Do not allow yourselves to be taken for a ride

By The Stone Crusher


As the Christmas approaches, we cannot help but keep on the foremost of our minds the upcoming general elections – the likely results of which seem to be frightening to some in the event that the corrupt and unorganised were to be returned to office.

As was mentioned in another medium, we are caught up between a rock and a hard place, almost – thanks to the coward gang leader and crew and their consistent acts of destabilisation against the very administration they were elected to be a part of. No wonder they are finished today.

As one man put it – on one hand we have a shepherd with a few of his sheep lost in the bushes, while on the other we have “Alibabah” and his 14 thieves licking their chops on the sidelines waiting to resume the culture of abject dishonesty and inferior leadership which placed Grenada in the column of disrepute for all to see.

Interestingly, the latter group is aided and abetted by elements of the resistance to the entire thirteen years prior to July 8th, 2008. This only goes to show how self-seeking most – if not all of those we have in our politics – are.

Who would have ever thought the likes of the “irrelevant element” who helped to sponsor the murder of so many Grenadians between 1979 and 1983 by his involvement in the gun trade that brought arms under the guise of barrels of grease would be today making private meetings with the same opposition politicians whose leadership he said attracts the baser instincts in our Grenadian people?

Because he and his brigands could not have their way to tie up the head of Uncle Tilly, they are today seeking to be spoilers in the upcoming poll to see if they can take away enough votes in key constituencies to install the same people he and his cohorts once labeled with good cause as inferior. How puerile!

While all of this is going on, the arguments of the Call Center continues with several people getting to understand properly how the relatives of KCM managed to skim off the top and run, leaving us the people with total ownership of a business entity that only had millions of debts and nothing else to show for it.

What is interesting here to note is that every business must have income and expenditure. If the expenditure is higher than the income, then the business will fail in short order. It must be the other way around for the business to make sense.

A main source of the Call Center’s business was telecommunications – the telephone in particular. But the Call Center was not meeting its telephone obligations to Cable & Wireless at the time. One must appreciate that if a business is not paying its expenses, it can be inferred that the operators of the business might just be diverting the income away from the business and therefore away from the books.

Where did the income of the Call Center go? It surely did not go in meeting the main expenses of the business. What was done with the millions in guarantees that it got from the taxpayers money under KCM and Company? Did anybody pocket the Call Centre money?

What THE STONE CRUSHER can recall is that the NNP government found it necessary to divert the over EC$4million dividends from Cable & Wireless earmarked for the Treasury to pay the outstanding bill of the Call Center to them (C&W).

The people are not fools and do understand and know the “hankey- pankey” that the Call Center was for those who operated it – including the relatives of the then Prime Minister. It is instructive to note that the expenses of the Call Center remained unpaid – when any fool were to look at its figures.

The discussion must be on where did the income go? Who collected the income? Where was it diverted? KCM, Gregory and Tony et al must address the Call Centre and the millions in guarantees from government to this entity.

To tell the nation that C&W’s dividends went to offset expenses to the company does not lead to an end of the conversation. What did the main relative of the then Prime Minister do after the crash of the Call Center?

By the way where is this cousin? This man along with the former Big Up in Cable & Wireless and an ordinary girl who was just a Secretary in a legal firm were listed as shareholders of the Call Center – and the documents in our registry will support this.

Stone Crusher knows for a fact that the Call Center was not owned by the state in total when it first started to do business.

Gregory Bowen knew this but instead choose to try a fast one on Lew Smith last week Tuesday morning when he appeared on the programme known as “To The Point”. If only Lew had done the necessary research before the programme he would have caught Gregory once again telling a blatant lie.

Can Gregory look at Michael Baptiste straight in the face and tell him that Call Center was always owned 100% by the State. If Gregory attempts to do that then he has forgotten that Mr. Baptiste was at one time the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) when he was Leader of the Opposition after the 2003 general elections.

Gregory, please do not forget that Mr. Baptiste was able to call in Timothy Antoine (PS Finance) and Patricia Antoine (former Accountant-General) in the Ministry of Finance and grilled them on the operations of the Call Centre.

Gregory, the Finance people confessed to the Public Accounts Committee that they did not know the means or method used by the NNP government to acquire the shares of the private shareholders of the Call Centre.

Short-memory Gregory, please read the following concrete recording from the Hanshard of our Parliament, which attests to that through the words of your own Leader, then Prime Minister Dr., the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell.

The Stone Crusher reminds Gregory that KCM made the startling revelation when he was put to the sword by Michael Baptiste on the amount of money that his family members had owed the State on the Call Centre deal.

The words of KCM in Parliament as taken from Hansard:


“Members should not be imputing that any company received a certain amount of money from government, Mr. Speaker- by the way the figure is $9.0 million – and that government got 40 per cent for $9.0 million investment. This is absolutely false Mr. Speaker.

“The Government has provided a guarantee for the $9.0 million. Sorry, a guarantee of $9.0 was given, plus the government invested $9.0 million, Mr. Speaker.

“What is being pointed out here is that the nine million dollars will be repaid by the company starting in March. So the government is not putting money that is not coming back to the government. The money is being returned to the government. So, it’s like a loan, Mr. Speaker. And, the money will be repaid from March. And, we’re still getting 40 percent.

“In other words, we return — the money is being returned to us, and we’re still getting 40 percent shares. So, the government, for no permanent investment in the company is now getting 40 percent, and hundreds — over a thousand jobs are being created. Mr. Speaker, I just want to clarify this. I think that it is very important that that information be made clear.”


Gregory, those are not the words of Michael Baptiste or one of your perceived enemies but the words that came from the lips of your leader, The Right Honourable, Dr. Keith Claudius Mitchell.

Gregory, please do the honourable and decent thing in the New Year by going back on the programme with Lew Smith and apologise to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique for your deliberate attempt to mislead them on the shareholders of the Call Centre.

Gregory, when Dr. Mitchell answered then Opposition Leader – Mr. Michael Baptiste, he said enough to indicate otherwise. Stop trying to fool us, Gregory with your nonsense. Shame on you, Gregory.

What we have to ask is what was done and when to make the government of the day 100% shareholder in that shell of a company that was Call Centre? Gregory, leave Dr. Mitchell alone to clean up his own mess with the Call Centre because not even the mainstream top civil servants in the Ministry of Finance knew how the government acquired the shares of the private shareholders like the Crooked foot Man and the big wig from C&W.

But then Gregory, you have a vested interested to try a cover-up with Call Centre because when the Russians got involved in the company, the American lady swore in an affidavit in a U.S court that Lev Model used to pay the tuition fees of your daughter.

Gregory, how come you never filed a lawsuit in the U.S against the Rose lady for that bombshell that brings into sharp focus your honesty, decency and integrity. Maybe the Wild One was afraid to go after the American Lady in a U.S court because you would have had to go on the witness stand.

As a people who are getting ready again to vote in a general election, we have a right to know where our monies went under the tenure and stewardship of Dr. Mitchell, Gregory and NNP that has caused us so much financial pains today.

Dr. Mitchell, Gregory Bowen and Anthony Boatswain must tell us all we need to know about the Call Centre transaction and stop mounting political platforms and calling in on radio stations and appearing on national radio and television stations telling us they did what they did to save jobs.

While they were doing that to save jobs – somebody was robbing the nation of the income to the Call Center. Who was that somebody? We want to know who is that and where did the income that was supposed to be going to the Call Center go? Who pocketed the income and left us holding a bag of debt.

As we see in the recorded words of Dr. Mitchell, himself in the Parliament when he was Prime Minister – at some stage the company was owned 60% by his family members and others with the remaining 40% owned by the state.

It now begs the question – was the takeover of 100% ownership of Call Centre by the state (then under Dr. Mitchell’s leadership) done to exonerate his family from liability? Dr. Mitchell told us that $18 million dollars from the Treasury were involved in Call Centre in which the Crooked Foot Man was the main player.

Look how KCM handled the taxpayers money – not his. He could not care how many millions were lost in bad deals. Compare this with his own money. Up to now he does not want to pay Rodge Jones from his own pocket for work done on the apartments in New York.

Maybe, if Rodge had to get taxpayers money, he might have gotten it already from KCM. But when it comes to dipping his hands into his pocket to pay from his own bank account, KCM giving all kinds of trouble.

The nation should not be surprised if the Pit bull PR man in NNP gets the usual 5.00 a.m. call with instructions from KCM to reply to the Call Centre questions on behalf of the leader. Michael Creft used to get the regular 5.00 a.m telephone call with instructions about certain money matters.

By the way Dr. Mitchell – have you received further communication from your lawyer in New York since you advised the nation that you knew nothing about the upcoming court-related matter with Rodge? When will you start to speak the truth for once on the New York matter?

Stone Crusher feels that what a man is in his personal life he carries with him to his professional life and so if you want to be Prime minister of this country again you need to prove that you have changed and that you are worthy of the nation’s trust!

People of Grenada, do you recall Dr. Mitchell and NNP telling this nation that the Call Center was supposed to buy computers for every school in Grenada. Where are the computers? Now KCM has changed his tone and is telling the nation that his administration – if elected – will provide every child with a computer.

Isn’t this the same man who opposed the provision of free schoolbooks for the nation’s children? What pappy show is this? The electorate must make a pappy show of KCM when Uncle Tilly calls the thing in 2013

The NNP inner circle is talking big of a 14-1 victory at the polls but they are suffering from a foot in mouth disease. These people are saying that in order for Dr. Mitchell to succeed should NNP be elected, he would need to win the goodwill of the people and for the first two years in office at least $100million would have to be found for spending to keep the people on their side.

Where is KCM likely to get that kind of money from? Has Van Brink been invoked from the dead? Have Rita Regale, Larry Barnabe, David Rowe and Resteiner come out of jail yet? Who other crooks the NNP have in mind and from where, this time, to facilitate the washing of their dirty money for them?

When the offshore money ran out in 2000-02, the NNP was forced to borrow millions at commercial interest rates and that is why the nation debt got so high that it nearly touched the sky under KCM.

Only recently, Patrick Antoine, the NNP front man admitted on a recent programme seen on television that KCM and his government borrowed at high commercial interest rates thus resulting in a he spike in the national debt.

Grenadians – do not be fooled! You have to live with the decision you make when general elections roll around. Go with the group whose leader you can trust with your dollars!

Another five years of KCM and NNP will sink Grenada for good since their phrase is nothing is wrong with massive borrowing since no one can take Grenada and sell it for debts owed.








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