The secret meeting is uncovered

by Stone Crusher

The more one lives in Grenada is the more one becomes convinced that local politics make strange bedfellows. So many of these old sayings are given life in Grenada by people we least expect – that it isn’t funny.

Who would have ever thought that word would reach the streets that the ‘“irrelevant union man” after seeing his fortunes dwindling would attempt to hold a secret meeting with operatives of the New National Party (NNP).

According to many – “ He reach way he goin’ !” The NNP has to realise that he is known for forging short-term alliances in order to fulfill his political ambitions while posing as doing what he does in the interest of the working class.

This is the same element who wanted Parliament to convene a special committee to investigate the Resteiner briefcase issue against Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell when he was Prime Minister and was so disappointed. This is the same union man who made the media circuit taunting Dr. Mitchell and when July 8, 2008 came celebrated his demise.

Dr. Mitchell will not interface with him directly since he of all persons knows that this man cannot be controlled. He is a loose cannon with a destructive track record. He will burn down a whole dam church just to get at one little mouse.

Furthermore, the burning down of a church means nothing for him because the man does not believe in God. He is the last standing communist and atheist in the whole of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

KCM has a way of exposing them. Remember when the Pastor who supports the Gang Leader visited the man’s home at Happy Hill for talks. KCM engaged him on the verandah so that all who passed by could see the Pastor sitting on the verandah with him.

So the Stone Crusher heard talk on the ground about this particular meeting which was carded to take place over last weekend between the Union Man and a few NNP people but took it as just more gossip, and never took it seriously.

As you and everyone know Grenada is full of rumours and rumours of rumours normally far less around this silly season of electioneering.

But when someone of substance called early on Sunday morning with facts to support an eyewitness to this strange assortment of people representing the NNP clique and this “irrelevant” union man (as he is most commonly referred these days), Stone Crusher had no choice but to remove all doubt that this ever happened.

Can you imagine the father of the NNP chief strategist from down South, its caretaker candidate for the Town of St. George, and the ‘recently get-left PRO” of the NNP meeting in the former office location of the 2003-2008 Leader of the Opposition with this “irrelevant union man”?

What could they have discussed? Did they discuss the new strategy to cover NNP’s nervousness of Peter David not running for the Town, which threw the confidence of the NNP caretaker candidate into a tailspin?

Is this testimony and hard sound proof of the collaboration we’ve been hearing of between both the Nuf-frauds and the NNP? Did they try to solidify the “irrelevant union man’s” candidacy for Nuf in the naught East (sorry, I meant North)? The NNP has put up a joker in the pack against Brother Naz and might be prepared to switch over support to the Union Man as their unofficial candidate.

The Clement boy is accustomed to being taken for a ride by KCM. His first taste of the Doc came soon after the 1995 general elections. Elvin Nimrod was approached by the NNP Leader to run for the party on the sister isle but he refused and instead decided to take his chance as an Independent.

Nimrod, a man who would love to be the PM of Grenada one day, wanted to do a James Mitchell of St. Vincent fame on Grenada and to position himself to bargain for the Prime Minister’s job in case there was a deadlock in the 1995 poll.

NNP scraped home with 8 of the 15 seats and KCM appointed the little Clement boy as the Parliamentary Secretary for Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The ink from the pen did not even dry on the paper and the Clement Boy was removed and in came Mr. Nimrod, the consummate opportunist to serve as a Senator and the man in charge of the two twin islands.

Now Clements better be careful because he might once again become the latest sacrificial lamb of KCM and his double-dealings.

The union man likes to bargain and might just be bargaining something for himself with KCM and NNP. Is he also bargaining something with NNP on behalf of the gang leader? Do not rule that out. A drowning man will clutch at anything in sight in the middle of the ocean and that is where Uncle Tilly has them at the moment.

Interestingly enough the “irrelevant union man” who has reduced himself to a mere joker among us was decimated by the NNP’s strategist from down South during a big industrial negotiation which sealed his fate as an “also-ran” in the local labour movement with employees of that particular outfit not wanting to see him at all.

Could you imagine him now meeting with a chosen representative – father of this same strategist who is responsible for sealing the irrelevant union man’s fate as discredited and gasping for breath as all the clout he had is no longer with him?

Stone Crusher understands that when the “irrelevant union man” saw that he was seen coming down the steps of the meeting’s location in the company of NNP officials he made an about turn back up the steps as if he thought he saw US Marshalls who are still on the prowl for him to rectify his fugitive of justice status… Ha! Ha! Ha! What a way to live.

Stone Crusher understands further than since the Breweries debacle, members of the union in which the irrelevant union man is still boss for life, are wishing they could get more soberly, meaningful and professional representation from the Public Workers Union (PWU) but because they are not public sector workers that is not possible at this time. What a pity?

Oh how some people who had it all could lose it so fast because of their greed for power and in their quest mix up ‘caca poul’ for fowl egg. They had it all in 1979 to 1983 and self destructed on Joint Leadership of all things. Two man crabs can’t live in the same hole. KCM will use them since he does not trust them.

On the issue of this “Clown” (as he is correctly branded in popular circles) running against Finance Minister Burke in the St. George’s North East constituency – he is sure to get naught as one of the prominent “naughts” the Nuf frauds are lining up for.

It would appear that the newest clown on the blocks as he was so correctly branded elsewhere, something that so many people have bought into – always saw himself as a candidate in our general elections.

In 2003 he is reported to have been interested in running on an NDC ticket as the candidate for the Town of St. George before the gang leader was finally endorsed in the constituency and in 2008 he is reported to have wanted to run in the South East St. George constituency on an NDC ticket.

When the NDC was not able to lock down a candidate for the seat, the union man volunteered to be the Candidate because of his lust to get something on his CV such as being elected by the people for the very first time to serve in the nation’s House of Representatives.

Although he serve the nation before he wanted history to record him in a different light. He did serve before but not through the ballot but the use of force through the barrel of the gun to topple Eric Gairy from power in the March 13, 1979 thing.

Good sense prevailed and the NDC did not fall for him at all. Could it be that he had this as one of the issues of discontent for the leadership of the NDC? It’s possible – especially when one considers how egocentric this confusion maker is by nature.

Even the NJM boys did not trust him fully and never appointed him to serve as a member of the Central Committee or Political Bureau of the party. The man just likes to oppose for opposing sake. Let him remain in the opposition since he is not a nation builder.

Since workers have discovered that this man’s out of date leadership style has been costing them their very jobs/livelihoods; and since they have further discovered that in the face of this debilitating crisis, it is easy for a business to seek protection through the filing of bankruptcy or under the Employment Act through restructuring which is necessary for all businesses to do in these times, they are very wary that the misplaced militancy of this “irrelevant union man” – can put them in serious trouble with their livelihoods.

The workers have seen though the element and more and more are coming to the realisation that he is using them to further his political ambitions with the fading dream he always had to be a prominent man in the Government of Grenada to reintroduce some of the archaic communist ideals once more.

If you make the mistake and mention this man’s name among some LIAT workers at the airport is as if you are giving them poison to drink to kill them. These workers do not trust him and believe that he sold them out to his Prime Minister friends in the region.

In recent times the failed political elements who could not unite when they were given the chance to unite in SDC and take the country forward – have formed themselves into a political party and holding fast with confidence of winning the next general elections.

These simpletons are out of touch with reality, as the ground does not favour them at all. The mere fact that they have not been able to attract dissidents like Peter David, Joseph Gilbert and Arley Gill sends a serious signal of fragmentation within the “expelled group”.

Unconfirmed word is that the gang leader convened a meeting with some of his stalwart supporters and informed them about his position with the foundation members of the “Nu-Frauds”. This in itself speaks to the issues, which the new party is faced with as it attempts to ready itself to fail miserably at the polls.

The gang man is not prepared to die on the battlefield with them. As Bob Marley says, “he who runs away lives to fight another day”. The gang man is allowing Glynis and them to die in the 2013 elections but trying to preserve himself for the 2018 battle.

So Glynis, Tommo, Ferrie and Uncle Joe, please wake up from the deep sleep and see who is really using who. Uncle Tilly was not so stupid after all because he had the last laugh over the gang man and his ambitions to uproot him from the seat of power.

Stone Crusher has absolutely no doubt that this group of “less than inadequate” elements plan to be spoilers in the upcoming polls and call on the Grenadian people to steer clear of anything that has as part of its membership anyone whose political ambitions involve causing the loss of jobs of the nation’s workers in these very trying economic times.

Stone Crusher further calls on all Grenadians to lift their level of consciousness and awareness to realise that if they were so destructive in the ruling party, left on their own with absolutely no checks and balances, you can only imagine how much more destructive they will be.

This “all-in-one looking ooman” who is first of all not cosmetically correct for any position in a race to the outhouse far less to be considered in a race to the office of Prime Minister of this country – should not be taken seriously.

This “ooman” seems to feel that because she is accustomed to conducting community clean up of drains and flower planting that she is qualified to run our country with support from the now decimated and failed rebels. She really feels we are “nuf” fools to fall for she and she “nuf” foolishness!

She keeps looking for pity and sympathy by constantly using the name of her husband who died a few months ago. Every time this “ooman” opens her mouth is talk about “me husband who died”.

The Glorified Secretary does not seem to understand that her deceased husband is no Maurice Bishop, Unison Whiteman, Norris Bain or Uncle Gairy. If Nadia Bishop decides to run in St. George South-east tomorrow morning, she might cash in on her father’s support and sympathy in the Constituency.

Look how David Thompson wife romped home to victory for the St. John seat in the election in Barbados following the death of the former Prime Minister. Those who follow in the footsteps of the people’s hero will always win very big.

But not you “ooman” since your husband did not fall into the same category. The Stone Crusher did not say anything about his habits when he was alive and will not like to be pushed to go into that particular direction. Glorified Secretary, please behave yourself.

Imagine this “ooman” called Michael Baptiste all the way in New York and putting she dead husband’s name in front to get him to surrender his “Rising Sun” symbol for she and NUF to use. “Ooman” stop this stupidness.

Privately, both the official opposition and the expelled rebels who are heavily influenced by a fugitive of justice are concerned that their chances are not all that clear cut since people are becoming more and more aware as the general elections draw near that the current state in which the country finds itself lays squarely on the shoulders of the mismanagement of the thirteen years prior to July 8th, 2008 and the destabilisation of the renegade elements of the NDC administration (now expelled) when they were part of the government.

Stone Crusher is on the ground and the man on the ground is not as stupid as both factions (NNP & NUF) may feel.

Jonah is campaigning for Uncle Tilly and NDC. Imagine this man and NNP gave away $280 million in guarantees to fly-by-night investors like E.J. Miller and the Ritz Carlton hotel project at Mt. Hartman in the form of State guarantees of millions of dollars.

The money flew away like a bird in the sky and Jonah is attacking Uncle Tilly and NDC for selling off some of the same lands at Mt. Hartman to NIS. The lands remained in the hands of “we” the people and were bought by “we own damn money” – not the same as going to Switzerland in June 2000 to get from the imprisoned fraudster, Eric Resteiner in Jonah’s style and fashion, “me dam money”.

Jonah, you are not a new kid on the block and no amount of water can ever hope to wash you clean again. But now is not the time to raise another issue with you – the Rodge Jones money case with you that is up for the next hearing in New York on February 19.




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