The decision is final – Now what?

By the time you are reading this – whether on the Caribbean Net News by Wednesday 20th February, or on New Today by Thursday 21st February – the die would have been cast, and the new Government of the Tri-Island State would be well known, and the Election Campaign of 2013 would be history.

What that decision would be, I am not precisely certain – as far as the actual numbers of M.P.’s on either side would be – but from all appearances, and the grapevine news coming through the various Constituencies Island wide, the only result I can foresee is a decisive victory for the New National Party (NNP).

If my foresight turns out to be wrong – and the NDC is re-elected to form the Government for a second term in office – I would most certainly be just another mis-interpreter and grossly mis-guided calculator of the crowds’ behaviour patterns and statements, during the last four to six months.

But sticking to my prediction and expectation – I would be very, very surprised if I am proven wrong, and the NDC is returned to power for another term in control of the Nation’s affairs.

And the reasons or the rationale for my very firm conviction, are that the NDC has outlived its credibility and reliability to service the needs of our people, and bring forth needed national development and social amenities for the people.

I do not think that fingers can be pointed at any one of the NDC Ministers, as far as honesty and reliability when dealing with the people’s finances and properties are concerned – at least not from my information to-date.

So it is a straight case of non-performance of the promises made, when they very successfully persuaded the people to vote for change in July, 2008, and won a clear victory at the Polls back then.

If my above prediction turns out to be wrong, I can only say very good luck to the unexpected winners, and the very best wishes for greater success in the years ahead.

Whoever the winners maybe as members of Parliament, and the Party having the majority to form the next Government to take control of our nation’s affairs for the next five years – they certainly have a very formidable task on their hands, to bring about the necessary changes to satisfy the needs of our people in these trying times.

And whoever they maybe – the people must not expect miracles overnight, so as to see concrete changes taking place in the next week or two, that will make so much difference to their life styles by next month end.

It is very well known and I trust fully understood, that the economic situations regionally and worldwide are in desperate straits, and therefore we in these small Isles who have to depend on outside sources to aid our recovery, in the job creation exercise as well as other development for the longer term benefits to our people – we have to be very careful in the selection of those we allow to come on the Islands and provide investments.

It must never be a case – that because we are in the on-going very serious economic recession, and a lot of our people are in need and crying out for job opportunities, to support and take care of their families – then our Leaders in Government must stoop to any level in satisfying that need, regardless of the negative resulting consequences that may flow therefrom.

Those in control, and now have the power to decide who they allow to come on the Islands and drop their anchors as it were – they have a duty and very serious responsibility, to come to that decision after very careful consideration and enquiry, to ensure that the newcomers have clean hands and good reputations.

For such a tiny-tot state as Grenada, surely is – we have gone through and suffered, much more than our fair share of trials and tribulations over the decades. And it is very sincerely hoped, that this new beginning can truly and fully lead our people to a more peaceful and beneficial future than the recent past.

Those now in charge of the Nation’s affairs have been campaigning and making all sorts of nice-sounding promises of what they plan to do if and when they were successful at the Polls.

The people must have taken them seriously and relied on those promises – so now the time has come to begin the process of bringing those promises into reality.

No one expects things to happen overnight, but at least people will be watching and listening very carefully at the happenings – as the days turn into weeks, and the latter into months and beyond.

For the benefit of our people who have been neglected and suffered many hardships over the years – I do hope relief is not too very long in coming their way, now that they have relied on the promises and responded in the majority.

My very best wishes to the winners, and good luck and God speed in everything they tackle – in the interest and for the benefit of our people.

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