Time is drawing nearer- To “D” Day

Now that we are into the Xmas month of December, the time for putting our Parliamentary business in order, and getting back on track as far as the holding of the next sitting is concerned – that time becomes due in January, which would be six months since the last session of Parliament in July, 2012.

What happens thereafter – and how the political climate unfolds or develops, only time will tell – but there can be no doubt, that the next four to six months will see some strange happenings in our Tri-Island State, as far as our politics and those involved, or becoming involved, are concerned.

The last week saw the launching of our Seventeenth political party, and the top people in the new group are all ex-members of the existing Government party who were expelled at the last Convention – as well as two or three who were not expelled.

The leader of the new group has not been named thus far, but that is expected at its first Convention whenever the same is held. Whoever he/she maybe, and whatever will be the new party’s plan or promises for the way ahead – it will all make interesting reading, when considered from the view point of what took place in the last four years.

When the people voted for those M.P’s who have since resigned from the Government, or was dismissed in the case of Church of the St. John Constituency – these guys were seen as the answer to remedy the chaos left in the system by the defeated NNP and its long-standing leaders of Thirteen years.

But in less than three years, all the hopes and expectations of the people were turned up-side-down, and the rest is now history.

The major problem facing our people, as we go into the final stages of deciding and choosing – which group can be trusted to get our long-suffering people out of the political chaos we are now experiencing – is how they go about assessing the Candidates on offer, and the Leader in particular, who are canvassing to take over or continue in control of the nation’s affairs.

As regards the NNP and its leaders who have more or less stuck together – during the last four years on the opposition Benches – the question facing the people in general, is whether or not all the accusations, and the claims of personal appropriations of the people’s funds were justified, since none have been even challenged in any Court.

On the broader issue of performance in the public interest, as far as the various arms of the Government operations are concerned – the results are there or no where to be seen.

When it boils down to unity among the team in control, and the very important aspect of leadership by the team Leader and prospective Prime Minister – the record speaks for itself.

As far as the NDC is concerned, and the Prime Minister’s plea for re-election for the second term – a whole lot will depend on who are the persons chosen to replace those who have abandoned the ship of state, and how their track record stand up to scrutiny.

While the same level of complaints and accusations cannot be made about the NDC Group – as far as the dealings with the state property and funds are concerned – the whole question of performance, and co-operation, and loyalty to the group as the united party, will be of very significant importance on “D” day.

When it comes down to assessing the few other parties, who will actually be taking part in the upcoming Elections come next year whenever – it will be more of a case of assessing the individuals as such, because the parties have no track records of recent, or any control, that can be considered as a group.

And I quite frankly do not see many of them making any difference to the Elections outcome, whenever the same is called, whether as individuals or as a group.

When it comes down to those who had abandoned the ship of State in mid-stream, and who are now organising themselves under the banner of the “National United Front” (NUF) to context the upcoming Elections – while a few may get some votes, based on personal friendships built up while they were on board the said ship – I cannot see the group making any significant difference to the eventual outcome of power control.

It will be very interesting to hear what the various power-seekers, as groups, will have to say to the people about how and wherefrom they will be getting the means and investment programs, to be able to put the unemployeds back to work after Elections.

The “where-from” in particular will be of special concerns – because it will point out in advance, which of the controlling systems in the global market place, the said group will be aligned to and copying in practice, should that group succeed at the Polls.

But whether the Candidates choose to say anything about their promoters or associates on the outside or not – the people will have to assess and judge them by the company they are seen to be keeping, especially when they travel abroad on their fundraising ventures.

As a people we cannot forget our past political history, and especially how our leaders in the 1979-83 period treated our people, because of the foreign friends and the ideology they embraced when they assumed power.

And next year (2013) would be Thirty years in October, since we were rescued by the U.S.A. and some Caribbean forces, from detention at Richmond Hill Prison and Hope Vale Camp, and House Arrest in our very homes Islandwide.

The massacre, and the chaos that resulted thereafter – when the assembled crowd on Fort Rupert (now Fort George), had to jump over the High Cliffs to escape the PRA bullets that were flying all around them, after soldiers were dispatched to capture and execute Prime Minister Bishop and most of his Cabinet ministers – that experience has lived on to haunt our people right up to the present.

A lot of clean and not very clean, and even some very dirty and polluted make-believe political water, have passed under our Political Bridges since those dark and dismal days of March 1979 to October 1983, of the Revolution and military council brand.

A good many of us have survived, by the Grace of the Almighty above all else – but a whole lot of our people also perished in the process quite innocently.

So at least in their memory – we have to be very cautious about what we do, and who we choose to take charge and control of the nation’s affairs – in the year of our Thirtieth anniversary especially.

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