Democracy is alive!!!

By The Stone Crusher

The Grenadian people have spoken and the mood among the victors in the country is one of celebration, and rightly so!

The swing away from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Tillman Thomas could not have been anticipated to the point of putting them totally out of commission – for the time being at least.

The honking of horns, firing off of flairs, playing of loud party songs and the queuing of vehicles coming from all over converging on the Tanteen playing field marked the aftermath of the smooth delivery of the results of this free and fair general elections.

The strength with which the people have spoken must be listened to and taken seriously since this is all part of the democratic process.

Congratulations to all the winners – all fifteen candidates of the New National Party (NNP) for a job well done! While the NNP will be reveling in their well deserved victory, it must be noted here that remnants of the rabid left have succeeded yet again to mash up a third government in Grenada.

They smashed Sir Eric Gairy’s of 1979, then they smashed their very own in 1983 and to a great extent, they’ve stood in the way of their chances to be part of something truly inclusive and democratic in the form of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

This is a wonderful opportunity for “Brother Peter”, affectionately referred to by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, to go into the National United Front (NUF) and help Sister Glynis build that political entity.

After all, Sister Glynis showed herself up as the only one of the renegades who remained consistent and positioned herself where she belonged – outside of the two established political organisations.

There is an old adage that in politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends. Is “Brother Peter” still eyeing a comeback inside NDC now that Uncle Tilly and Naz have lost their seats? Will the NDC supporters ever forget and forgive him for his transgressions against the party?

The other important question to be answered by “Brother Peter himself is this: If offered a role with the new administration will he accept it? Only time alone will tell.

After the leadership of the NDC complete licking their wounds, supporters and members must join them to conduct some serious introspection to see where they went wrong so that they can regroup and come again.

One sure thing is that they (NDC) were able to get 20,000 plus persons to support the party, although that was not enough to combat the power and might of the over 11,000 floating voters who supported the NNP on their promises of jobs and more jobs.

There were another 10,000 registered voters who seemed not to be bothered to participate at all in the election process. What would have caused such a high number to display this level of indifference? Was it that they were confused or just could not elevate either party to the bracket of qualified to get their votes?

Whatever the reasons – Stone Crusher is the first to admonish one and all to leave the NNP to govern and deliver on the hefty promises made since the people have spoken.

It is quite clear that people voted along economic lines with a promise of jobs for the future.

It is questionable as to whether people were mindful that the reality of today’s economics are in no way similar to the 1995-2008 period and that they must not expect a similar economic atmosphere to prevail.

Even the NNP’s New Economy promised, will take time to be formulated and to take root. The new government will need some kind of a honeymoon period but is the electorate prepared to wait and for how long?

The floating voters who are responsible for this resounding victory of the NNP must be watched carefully as when the rubber hits the road and reality comes home to roost, they are likely to be the first to be disenchanted.

Stone Crusher advises patience in the circumstances. Rome was not built in a day and so the new government must not be harassed within the next week or month to start delivering on its promises of jobs and more jobs.

It is quite clear that members of the Public Workers swung to the side of the New National Party (NNP) without realising that structural adjustment may become necessary in order for government to meet its out of control monthly wage bill.

The civil servants are likely to be among the first group to enter a tango with the new administration if they do not appreciate that government in these trying times cannot afford their monthly wage bill.

The local business community – many of whom are looking for bail out, are going to most likely see there is absolutely no possibility for the government to pardon them by way of taxes – as this is their only means of raising revenues to take care of government’s business.

The future calls for great sacrifice and all concerned must adhere to the call for national unity. Do not rush into judgement. Give Dr. Mitchell the benefit of the doubt on the genuineness of his call for national unity despite reports from Carriacou about threats made that a certain person like the young lady looking after the toilet facilities there, and others will be out of work following a change of government.

Stone Crusher awaits the appointment of the Opposition Senators as the signal of the commencement of the national unity called for by Dr. Mitchell himself throughout the campaign.

After all, one must never forget that 20,000 people are not represented in the Parliament anymore – reason enough for some careful thought to be put into the composition of Senators on the other side.

The Stone Crusher will take the lead in giving the new Mitchell government the opportunity to deliver on its many promises.

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