All weak-hearted should visit the doctor!!!

By Stone Crusher


Grenadians both at home and abroad are waiting with baited breath for the outcome of the general elections set for February 19th, 2013 as announced by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

One sure thing the country should all know by now is that win, lose or draw – Uncle Tilly would be able to include on his résumé that he was Prime Minister of Grenada and that he was never expelled from any political party.

The closest the gang man came to the Sixth Floor in the Botanical Gardens was attending weekly Cabinet meetings until Uncle Tilly and the genuine NDC people got real smart and flushed him out.

Uncle Tilly can also boast that he never had to approach the U.S Justice Department to give him protection and immunity from prosecution for any alleged criminal wrong-doing.

The current holder of the Office of Prime Minister is not the one named in the wikileaks documents as the most corrupt Prime Minister in the Caribbean – more corrupt than the Birds in Antigua.

Those were the words used by the former U.S Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean in her secret memo to Washington in referring to Grenada’s Jonah. This is the legacy, which most sensible Grenadians will remember about Jonah when his final political rites are read out on the night of February 19.

“You can’t keep a good man down”, and “Nobody ain’t beating Tilly” will be on the lips of most people in the next few weeks. Jonah, the people are not going back to the bitter past. Take that in your pipe and smoke it.

Stone Crusher was convinced that the election would have been called by Uncle Tilly around this time so as not to interfere too much with the Lenten season – that special period of worship by the Catholics in our midst.

His choice of date had nothing to do with the NNP propaganda that the PM met with the Catholic Bishop who opposed him setting a date for the elections in the midst of Lent.

The next time those NNP propagandists open their mouths to push that line, please ask them where and when did Uncle Tilly meet with Bishop Darius to discuss the date for the elections.

The NNP people like to lie so much that they might tell you that KCM told them so since he knows of the meeting. They would even lie on their own leader.

The signs of early elections were there for all who have eyes to see – especially the few of us who take time to understand the psyche of the highly God-fearing and religious Prime Minister that power does not yank his chain.

Tillman Thomas is the kind of man who is very much prepared to return to his “board floor” ordinary Chambers in Grenville and proceed with his law practice. He is not obsessed with power like KCM, the gang leader, union man and the frock ooman. Good things always come to people with little or no expectation. That is always the will of the Good Lord.

Uncle Tilly has never behaved as if being the Prime Minister of Grenada is something to die for. He has never been status-oriented and so his humility has always attracted exaltation.

Check the fellah on the other side – he served for 13 years and wants another 13 more years. Like, the little boy as christened by Grace Duncan wants to die in office and get a big State Funeral.

Jonah is so power hungry that he failed to comprehend that it was time for him to start to groom the likes of Bhola, Dwight Horsford, and Clarice Modeste for the thing. The NDC is not short of leaders since Nazim Burke and Franka are waiting in the slips for when Uncle Tilly calls it a day.

The gang man was next in line but pulled out one of the old PRA AK-47 rifle still lying around from 1979-83 and shot himself in the foot. He was reading too much from the script of destruction as written by Bernard Coard.

This chap has turned out to be the biggest political failure in recent times – the man had it locked down for when Uncle Tilly bowed out after the 2013 general elections but allowed the Union Man and the Baker to put NUF stupidness in his head.

The bunch of renegades whose anxiety caused them to operate with a rare form of political greed would have been well advised to have accepted the reality that someone like Uncle Tilly would not have taken his political death lying down.

In as much as Uncle Tilly may not be the brightest bulb on the tree of our politics or the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is not a thief! He is not a hoodlum! He has absolutely no interest in conning anyone! He is what you see – a decent, honest and God-fearing individual whose political skills and charisma may be lacking, but whose character cannot be questioned.

In the case of Mitchell and his bunch and not to mention the gang leader and his brigands – they may have some political manipulation skills – but based on our experience – they are totally without character! Can we trust anyone without character to lead this nation? People, you know the answer to that.

This crisis situation we have found ourselves in requires people of character to take us through it. And we all know that the characterless elements who brought us into this depraved state where we can hardly meet our expenses because we have all this debt to service, with very little to show for it, are not qualified to return to the corridors of power in Grenada.

All those who disappointed Grenadians by sitting within the Tillman Thomas administration while using their salaries to fund the government’s sabotage must feel the wrath of the people. Not a soul must vote for them! They must be treated as the garbage they are. All the communists, thieves, and dotish elements who are lining up for possible inclusion as elected members of our Parliament must be put into the political dustbin of our history.

The gang man is increasingly roaming the country in the company of NNP operatives. He was spotted in the last few days in the PM Constituency and in a number of NNP hideouts in St. Andrew’s. What is it the gang man was discussing with the NNP people in light of the imminent general elections?

Gang man, you can’t keep a good man down once Jah Jah gives him the blessings. The only thing common between you and KCM is that both of you do not trust each other.

Jonah was once a good man but from the time he started messing around with the big Baptist man now in jail for murder, it was downhill for him.

Jonah boy, God is not asleep. The fake Baptist Bishop was never a good man and should never have been allowed to become the Spiritual Healer of any Prime Minister in the country. There will always be wickedness in high places in order for the bible to be fulfilled.

Word on the ground is that as soon as the announcement was made of the dissolution of parliament many regional as well as globally connected officials are trusting and praying that Grenadians show how mature they are and re-elect the current administration for continuity so that funding organisations can continue to have the confidence in the government and people since they had absolutely none in the last administration, which is presenting itself as a strong contender for power once more.

The situation that the renegades have brought to the country through having destabilised the government they were elected to be a part of, must never be forgotten. They are the ones who actually provided Mitchell with the confidence and arrogance he exudes when he feels the winds of power blowing in his direction from time to time.

The Stone Crusher says – they must not be forgotten nor forgiven for their

obvious collusion with the enemy of decency in Grenada.

The other hater of Uncle Tilly in the West, the big head man is now acting as the bodyguard for all the NNP activists in the vain attempt to prevent Andall from winning the seat. Who God bless, no one can curse. Casino man, you can’t keep a good man down.

One senior regional official whose level will not be identified for

fear of reprisal hopes and prays that Grenadians would choose the

lesser of the two evils which the entire region could live with as

against reintroducing the Switzerland Man to the corridors of regional


Would we like Grenada to become the laughing stock of the region again where scandal and shame overshadow our reputation, peace and tranquility?

No Caribbean Prime Minister must be given the opportunity to turn to his colleague Prime Minister and utter the following words: “Look the man who collected US$500, 000.00 from Switzerland coming”.

The Stone Crusher says – hell no! The country must not go down that nasty road again. PM Thomas must apologise to the international community and tell them that one black sheep in the midst does not mean that Grenadians are bad people.

The NDC for all intents and purposes has been able to attract people of character as candidates, people who would respect the party’s leadership and the reality that the Cabinet belongs to the Prime Minister and that they serve at his pleasure.

None of them fit the criteria of con men, crooks, bulbul artists, dunce and ignorant. Take for instance the new man selected by the NNP for St. David’s.

The Stone Crusher got an email that was in circulation in which the

GRENADA TODAY newspaper that the NNP Leader closed down a few years ago had interviewed the same Oliver Joseph on allegation of sexual harassment in 2009 against a female student of TAMCC on a trip to Antigua.

KCM, please read the following taken from the GRENADA TODAY: “On the specific encounter with the female student, he (Oliver Joseph) said that he had returned from a party….and on his way up to his room in the hotel asked the student who resided on a lower floor to use her bathroom”.

Well, well, Oliver must tell the nation what time of the night was this – 7.00 p.m, 9.00 p.m, Midnight or 3.00 a.m in the wee hours of the morning. Oliver, how insensitive of you to go into the room of a female student alone in the night!!!

The article went on further to say the following: “When asked if he attempted or asked the student for a kiss, the senior civil servant (Oliver Joseph) who was seeking to give the impression that he might have been under the influence of alcohol from the night of partying responded, ….”I can’t recall. I came from a party … can’t recall”.

So this man who is now the NNP Candidate in St. David’s cannot recall what actually happened because he was affected by alcohol drinking.

Instead of looking after the welfare of our student, the man was out partying and drinking. At the end of it all, he moves into the room of a female student and can’t recall what he did or did not do.

Oliver Joseph is rather lucky that he was not put on a witness stand to be cross-examined by lawyers such as Anselm Clouden, Dr. Francis Alexis, Derek Sylvester, Celia Edwards-Clyne on the issue involving the female TAMCC student.

This other paragraph from the story sums it up all when one thinks about the character of this Joseph boy that the NNP is putting up in St. David’s.

“The senior civil servant admitted that he has since spoken to the

student’s grand mother and informed her that “if she (the student)

said so then …if I did, I apologise”.

So here is what the man who was giving the impression that he was under the influence of alcohol on that particular night was saying : “If I did, I apologise”. So he can’t remember what happened!!!

Dr. Keith, please remember that Oliver cannot take back those words

that he issued back in 2009 on the encounter with the TAMCC student in


The Stone Crusher is hoping that the NNP and KCM are not jumping from

the frying pan into the fire with Oliver Joseph. Should this man be elected to serve in our Parliament? Should he ever be considered to hold the post of Minister of Education involving female students?

Last Sunday’s political meetings in Sauteurs and Westerhall showed

all the detractors who is boss because the NDC crowd sent shock waves

throughout the country especially for the Green Gambler and Crew.

The political mercenary that poses as a journalist and who worked for

the gang man in the last election and is now pushing out his hat for a

few dollars from the NNP as a common beggar was not happy when he saw

the power of yellow on Sunday.

Imagine this good for nothing trying to go up on the NDC stage to

take pictures of the event. Ann and Faye should have called the police

to take him off the stage. This man should not be allowed to come

within 30 yards of the NDC leadership for fear that he might do

something silly to them.

NDC, please protect Uncle Tilly from this man who is a stooge of the

gang leader. Chavez money is not pumping into Grenada anymore for the

expelled NDC destabilisers so be careful with them. A hungry man is an angry


Both NUF and NNP can afford to start to shake in their boots because

if they only know from where the help for the NDC is coming for them

to look so good in Election 2013, they will be shocked!

Ask “dumb rod” why he shaking in his boots since Fleary has been

announced as the NDC Candidate for Carriacou & Petit Martinique.

The invincible Nazim Burke would prevail. The town is well supported

by even those who followed the gang man and discovered that he has abandoned them. Franka, Franka, your hour is near at hand.

Stone Crusher needs to have a little compassion on the souls of all who are

about to get the shock of their lives when their hopes are dashed

like Romney versus Obama.

The Republicans were smelling blood and saw the White House falling to them in the Presidential Elections – just as Jonah has his eyes set in going back to the Botanical Gardens. But then again Jonah is a Republican and used to support Reagan and Bush and not Clinton and Obama.







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