Arms have been re-energised and reorganised within the last couple of weeks. There is still plenty of work to be done if these two vital organs of the party are to become a main pillar as the NDC forge ahead.

The Constituency Branches must be reformed with proactive and committed people who understand the strategic goals and vision of the NDC in 2014 and beyond. Political education of the constituency branches should be prioritized.

Every constituency should make an extra effort to have an office, staffed with two or three volunteers to attend to the needs of the constituents. This office can be supported financially and otherwise if the Constituency Branch raises the much needed funds each month, local, regional and international.

There should be a Welfare Arm or committee within the party to take care of the supporters who need some form of assistance, particularly in this tough economic crisis that Grenada is confronted by.

The Caretakers of the various constituencies must assert themselves within the trenches of the villages and communities. The presence of the Caretakers must be felt by the ordinary man. A three (3) hours community walkabout each week can prove valuable – in both the short and long term.

The NDC as a party must make every effort to settle all outstanding payments or debt with its creditors, particularly the busmen. This must be a priority in moving forward.

A mid to long term Strategic Plan must be developed for the party and country. This plan should be crafted as soon as possible, with wide stakeholder input.

Reconciliation in some form should be considered especially among the disgruntled NDC supporters who failed to register to vote in the last election or who registered but did not vote because they were unhappy with the way things unfolded within the party or country.

NDC as a party should not enter into any reconciliation discussions with Peter David and his gang since it will be a liability and not an asset.

Registration of new members to the party must become a priority. Current card bearing members of the NDC should go on a recruitment drive to have new members registered and paying their monthly or yearly dues. Also, the registering of new NDC voters should commence.

NDC can and will return to government if everyone work strategically and diligently within their constituencies and the party. We need more Indians than Chiefs to save the party and Grenada.

We need more worker bees than Queen bees to save the colony.

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