Relegate them to the dustbin of our history

By Stone Crusher


This is the last weekend before D-day – the mother of all election battles between the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Tillman Thomas and the main opposition – New National Party (NNP) of veteran politician – Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Mitchell is inarguably the most astute politician in Grenada today whose style of politics might just fail him on February 19th, as people move away from the old way of choosing a government through party favours and start focusing on the morality of those who offer themselves for public life.

In a race based on morality – a chief plank of good governance – Dr. Mitchell’s NNP will fail miserably!

Should our people put the high value they are expected to put on the truly good quality of leadership they deserve, the New National Party under the challenged leadership of Dr. Keith Mitchell cannot and must not return to power.

Grenadians need to allow the world to continue to look on us kindly and not with the scorn they did during 1995 to 2008 under the rule of the said NNP of Dr. Mitchell.

In a race based on morality no one would take seriously any political party that puts on Showtime in place of meaningful political rallies attracting thousands of the nation’s youth “wining and grin’ing” to the several Soca artists.

No wonder when they get revved up they take to copulating at random. Ask members of the clean-up crew of any of the grounds the NNP stages its mass rallies, and they will tell you how many condoms and other evidence of wanton sex they find! Are you surprised? You ought not!

The “substanceless” among our mostly young people are easily swayed to and enticed by low-grade entertainment, which the NNP meetings provide. It is quite obvious that when the sweetness takes some of them whose hormones are somewhat “out of whack”, evidence of debased behaviour must result.

Put that together with a horny pastor making an appearance on the platform. Importantly – all the nastiness(es) have gravitated to the den of iniquity – the NNP is known as. Our people need to remember that every organisation, group, company, et al – take their cue from their leadership.

If the leadership is focused and values-centered, the organisation follows an orderly path. If the organisation is not, then you don’t have to look too far for the type of organisation, group, company or entity. That is an important law of reciprocity!

If you ask anyone at random how they felt to see “karl hood” (common letter deliberate to symbolise his commonness) on an NNP platform – you would hear one common refrain : “That’s where he belongs!”

Funny enough, for several God-fearing people from the St. Paul’s area, “karl hood” was never held in high esteem.

He continues to prove them right.

Stone Crusher has been reliably informed by one of his church attendants in North-west that he is being watched with “Hawk’s eyes” and if he thinks he could get away with what he used to get away with in St. Paul’s, is joke he making. This is something this married Pastor ought to be curious about.

This is the same karl hood who got up in Parliament in April of 2012 and spoke against his government’s budget presentation by his Ministerial colleague and every right thinking Grenadian thought he ought to have been pelted out of the government.

That did not happen and he continued to make a fool of himself by talking rubbish at every opportunity he got. This is the same man who wants people to think of him as a man of God and who has been seeking revenge and vengeance as if he were “the Lord”, himself to whom vengeance belongs.

Karl is so enwrapped in his own ego that he cannot see daylight. Anyone who is so egotistic cannot be truly of the God we serve.

There are many NNP supporters who consider it a sad day for “karl hood” to

appear on their political platform when he was the same man who vilified and maligned their political leader on another platform just four and one half years ago.

Stone Crusher can tell you that both NNP supporters (with sense) and many among the so-called “undecideds” are not amused.

Talk on the ground is that it is now more than ever that the silent majority are moved to retain Uncle Tilly and give him the chance – according to Patrick Simmons that he never got to govern this country’s affairs.

Some are already speculating who will be next among the Rebels to jump in the open onto the NNP platform. Is it Brother Peter – as he was recently referred to by Comrade Keith at a recent NNP pocket meeting on the Carenage?

“Brother Peter”, the horny pastor, the career drunkard, the irrelevant union man, the bus kite from St. John, and the box head casino man – have proved the “frock ooman” to be the only one among them with some modicum of sense. Shame on them!

Imagine this woman is where she is supposed to be, outside of the two main

political parties trying the utmost to make a political life for herself, while they have resorted to playing “mange puppot” with themselves.

Stone Crusher has been totally vindicated on this one: “The gang man is a ‘red

nastiness’, indeed!”

The NNP seems to know how to stretch the $300 its leader said they had in

their bank account when he was all over the place accusing Uncle Tilly of receiving

$150,000 from a Saudi Arabian businessman – when it turned out to be

$50,000, which passed through the correct local financial, channel and was

never questioned by the FIU.

How could such little bit of money buy so much for the glitz and glamour of

the NNP campaign? The only thing, which seems to be missing is fireworks at

each meeting.

Stone Crusher invites one and all to wonder if what we are seeing is the residue of the US$600,000 which the Russians said they gave to a certain senior operative of that group for which they threatened to take that individual to court to recover.

Look at how the NNP has tried to hide Gregory throughout the campaign, attempting to hoodwink us with others such as the highly skilled consultant from the south, and others?

What do you read through this? They obviously did not want him to attract

too much attention so as to exacerbate the “Russian discussion”.

Notwithstanding their efforts, the issue still raised its ugly head in all

its dimensions. And what an ugly picture! Can you imagine the NNP losing

the next general elections what they will tell the Russians about the up-front investment of $2.5 million?

Word on the ground is that the Russians are acting as front men for other faces in Moscow. Things could get real nasty if the NNP fail to win the elections.

And if they win, Grenadians would see the real give away time of our natural resources while certain individuals benefit at the expense of the nation while the whole country is raped. We can avoid that – and we must!

The word on the ground is that several Permanent Secretaries are down to be sent packing should the NNP come back into office.

The blue print has already been drawn up for the demise of especially the following: Cab Sec – Gemma Bain-Thomas, the Isaac lady, Sandra Thomas, and Allison Miller.

The loyal stalwarts to NNP during the tenure of Uncle Tilly whose efforts were spent on sabotaging the efforts of his administration will be rewarded for carrying out their assignments faithfully during the period 2008-2013.

The husband of one of the NNP operatives in the service who has been boasting of becoming a millionaire under NNP, is so confident of Mitchell’s return that he has already bought a truck in anticipation of a resumption of nepotism.

The announcement of 50 million dollars in construction activities within the first 100 days of an NNP administration has resulted in the palm of his hand starting to scratch him.

Imagine this man boasting of building an apartment building in the south with cash money and not having to borrow one single cent from the bank. Would our nation stand by and allow a resumption of this one-sidedness to resume, far less continue? Hell No!

Stone Crusher is reliably informed by certain NNP insiders that privately they are running scared due to the composition of their crowds at the various mass meetings.

Many seem to think that there is a common thread running through the 1999 election and this one of 2013. Do you recall when GULP formed an alliance of sorts with the NDC to catapult Mitchell out of office what happened?

Similarly the expelled elements of the NDC having joined forces with the NNP against Uncle Tilly. This development could have similar detrimental consequences for the NNP thus proving Herbert Blaize correct with his popular refrain – “what goes around comes around”.

In closing, the Stone Crusher nearly forgot to mention the precarious position the

irrelevant union man has found himself in as a result of his viperous stand

which saw the political demise of “Brother Peter”.

Word within the corridors of the labour movement is that the “irrelevant

union man” is about to be challenged for the leadership of what he has been

behaving as if it was “his” union and not that of the working class.

The man has upset so many of his members that some of them are right now prepared to thrown their support behind his challenger who works with LIME.

If a poll is done at SGU, MBIA, LIAT, Ports Authority, The Breweries, Caribbean Agro, LIME, this irrelevant angry element will see just how popular he is. And this man from the past is bad-mouthing Uncle Tilly as not a popular leader because his loyalty is to “Brother Peter”.

Some of the workers in LIAT are openly accusing him of “selling out” their cause to his friends like the “Comrade” in St. Vincent and Baldwin in Antigua.

The Comrade in Vincy land is no fool. He made himself unavailable when he was called on the telephone to accept an invitation to come to Grenada to address the NUF convention. Union man, who was the person that placed that call to the “Comrade” in St. Vincent?

Even if the irrelevant union man holds onto the post of President-General-for-life, one thing for sure is that his days in the law-making assembly have come to an end, as he is not likely to be the nominee for a movement, which has lost all confidence in his representation.

The TUC has a new Senator in the wings and intends to submit his name about two to three weeks after the February 19 poll.

In as much as the irrelevant man wants to be the President of the Trades Union Council (TUC), he is not likely to get that either since the support of the Teachers’, Public Workers & Bank and General (and don’t talk about the Seamen & Waterfront) are not assured this time around.

It is interesting how his colleague unionists are fed up with him. Just as how the “red nastiness” is dead because of him, is so he is dead too because of his self-seeking interests.

The Revo must have collapsed with these people in the forefront. The philosophy is that it is nothing but my way or throw it out the window and onto the highway to be run over by a vehicle.

The NDC got rid of them just in the nick of time.

Stone Crusher begs for the consciousness of all Grenadians to choose wisely

On election Day and do not allow the promised two bedroom houses in Carriacou and Petite Martinique, nor the promise that NNP will deliver to fool you.

The only things they have proved they can and will continue to deliver are – crooks, conmen, lies, shady deals, bribes, tribalism, spite, hate, and

victimisation among others.

The leader is now singing a song: “I will do anything for you”. When he started the Call Centre and gave away millions to his family members – did he do it for you?

When the same leader allowed Miller to run away with the millions from the promised hotel at Mt. Hartman – did he do it for you?

When the man guaranteed millions for the failed projects like the small hotels in the south (No Problem, Cedars Inn, Maffiken Apts, etc, etc – which resulted in more millions to be added onto the national debt – did he do it for you?

What the NNP Man did for the people is to leave a national debt of EC$1.8 million, which is now a millstone around the necks of every man, woman and child in Grenada.

People, go to the polls with a clean mind and a reverend heart and vote against a resumption of a scandal-plagued Grenada under an NNP administration.

Please, relegate them to the dustbin of our history – right where they belong. Most of our people are smart and know what is good and what is bad for them.




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