Nuf failures on the prowl for power

By Stone Crusher


With all the confusion within the NDC, which was obvious from the time they admitted the gang man and his infidels into the party leading to the rapid departure of founding stalwarts, to the time when petty jealousy erupted between those who were obviously intent on committing wrongs within the government and the few who were intent on towing the PM’s line of accountability, transparency and good governance, one could never have expected the manifestation of hardness on the political ground for the opposition – since the NDC should have been done and finished! But that did not happen.

Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming polls, one thing Stone Crusher is totally satisfied about is that the splintered gang and the ‘frock ooman’s’ Nuf  #h*t are nowhere under consideration.

When the “all-in-one frock ooman” and she spark-plugless political father, not to mention the ‘dotish’ Herbert Squires reincarnated lawyer who speaks like he ate a scatter shot (all over the place not making any sense at all) appear on television, someone said they could hear the simultaneous clicks of televisions being turned off – fuss people mad at them for destabilising the government she (in particular) was elected to be part of.

No one must ever forget that this glorified secretary (who rightfully ought to have been an aide to the Cabinet serving refreshments, making photocopies and running errands between ministries) was integral to the original gang of four. It was she, the gang man himself, the box head casino man and the career drunkard who are responsible for the sabotage of NDC.

While they were making “mange puppot” thinking a particular way and feeling that they could have unseated Uncle Tilly, God was on the side of the righteous.  A communist will always be a communist. No amount of going to church on Sunday will change a communist.

The “frock ooman” did not understand the true intentions of the gang man. This only goes to show the shallowness of the glorified secretary who always like to talk about God, forgetting that not all who shout Lord, Lord, will enter his kingdom.

By now she and the other split-up gangsters (no pun intended) must realise that the kind of spiritual protection Uncle Tilly comes to the table with must be for a reason.  Stone Crusher is convinced that good will always triumph over evil.  Look at how the union clown disappeared from the scenes.  His intolerable nature has him like chopped liver to the majority of his constituents.

Stone Crusher has been reliably informed that workers in hot spots where their livelihoods are now on shifty soil don’t want to see him. He knows the truth about the matter and without anywhere to turn, he is now rendezvousing with the enemy in case they win.  What this guy does not know or fails to remember is that KCM is no fool.  With all his character flaws, no one can say he is not politically savvy. He will chew him up and very early he will spit him out violently so that he is crushed for life.  Stone Crusher is confident that he cannot match up to the strength of KCM.

The lawyer who turned against Stone in 2008 is trying to make his way back into the camp but KCM is too smart for him. He is getting him to do some dirty work against NDC but will not forget those things that he wrote about him during the last general elections. Let the lawyer man go down on his knees and beg and beg Stone for forgiveness.

Over the weekend, Stone Crusher was by a popular bar in the south when certain operatives close to the opposition NNP were discussing how fast the party has managed to regain their confidence, after thinking that their 2008 defeat could have kept them out for at least two and at most three terms.

They felt that that was enough time to rid themselves of their current leader, and to tidy up their act with a purge of Dumbrod, Bowen and Boatswain, bringing in new talents to take the party forward. Instead, they received a bonanza when the gang man and his infidels rattled the cage of the government putting them off track with their vision and mission for the country.

One of the operatives was quite clear that the acts of destabilisation worked well for the NNP and re-energised the leader.  In the same breath, the man mentioned that the NNP needs to be careful because of the arrogance of their leader because people in the party know that a lot of people are not in favour of a return of “him” at the helm of the country as its Prime Minister.

The man and the two other NNP’ities say that the man start behaving cocky as if he win the thing already. However, he sounded a warning to the maximum to remember that the same intelligent “un-decideds” who came out and threw him out in July 2008 are the same ones who are waiting to vote against him again.

At least some of the smart NNP people realise that the party’s biggest threat is their own leader since a large number of Grenadians do not want to see the Stone back in government. The fear factor worked against Eric Gairy after the Revo and will work against Stone in 2013.

Stone Crusher was amazed to learn through this NNP operative that his party is privately nervous about the likely outcome of the polls when even among their ranks so many people are dreaming of a very close 9–6 result in favour of Uncle Tilly and the NDC.

The chap went into detail to show his party’s scare stating that the current registration process, though very fair, does not favour them at all.

Stone Crusher gathered that even with most of the employees of the electoral system allegedly sympathetic to the NNP, the system is so full proof that they cannot tamper with it to influence any outcome to favour the NNP.

He admitted that the party can no longer get operatives in the Electoral Office to take names from Brizan and send them up to St. John’s to vote. In other words, he was saying that the NNP is not in a position in the 2013 elections to do any voter-padding.

In case some people forget, the NNP used to get their point man in New York to round up people, send their names down, get them registered and fly them in to vote on Election Day. This cannot happen under the new system since the person has to be on the ground to get registered. This will be a very fair and free election and the best since 1995.

The NNP cannot boast about doing a Forbes Burnham on the people of Grenada any more. The slogan used to be if we control power then no one can beat us. God gave them long rope and decided that it was time up in 2008.

This candid NNP operative who spilled his guts in speaking with close friends said that the party really expects a close race, which could preclude them from winning the following seats:

*St. Andrew North West,

*St. Andrew South East,

*St. Andrew South West,

*St. David,

*St. George South,

*St. George North East,

*St. John,

*St. Patrick East,

*Town of St. George

In the same breath he said the rest which include –

St. Mark, St. Patrick West, St. George South East,  St. George North West, St. Andrew North East, Carriacou  –   that the NNP is prepared to put bets on  only three since St. Andrew North East, St. Patrick West and St. George South East are too close to call.

Of course the NNP with all its access to campaign funds from the private sector suffers no inability to conduct their polls, the findings of which seem to be worrying to them. The NNP poll in 2008 had the party winning 14 of the 15 seats. Do you remember that poll – a few days before the elections?

When the campaign starts in the New Year, the picture will become much clearer as to who is man and who is little boy. Take NUF out of that because they are only spoilers in this race of big men. No room for little boys and the little girl that calls herself Interim President.

The people ain’t stupid. Many have said that the NDC would have been hard-pressed in 4-5 years to bring up all the ‘bubbul” and corruption of the NNP and its leader during his entire thirteen years in office.  Hard pressed because many would have said we heard them already in 2003 and 2008 and are not so interested again.

However, because of the NDC style of governance to leave the DPP and the Police alone to do their work, and not bring in any Jamaican legal hatchet man to harass citizens like the NNP did, the NNP leader feels he can venture into areas like opposing the sale of state assets by this administration to meet its monthly obligations to public servants especially.

His brazenness to venture there has opened the ball field for the NDC to take him apart with all his wrongs, which caused the state to be almost bankrupt today.  Who is Keith Mitchell to complain of the sale of national assets?  Just look at the dilapidated buildings the state managed to get the National Insurance Scheme to purchase – the Drill Yard, GBN/GIS old site on Scott Street, the old Electoral Office at Woolwich Road, St. James Hotel.

All of them are fire hazards. Come on KCM! Stop the stupidness. Is the NNP waiting to get into office and use the Tender board to sell these old buildings to their supporters? Government ought to count itself lucky that the NIS agreed to pay them for these after-Ivan eye sores when the same KCM was in office and did nothing about them with all the millions that passed through his administration’s hands in the early aftermath of Ivan.

The same way sane people in Grenada cannot believe NNP would address the sale of national assets when they did so much wrong to ours when they were in office, is the same way Stone Crusher heard Boatswain cannot believe the NDC could bring up all their wrong doings on their platforms.  Mr. Boatswain, you made them relevant once more.

While you are at it, could you explain your main fear of getting into office again in these challenging times when the formally inclined Minister of Finance would have sewn up things in a professional way, and your informal way of managing will not be able to stand the test of time?

Is your party vexed that if “all-you” come into office you are not likely to meet anything else to sell and so no corruption could govern the way NNP does business? What is it Mr. Boatswain?  What is it? But Tony, who tell you that KCM wants you in any Cabinet. The man remembers the way you behaved when he had the 8-7 government between 2003 and 2008.

And talking about KCM, many of us would like to know which of the many faces of Mitchell was talking when he addressed the sale of national assets?  After all this is the same man when he was asked about the Call Center deal – he jumped up out of his seat in the Parliament and said he was glad that his family were getting involved in business with the government and that the money will be paid back.

Another time when Dr. Francis Alexis appeared in a televised debate with Dr. Mitchell and NDC Leader Tillman Thomas in the 2003 election campaign and he raised the issue of his family and the Call Center – Dr. Mitchell denied that his family was involved in any Call Center Project with the government.  Which face was he speaking with then?  Was it Keith’s or Claudius’? KCM is a man with many faces.

To show how this man likes his family to get involved in business with the state – do you recall Emerging Technologies?  Our laws were changed to facilitate business between another member of Dr. Mitchell’s family and the Postal Corporation.

The Stone Crusher remembers the former Opposition Leader, Michael Baptiste making frequent mention of the Emerging Technology thing.

Imagine this man wants to now talk about the sale of national assets – when this decent administration is merely exchanging the assets with yet another state entity for hard cash to pay civil servants.

The Stone Crusher challenges anyone to name one local administration since independence which prostituted state assets as has been done under the NNP. Shame upon KCM and NNP. In last week’s issue of THE NEW TODAY, mention was made of NNP squandering EC$58.4 million in bad deals involving MNIB and the Garden Group of Hotels in the south.

Some people are predicting a terrible dry season in 2013.  Look at it this way – if the NNP had properly used the millions on the three desalination plants, we would not have one in Carriacou as a monument without a pint of water ever having passed through it, and one in the South which is a home for rats, roaches, centipedes and other rodents.

The only reason why the one in the South is not vandalised is because it does not have any copper tubing/wire in it for thieves to strip and sell to Trinidad.

There is a recycling business in the south and just now the old iron from the desalination plant at Woburn will soon be taken down and shipped overseas.

If NNP had only put those millions wasted on the ‘desal’ plants with the other millions thrown away in the Garden Group, Marketing Board, The Call Center, Levera, Poultry Farm in St. Mark, among others – this country would have absolutely no problems paying civil servants and possibly giving them a deserved increase today.

Today KCM wants to talk about investors and how he has them lined up to come in as soon as he wins. Have they all been released from jail yet?  Are new ones lining up to fly into Grenada because they know what will happen with NNP in office. It is possible that Eric Resteiner (the $US500, 000.00 briefcase provider) might be out of prison or in some half-way home waiting to be a free man.

It is unfortunate that the fly-by-night investors got caught and sent to jail for their illegal activities in Grenada but no one from the NNP who aided and abetted them did not end up in Richmond Hill prison.

People, do not forget Van Brink, Rita Ragale, Larry Barnabe, David Rowe, and the host of other degenerates who came in through the NNP open door policy to mash up Grenada’s good name.  Is this what Dr. Mitchell is referring to when he says that he is a changed man.

The Stone Crusher has to ask the question since KCM keeps asking for our forgiveness but is not telling us about his sins.

It would appear that every time these NNP people speak, they put their foot in their mouths.  Did you see their recycled PRO recently on television talking about BAICO pay out when he said that the NDC government should have been more proactive so that people could have gotten their money sooner.

The collapse of BAICO and British American should be blamed on NNP. They were the ones who appointed a man in the post of Supervisor of Insurance when he was already holding down a big and demanding job in the Ministry of Finance. How much money did the man collect for the two jobs. Did he do the work to see to it that BAICO complied with our laws or was he given a job because he had a big mortgage to pay?

When this administration put things in place to regulate the Insurance companies the same NNP voted against it in the Parliament.

It was also the same NNP who went against the ECCB’s advice to allow a former General Secretary of their party to open a bank and when the bank “buss” – poor people money got lost.  But poor people are the same people Dr. Mitchell says he is for continuously.  Is he saying so for their votes only?  How come he did not protect them from that illegal bank which “buss” with their money tied up in it?

These are the things which our people need to open their eyes to before voting and to choose properly for fear that Grenada becomes the failed state that NNP was taking us into prior to July 2008.

As a matter of fact, most of the CARICOM Prime Ministers would hate to see KCM walking with them on the big stage once again since this would remind them of Grenada’s ugly past under his watch.


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