We are entering a year of more crisis

The last year ended calmly with not much to shout about on the political front, and the anti-climax of the High Court judge handing down a decision against M.P. Karl Hood – in the case he brought against the Prime Minister and the NDC for having expelled him from the party, and for preventing the NDC from choosing another candidate in the person of Mr. Randall Robinson.

The frontline party officials were all very vocal, and sounded just as concerned about the plight of the people – and the economic and social pathway in the New Year and beyond.

What they have to offer, and how they would go about bringing same on stream – depending on how the people decide which group shall be chosen to control their affairs – those aspects were left in mid-air, and no doubt waiting for when the Bell rings and the power struggle finally gets underway to choose the winners.

There can be no doubting, however, that the race to the eventual winning post for the chosen party and M.Ps – will be very tense and far more personal than we have ever experienced in the past.

I do hope that the leaders in their anxiety, and up-beat ambition to regain power or remain in national control of the state’s affairs – they will all see the wisdom in ensuring that the race or struggle remains peaceful, and create a very responsible and re-assuring image, that will attract Investors after the results are known.

The political situation as it stands at present, already contains serious concerns about our parliamentary procedures and constitutional provisions – since the Parliament has been closed for nearly six months now, and there has been no opportunity for any M.P to ask a question about the people’s business, for an answer from those in control of the nation’s affairs.

The state of affairs is reminiscent of the PRG days of March, 1979 to October, 1983 – when freedom of speech in matters of the Government affairs were banned, and any attempt to challenge that position resulted in residence at Richmond Hill Prison or Hope Vale Camp. In these times that is totally un-acceptable.

It leaves one to wonder, whether or not many of those persons who are saying they will not be voting at the next Elections – are not already thinking that the exercise is a waste of time, because the Elected M.P’s are still receiving their salaries, but not even attending the workplace at the Parliament building.

In this very dissatisfactory situation – the possible outcome of any General Elections this year, leaves the door of success wide open for any of the contenders, because of the frustration brought about by the in-house fighting of the 2008 convenient unification.

Where we go from here on, and how we get to whereever at the end of the exercise, is wide open and not subject to any control by the current occupiers of the seats of power.

On the contrary – the behaviour of most of those who were elected into office, based on the apparent unification of the two different sides – that state of affairs have been so divisive and frustrating, that putting the pieces back together again is near nigh impossible.

As for the Court’s decision in the Karl Hood case – an interim Order was made which prevents the NDC from stopping Mr. Hood taking part in the party’s affairs, pending the full hearing of his claim against expulsion.

But his application for an injunction, to stop the NDC from naming another Candidate for the upcoming Elections – that was thrown out by the Court, so Mr. Robinson will be the St. George South-east Candidate.

And now we are into the New Year, all eyes and ears are anxiously waiting on the next move by the Government – as far as the business of Parliament is concerned and where we are heading from here on.

To prolong the stalemate surrounding the Government activities on all fronts – except the monthly struggle to meet civil servants and other Government workers and pensioners salaries and pensions – that state of affairs cannot be helping those in control, while there is nothing in the pipeline to improve the worsening conditions on all other fronts.

But even more importantly it is not helping the people who are unemployed, and have been in that state for some considerable time – with no hope of any improvement, unless and until this stalemate is ended, and they can see some light at the end of the dark tunnel they have been existing under all the time.

So it is a straight case of just waiting and hoping, and praying by those so inclined – that there will be some forward movement by those controlling the reins of power, and very much sooner than later – because the situation is critical.

Except for the two frontline parties, not very much is being heard from the other contenders – either as individuals or as a group – and it leaves one to wonder what is in the political boiling pot.

But whatever it is, or maybe, this year promises to be one loaded with crisis and uncertainties, and as a people struggling to make ends meet, we have to hope and pray that it remains peaceful.

May the Almighty keep us all safe and secure – as we wait for the dawning of a new beginning in the not too distant future.

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