A tortoise and a horse in a serious race

by Stone Crusher

As was strongly indicated to you in a previous edition of this much sought after column, the law of karma never loses an address. The deliverance Grenadians received from the bowels of inequity, which, lasted all of thirteen years (1995-2008) will not be turned back.

As one God-fearing, very spirit centered senior Grenadian recently said: “God does not deliver a people from the devil, and then deliver them back to the (same) devil years later.” That is deep!

The signs are on the wall that to a great extent, Grenadians have been showing a willingness to move on and away from the mindless leadership style of Dr. Keith Mitchell, which has placed our national economy in virtual paralysis.

Any blind man can see that most of the supporters/followers of Dr. Mitchell’s New National Party are parasites at varying levels who have absolutely no regard for the finer things in life – but who are taken to “eating a food” for free, and not caring who pays the bill.

The election of February 19th is bringing with it a set of dynamics, never before seen or experienced in our local politics. The discussions among the sensible seek to cover as many bases as is humanly possible while among the perceived “not-so-sensible”, some of the areas under review are a surprise to by-standers.

There are many unassuming Grenadians who are put off by the behaviour of those whose baser instincts the NNP appeals to, and reject the notion that these people will ever be recipients of freeness again, at the expense of our over taxed population.

These people who are running all over the island following NNP’s “Show Time” while wearing their green t-shirts – even several vagrants can be seen wearing all over Grenada – do not have a clue, nor do they care, that after they receive their freeness, the bill comes and somebody has to pay it.

The thirteen years of largesse are now over and that is one of the reasons we are faced with such lack of finance to run the country and bring much needed benefits to the entire nation – because we are paying for the free lunches they all received for this extended period.

Stone Crusher remembers when the NNP started to attack Uncle Tilly for the so-called US$150,000 they said he received from Saudi Arabia, which turned out to be US$50,000.00 as declared by Uncle Tilly, himself – the NNP Political Leader – Dr. Keith Mitchell was on radio and television telling the nation that his party does not have as much as $300.00 in its account in the bank.

But look at the extent of his campaign spending today. For a political party with not as much as $300.00 in its account, they have done well since.

By the way, have you seen the television ad the NNP has running which talked about what they would do in their first 100 days? They target spending $50 million to do some infrastructure work, which they say will create jobs, jobs, jobs! Where is this money coming from?

Stone Crusher does not want to speculate whether or not this money is likely to come from the Russians. Do you recall the Brakes Plant, which was supposed to be opened here, and several young people were supposedly taken overseas for training and the brakes plant never materialized ?

Is the $50million promise in jobs likely to be yet another gimmick to fool the unsuspecting to vote for them so they can lay their hands on authority to make deals which would serve to bring our international image in disrepute all over again?

People, don’t forget the Wikileaks information regarding the US diplomat who referred to Grenada’s then Prime Minister Mitchell as probably more corrupt than the Birds in Antigua!

Is the $50 million to be spent on NNP dream projects like the Poultry Farm at St. Mark’s, Ritz Carlton at Mt. Hartman, Call Centers, Garden Group, Levera Hotel, etc., etc., etc…?

The Grenadian people have absolutely no time for gimmicks as they already made their mistake with Dr. Mitchell and his group in 1999!

No amount of money (whether 1⁄4 or 1⁄2 Million dollars) transferred to anyone in Carriacou would stop the movement against you and your representative in that constituency.

The honourable man that Mr. Fleary has been is clearly attracting even NNP supporters because of his noble cultural and iconic role in the society. If it is one time Carriacouans would not see New Yorkers flying in to vote is this time around.

This is the first time in years that Carriacou would see the right number of people voting – i.e. – only those registered!

The NNP point man in New York cannot do a number on the Electoral Office this time around.

It is extremely difficult for NNP operatives to get the names of their supporters in New York on the list illegally and give them tickets to fly in to vote with a view to influencing the outcome at the polls.

Word on the ground is that Tony Boatswain is running scared in the St. Patrick West constituency.

Rumour has it that many of the TAMCC students in St. Patrick are telling their parents to give Teacher Andall a chance because he is a good man, and so Mr. Boatswain is sweating and getting real anxious!

The attacks on Andall are coming fast and furious and even from inside the home that he grew up in.

There is one particular relative who has started an anti-Joseph Andall campaign. This relative is the last person in Chantimelle to attack anyone. This man has so many skeletons hidden inside the cupboard.

The Stone Crusher might have to give him a little touch on the Credit Union money.

This eat-a-food element is running down his own relative but fingers are always pointing at him in connection with sexual molestation of even his own relatives and under-aged young girls.

Stone Crusher is pleading with some St. Patrick’s parents of especially young girls to be careful of the one who is willing to provide accommodation for their young girls to attend schools in town.

This leach preys on the young girls and is often accused of forcing them into doing things against their will.

The innocent girls often get exposed to this individual under the guise of providing them with accommodation at his home to come down to town to learn a trade or being groomed for the world of work.

The people down in the hole in St. George South-east are complaining that money is awash from some of the NNP operatives. Is so $500 passing to all and sundry for the vote.

The town of St. George is getting into the act. The Boys on Four Roads are talking about an incident involving a $500 to buy drinks in the shop.

The NNP Candidate in the city needs to go around and tell his people on the ground to refrain from the practice.

As a matter of fact, he should tell them to use any such money on more worthwhile projects. For starters, they can easily go across to a house opposite his father’s business place and replace the outside pit toilet for the family and provide them with a decent in-house flush toilet before February 19.

Grenadians, please take the money, go to the groceries and buy food and still vote against them! Where was that money all the time during the four years you were seeing trouble? How is only now the money is appearing?

The Stone Crusher is convinced that the only reason why the NNP and its leader

are starting to say: “For NDC to win this election, they have to t’ief it”,

is because deep down inside they know they “cannot rely on the new voter

registration process”.

After all when one of the preliminary lists came out their spokesman from the North was on national television telling people that they found two discrepancies and that is why they cannot rely on this new voter registration system.

The whole country heard the NNP Candidate for the Town of St. George mentioned that they went to St. Lucia to look over their voter registration system there and (words to the effect) that the officials there said the system was not reliable.

Thanks to George Grant who helped to expose the NNP Candidate as similar in character to his leader.

A check with the people there, themselves, uncovered that the New Kid on the block has been baptized a full fledged NNP in that he could not have been “more” further from the truth – LoL!

The NNP Leader is still to provide the proof that Uncle Tilly received US$150, 000. He should bring the proof in Election 2013 and destroy the Prime Minister as a man without integrity, decency and credibility.

The opposition must be running scared with the resistance being put up by NDC in the current campaign as the money has now overwhelmed them.

Uncle Tilly has a deep faith in the One Above. He is confident that NDC will be the first to cross the line on February 19.

Even with the presence of mass voter padding in both 2003 and 2008, the NDC

did well to come within six votes of forming the government, to later

beating the NNP by eleven to four with a total of over eighteen hundred


The new voter registration system makes absolutely no allowance for

voter padding and so, people who are from or reside in a particular area,

must register there and stay there in most cases.

There might be a little hiccup here and there like in St. Andrew’s in the Soubise area.

A few NNP supporters who traditionally were registered to vote in South-west are now assigned to South-east.

These NNP’ites prefer to give their support to Emmalin Pierre and not Yolande and apparently took a conscious decision to register in South-east and not South-west. That is good news for Quarless but a bit of a bad news for Trix.

NNP is in no position to fly in a planeload of people from New York to vote this time as obtained in the past. This new registration system makes for a much more freer and fairer elections!

As a matter of fact, the Supervisor of Elections should ask her lawyers to consider bringing a lawsuit against one Michael Regis who wrote in another newspaper that the 2013 poll is being set yup to be rigged. Miss Benoit must make this Regis man pay for his freshness by bringing her name into serious disrepute and scandal.

The rush of people to register in the immediate aftermath of the

announcement of the dissolution of Parliament threw off the NNP, because

they were convinced that their supporters for the most part were already


If the elections were held a year ago, the NNP would have won all 15 seats because only their supporters were registered to vote in large numbers.

The last minute rush to register were not NNP supporters but those on the other side.

The confidence the NNP exudes to our faces is cosmetic and buttressed by the

visibility of the numbers at their public “ShowTime”.

Most of the NNP’ites can only take instructions and so they obey the commands of Tallpree, Sheldon Douglas, Inspector and others.

The spectacle that Dr. Stone makes of himself with his extra small jersey, dancing and prancing up on the stage, is the highlight of their “ShowTime event”.

Have you ever looked at him to see how he attempts to mimmick President Obama by running up on the stage? But he is no Obama as Obama’s name is nowhere near scandal.

His legacy has already been written. All Dr. Mitchell can do is to try; but all that will be said after February 19 is that he tried to change it. No one can fault

him for trying.

*Breaking News!* Word just coming to hand indicates that one of the

“massah types” was twice expelled from good schools in St. George’s –


Just look at which side of the fence that individual ended up. If

this election is to be about good character, such a “poor character” would

never be given a chance to prevail against the good character that Uncle

Tilly has endorsed on his team.

Go and figure out who is this poor character that has been presented to you by the NNP.

Back to business – not even the determination of the “red nastiness” and

his crew of spoilers would stop what is already pre-determined.

Seeing the gang man, the box head casino man, the bus kite from Gouyave, and the horny pastor moving around with or having endorsed the New National Party candidates in some areas, is having the effect of incensing members of the silent

majority. It is also angering some of the NNP stalwarts.

Some loyalists of the “red nastiness” have returned home to Uncle Tilly’s NDC as a result of how embarrassed they feel that the gang man wants to pull them with him to the other side.

One guy in the city does not want to see the “red nastiness” and feels he is really a “red nastiness”, indeed.

This election is a fight between good and evil and every God-fearing

Grenadian would know that good always prevail.

When nomination day was captured on television, did you no see the woman

who looked like an obeah priestess in St. George North-west. How disgusting!

Just one word of warning again to those who are playing with the devil’s fire: Karma never loses an address!

Who is the tortoise and who is the horse in this race to the polls on Feb 19th? Only time will tell as the noise in the market is too deafening for there

to be any serious sale.

The people of sense and conscience do not want to be ruled by ignorance and backwardness anymore – they are not going back to 1995.




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