Reject the “Eat A Food” mentality

By The Stone Crusher

It would be a travesty for our nation to be governed by any political group which is well known for its disregard for honesty and integrity in public office!

It would further be disappointing for our people to put themselves out of their way to re-elect an unchanged group of people (with a splatter of bourgeoisie elements looking out for their own interests) whose track record speaks for itself in the department of corruption and downright dishonesty.

Under the last set of “Eat A Food” rulers, the country saw a waste of millions in scarce resources thus racking up an unsustainable national debt of over $1.8billion leaving us with a debt to GDP ratio which has been strangling our economy and preventing us from seeing day light when it comes to social development.

Imagine 80 cents in every dollar collected in revenue must be subtracted to satisfy our national debt, leaving us with only 20 cents to take care of everything else.

No wonder our public servants cannot be paid on time, and not much else can be done to develop our infrastructure, which is in tatters.

The level of corruption committed by the New National Party led by Keith Mitchell between 1995 to 2008 is unpardonable and the vastness of impact on us to the point where Grenada was popularly regarded as “scandal plagued” in international circles – must never be returned to in this modern era of enlightenment.

Do we want to have a Prime Minister whose regional colleagues for the most part were known to make private jokes about him when he entered regional gatherings due to his perceived vulgar dishonesty?

Do we want to have a government in which thieves, crooks and con men/women would have a field day because of their desires to serve themselves through the siphoning of the nation’s scarce resources?

Do we want to elect a government whose main focus is on their close accomplices, family, relatives and party supporters – while the rest of the nation pays for the exclusive enjoyment of our scarce resources?

Do you remember the Call Center whose revenues were diverted to the private coffers of family members of the Prime Minister while the state’s scarce resources were diverted to take care of its running expenses?

Do you remember the St. Mark’s poultry project costing the nation millions with not a fowl feather to show for it?

Do you recall the $6 or so million dollars, which were spent on three desal-plants and up to now not a gallon of water was produced ?

Do you recall the Miller/Mt. Hartman/Hog Island debacle where the investor brought in by Keith, Boatswain and Gregory allowed the man to draw down on millions of dollars that the NNP govt. guaranteed to him in the form of a loan for a Ritz Carlton/Four Seasons project that never came to fruition.

Today, Grenada is stuck with total repayment of the loan on strict terms stifling our economic situation?

Keith, it is time to sell MK Manor Park block of apartments in New York and donate the monies received to the Treasury to help liquidate some of the massive debts left behind by NNP from 1995 to 2008.

The time has come for Grenadians to wise up and prove that they are more sensible than politicians give them credit for.

It is because of these wasted millions which we are catching we “nennen” to repay that our citizens who are dependent on public assistance cannot get the promised $400 per month and have to settle for a measly $50 increase from $150-$200 by the current government.

It is because of the waste of our resources which friends, con-men and family members of the leadership of the NNP shared during all of the 1995-2008 period that public servants, police, teachers and our nurses are catching hell to be paid their monthly salaries on time – far less to stand a chance of receiving any increase to match our outrageous cost of living.

Should we in fair conscience go out and seriously put that group back in power? Stone Crusher says – hell no!

A vote for Uncle Tilly’s NDC may not take you to the promised land tomorrow morning, but will surely put you on track to getting there.

Any other vote would reintroduce you to the old corrupt ways of doing things once more in a crisis environment where the consequences could be even more catastrophic.

The NDC never got a fair chance because of the few “greedy-for-power” members of its hierarchy whose grab for power sabotaged its chances at properly focusing on delivering the promises to the people.

The NDC’s first term notwithstanding, had absolutely no hint of corruption as those who were hell bent on doing wrong things within its mandate are today no more.

Uncle Tilly was able to rid from his government of all those who took underhand money from the casino men in Chicago.

Uncle Tilly has declared his hand on Casino Gambling for all to see including the church and religious leaders but the NNP man is speaking with many different tongues. It is time for KCM to show his hand on casino gambling.

The NDC administration under Tillman Thomas has proved its worth in terms of allowing institutions to function in the absence of political interference even at their political expense. That is what is called moral and ethic-centered leadership.

No Special Prosecutor with a political agenda was appointed to usurp the authority of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to harass anyone in the opposition even though many Grenadians feel that ought to have been done to bring the squanderers of our scarce resources with the expressed purpose of self-enrichment to justice.

An NNP government might see the Wild One coming back to our shores to continue his part of the relay run for the NNP.

Even though the DPP was presented with all the evidence of suspected wrong-doing, which to many was perceived as sufficient to support serious prosecution of Mitchell, his deputy and others, the government never strong-armed the institution of DPP thus scandalising the office.

Can Grenadians trust a man like Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell who for the last four years was only able to attract two members of the Lance Aux Epines crew and for the most part return with the same team of failures to resume their questionable dealings in public office? Stone Crusher thinks not!

There is one whose family business has almost gone under and might be “eyeing” the coffers of government to breathe new life into the business.

This is the season for all Grenadians to pay attention to all the goings-on around them and less attention to the comedy, wining and jamming, and rum drinking festivities passed of as political rallies. Grenadians – your future is at stake.

Pay attention to the reality on the ground, which will not change just because a band of tried and tested political bandits (for the most part) promise you they have the magic wand to do better than the current administration.

Regional and international organisations have grown accustomed to working with an administration that has respect for institutions, law and order -and would be hard-pressed to deal with any group whose culture is steeped in informalities which will not be tolerated by them in these crisis times which help to define the new order of things.

Could Grenadians wake up under an NNP administration to discover that they are back to square one with the NNP’s informal and scandalous way of conducting public affairs thus attracting the residue of international crooks and con men who are simply looking for environments to launder their ill-gotten gains, not to mention those who may be just coming out of jail like Resteiner, Regale, Barnabe, Rowe, “Lev” and others – who may be looking for a safe haven which only their one time friend in Grenadian politics can offer them? This will no doubt be resumption of scandal-plagued Grenada.

Is the Russian mafia money now being spread on the ground by NNP in Election 2013?

The top men in NNP might be in danger if the Russians do not get their agreement with respect to the oil and gas in our waters.

People of Grenada, do you want to vote to introduce Grenada to Act II Scene I of


Mitchell cannot deliver and he knows this. Privately he is fighting to rewrite his personal legacy, which he spent all of 13 years to build – that of being the most corrupt Prime Minister of our eight PMs since Independence.

He has presided over Grenada for the period when all eyes were on us as probably the most inferiorly led English-speaking Caribbean nation. We should not want to go back there.

It is no secret that many of our business community members are lining up behind Mitchell’s NNP. One therefore ought not be surprised when one hears of a planned Tax Amnesty. This is the NNP’s way of legitimising their business supporters’ avoidance of paying taxes.

Where is the revenue going to come from, if that happens? Those are the poignant questions voters need to ask in order to ready themselves for the aftermath of the suffering, which is bound to follow an NNP victory.

It is only the Lance Aux Epines bourgeoisie who will benefit in the main from the tax amnesty. The small man will only get the bone and not the meat from the bone under a government formed by KCM and NNP.

People, it is time to break loose from the shackles. NNP is only interested in getting the votes of the small man to put them into office so that the big boys in Lance Aux Epines can continue to live in luxury.

KCM has nothing new to offer this country. It is all about Mitchell trying to safeguard his legacy. It is not about good governance and required accountability.

His legacy cannot change – a man who will always be remember for walking in the company of crooks like the imprisoned Eric Resteiner and jet-setting around the world with Viktor Kozeny better known as the Pirate of Prague.

Do you remember the Stone Crusher telling you in a previous article that nothing would change in the way Grenada’s affairs would be managed should Mitchell be given the right of passage to run this country again when compared to his 95-08 period.

The only difference would be not much resources to go around and the little available to take care of debt repayment, salaries, and other essentials would have to give pride of place to Mitchell’s sub-culture habits.

Stone Crusher waits with baited breath to have the last laugh should Grenadians fall for the glitz, glamour and ole talk on the NNP platforms.

Just look at the vibes of those in attendance at NNP rallies. They cannot be described as anything else but basic uneducated people who need to be protected from themselves.

Their lot continues to remain one way while the people they support for office take advantage of their total ignorance and lack for any modicum of education to feather their nests.

Uncle Tilly’s NDC has delivered time and time again to all Grenadians in the area of education through significantly increased numbers of scholarships for our young people regardless of their parents’ political persuasion. That is an undeniable fact! People like Lady Cinty can attest to this simple fact – notwithstanding she was a die-hard supporter of the NNP.

The philosophy of the NDC has been in conformity with one of the greatest Chinese who even lived – Confucius – “give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for life”.

The latter is exactly what education does for anyone with mind. It is the only vehicle to take our nation’s youth out of poverty whether of the mind or otherwise!

Stone Crusher’s consistency at predicting early that the “red nastiness” wouldn’t be running in this election, must be respected. He knows that Stone Crusher knows him well – for only a close cohort could have used all that he/she knows to destroy anyone who is worthy of destruction.

Stone Crusher takes all the credit and deservedly so, for the total destruction of the puppet of the pardoned convicted mass murderer and the fugitive in labour.

Their last chance of ever coming back to political leadership prominence in Grenada has been confidently smashed.

Stone Crusher advises all and sundry not to be afraid of their cozying up to the NNP. Right now the NNP can do with all hands on deck to help them with their desperate bid of forming the next administration of our affairs, but based on experience, Mitchell is no fool and would section them in short order should he ever succeed.

One consolation is that the presence of these expelled renegades around Mitchell’s political environment is acting to annoy the independent thinkers (VOTERS) to come out and make sure they do not succeed in their efforts to spoil Uncle Tilly’s chances.

The plan is already hatched and waiting on implementation. Ask the consultant from the South who decimated the union man in the Breweries imbroglio.

The “red nastiness” has shown himself up as just that – a red nastiness! If he were not, he would not find himself in Uncle Tilly’s constituency as often as he goes there making and sponsoring ‘cook’ with the boys in an effort to befriend them to help him destabilise Uncle Tilly. He is the new “Pot-a-food: on the political blocks.

He and the little bourgeoisie boy in town for the NNP have taken over from Kennedy as the “Port of Food Men. Every night is “pot-a-food” and more “pot-a-food” in River Road and Darbeau.

Let’s hope the little red boy does not end up like Soca Boca against Dr. Alexis in the 1990 general elections.

Whether NDC manages to get another term or not, what the Stone Crusher knows is that Grenadians had ‘NUF of all of them – i.e. the frock ooman, the habitual drunkard, the box head casino man, the red nastiness, the horny, revengeful pastor, and the bus kite from Gouyave. Their political careers are over and the results of the next election would give certification.

The two political meetings of last weekend proved again how much Grenadians need to take this election seriously and the nearly 60,000 registered voters need to make sure they go out and do the right thing for Grenada so that we never return to the “vikie-vie” leadership of “anyhowism”!

We are a nation that has proved the need for national unity which only a decent value centered team can provide.

Dr. Mitchell needs to realise that Karma never loses an address.



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