Good will always prevail

By Stone Crusher


As the general election nears with some seventeen days before our version of D-day on 19th February, strange things would unfold as

desperation intensifies.

Many are saying that envy for the thriving businesses of La Qua and Otway/Bailey would continue to prevail as one way or the other quite a number of us may succumb to the results very shortly after the winner is announced.

Stone Crusher is appealing to our people to take warning and do not get too caught up in this excitement to the point of attracting death on the night of or soon after the announcement of the results.

At the end of the day, one party must win and the other must lose and Grenada must go on and life continues.

Should the NDC be given the opportunity to govern with its good governance agenda – good for them! Should the NNP be returned after four and one half years in opposition and take Grenada back on the track to corruption and nepotism – well that is a matter for the people to live with.

What Stone Crusher knows is that things are not going to be the same as during the 1995-2008 period when there was no international crisis affecting Europe and North America especially the United States of America.

By the time this edition is published, Governor of our Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) – Sir Dwight Venner – would have delivered his annual overview of the Bank’s performance and by extension the economies of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

One ought to have realised that strict fiscal management would have been responsible for the better performance of Grenada in the Union thus taking a hint that all is not lost with us after all and that we are on the right track if only we

would realise that our collective will is needed to take us through the other side of this crisis, exacerbated by the vaporisation of our savings and proceeds of loans which we carelessly stashed in SGL, CLICO, BAICO and to a certain extent in Capital Bank and Building and Loan.

A recent release by the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State, has identified 59 countries whose nationals are eligible to participate in the H-2A and H-2B Visa programs for the coming year.

We ought to be happy and jubilant that the list published recently includes one new addition: Grenada.

Accordingly, this notice is effective January 18, 2013, and expires at the end of one year with the usual annual review.

Serious scrutiny of the list reveals that Grenada is the first and only member of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), which has been included for such prestigious consideration.

Prime Minister Thomas’ good governance agenda has earned this for Grenada at a time when God knows our people need it most.

Grenada now joins Jamaica and Barbados in the English-speaking Caribbean to be among the 59 countries – the world over to gain such privilege.

President Obama is sending a message to the people of Grenada on the eve of this important and historic elections.

Under NNP and Keith Mitchell, the Canadians imposed a visa restriction on Grenadians because of the amount of crooks and criminals taking up refuge in Grenada.

President Obama is allowing Grenadians to get a special type of visa to come and work in the United States. NNP spent 13 years in power and could not get this treatment from the U.S government.

After only four-and-a-half years in government, Prime Minister Thomas who is trusted and respected by the Americans has been rewarded so that all Grenadians can benefit.

The Green Gambler and Crew should be kept far away from the seat of power because their style of leadership and methods might once again open the doors to more crooks and criminal elements and Grenadians might feel the wrath of the U.S government including the withdrawal of this special visa for our people to take advantage of certain job opportunities in the United States.

Is this something the country would wish to gamble with by mindlessly putting back any administration led by Keith Mitchell?

Stone Crusher is sure as day that if the good governance agenda is changed on February 19th, Grenada would surely lose its respect in the international arena and more hardship would prevail upon our people who would be boxed in with no place to go for temporary ease of the pressure.

On another note – many people who did not like the “red nastiness” and refused to support the NDC as long as he was inside are today talking loudly about their joy to be able to support the NDC once again.

They are not surprised that he and his gang are today showing support for the NNP whose leader they had the worst things to say about during the period they were in the NDC.

The box head casino man seems to forget that it was Keith Mitchell and Gregory Bowen and company who sidelined him in the Ministry of Works. Box Headman, who sent Police to remove you from the job as senior Engineer on the Eastern Main Road project?

After this strange creature told the entire nation about the sins of the leader of the NNP, he is today behaving in a manner and suggesting to the same nation that NNP is now better than NDC.

It is no wonder that some people in St. Patrick’s are saying that the Casino Box Head man is helping to hand out NNP T-shirts especially in the St. Patrick’s constituency where Boatswain is running.

Talking about casino, we all know where Uncle Tilly stands on that issue – right or wrong. What we do not know is where the “green gambler” stands on it.

We are seeing indications that he might just favour it but does not want to upset the churches. All those who fell out with Uncle Tilly on the Casino issue are now working in collusion with the NNP in the elections.

The casino money men from Chicago might just be flooding money into the NNP coffers for the elections.

What the country should demand of the “green gambler” is that he ought to tell the church leaders where he stands on the issue considering that you don’t want to tell the nation and refuse to answer the local media when they quiz you on casino gambling. Come out and tell us, please!

The other one time NDC character who is running around campaigning for the NNP against “Trix” is the one that KCM once described in Parliament as a “mad man” and “a rapist”.

This characterless individual told some people that if any of the two major parties gave him a commitment that they would drop the charges against him, he would campaign with them in the election.

So it NNP looks like NNP agree to the proposal ands the man is doing a number on Trix for Emmalin in St. Andrew South-east.

Is the Wild One coming back as a Special Prosecutor to take charge and drop the case against the man? The current DPP is a good man and will do no such thing.

This election is a referendum on corruption versus good governance and the people will choose. They have to remember that there is a consequence attached to either. One we can live with and the other we can’t.

This nation ought to understand and appreciate that several of our people are encircled by their un-repented sins, which come back to haunt them time and time again.

About twenty years ago the brother of one of the NNP candidates was arrested and charged by the Police with murder fur using a cricket bat and hitting him in the head and taking his life out of him.

It was alleged in the village that someone either hid the bat or burnt it altogether and so the police were never able to recover the bat to enter it into evidence.

Did the police question any of the NNP Candidates with being a possible accessory to the crime? Michel Baptiste did ask a pertinent question this week – what are the criteria used by Dr. Mitchell and NNP to select their candidates for general elections.

KCM, are you not afraid that the missing bat might surface in Parliament? Parliament is a place for Honourable Men and Women and not for characters with a checkered history and past.

The characters of Uncle Tilly, Franka, Randall, Merle and others are never in question?

The “green gambler’s” choice of caretakers reflects “who” he is as a person far less the challenged nature of his character.

Isn’t it ironic that when Dr. Mitchell entered politics in 1972 that he ran on the side of the Massa types (GNP) and this is probably his last election and he appears to have gone back with that type again?

Dr. Mitchell must understand that Massa days are done and that he must

realise that these people are using his NNP as a vehicle to enrich themselves on the various deals they are likely to preside over as government ministers.

Armond Williams of the GULP softened Gordon Renwick of the GNP in the St. George South East constituency when Gairy’s GULP took home 13 of the fifteen seats on the run for independence.

Keith Mitchell ran against the might of the economics scholar – George Hosten in the same North West losing badly.

Stone Crusher thinks it’s unfortunate that so many people seem so incensed by the thought of Mitchell attracting Massa types in his midst when he promotes himself and his party as champions of the poor and vulnerable.

One woman in particular recalls when her sister used to work for one of “that type” and the madam used to force her to call their eight-year-old son “Master”.

While speaking one could have felt the vitriol in her tone for the memory of that experience, especially as she says, Gairy smashed that and the revolution cremated it and yet for all Mitchell wants to reactivate it again.

Tell Keith, the people would not forgive him for seeking to bring back Massa days in Grenada. The electorate must reject the two Massa candidates of the NNP in the elections. Massa people must not rule this country at all. This is 2013 and not the pre-1951 days.

Mitchell knows that the Massa type don’t genuinely like him. But he is prepared to use them to get their money to take him where he wants to get – which is back in power.

Stone Crusher visited a rum shop and was amazed at the things that were being said inside the place because of their close connection with the two major political parties

One of them said that a top man in the force is making telephone calls to his relatives in Uncle Tilly’s constituency, and telling them to vote for “Man” of the NNP who is running against Uncle Tilly.

When one of the persons asked him why he wanted her to vote for “Man”, the high up police officer described Uncle Tillly in words that this column would not like to repeat.

This is the same police officer who was trying to get the lady’s father to throw in a word with Uncle Tilly for him to become the Commissioner of Police.

Stone Crusher also heard that another top one who retired not too long ago is running up and down in a St. Andrew’s Constituency like a horse for the NNP Candidates.

He told a few friends that the NNP has promised to make him the Commissioner of Police. Another resigned Superintendent of Police, the former Special Branch Chief bragged a few years ago whenever he comes back to Grenada from the U.S is to become the Commissioner of Police.

One wonders how many police officers the NNP are planning to make Commissioner of Police. The Public Service makes provisions for only one Commissioner of Police at a time – and not two, three and four.

The NNP has not even been given a mandate as yet, and they are showing their true colours to want to dismantle the stability of the Police Force so that a political appointee could be put in place to demoralise police officers all over again.

It would appear that supporters of the “green gambler” at all levels within the Public Service are at their work and behaving as if this were their Christmas Eve.

Stone Crusher understands that assignments were dished out to see to it that no cricket comes to Grenada around the election time so that the “green gambler” could chastise Uncle Tilly and Congress for losing the cricket matches, and public servants were supposed to have been paid late again.

In these instances, two top public service operatives with close ties to the “green gambler” were supposed to deliver on these bastardly acts in order to make the government look bad in the eyes of the electorate.

God alone knows where else the NNP have deployed their operatives within the service to sabotage the current administration in the lead up to the elections.

Green Gambler, is forgetting one thing – Uncle Tilly used to hold bible studies with the Jehovah Witnesses on a regular basis and knows a lot about prayers.

Uncle Tilly will prevail because of the nightly vigils of the Church people – because they believe like many people in Grenada that ‘you can’t keep a good man down”.

Good will always triumph over evil.











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