Rodge Jones wants his money!!!

By The Stone Crusher


Politics is very intriguing.

Former U.S President, the late Richard Nixon was disgraced with his Watergate Scandal and faced impeachment. He had to quit the Presidency because his peers in Washington, D.C, found him guilty of committing an illegal act.

In later years, the popular Bill Clinton after not being forthcoming with the American people on the Monica Lewinsky affair in the White House was forced to eat humble pie and had to apologise for an act of betrayal as the President of the United States.

The wrongs committed by these two Presidents and others holding or aspiring to high public office in the United States were brought into the public domain by an inquiring free and independent media.

The same should hold true for all other leaders regardless of which part of the globe they come from. It should always be the public right to know about their leaders – whether in or out of office.

This is the standard that should be applied in looking at the stewardship of the Political Leaders of the National Democratic Congress, The Hon. Tillman Thomas and the Opposition New National National Party, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell and the National Unity Front (NUF) whether the leader is Jerome Joseph, Sister Glynis Roberts, Peter David, Arley Gill, Karl Hood or Joseph Gilbert.

The latest bit of news about the Hon. Opposition Leader that is making the rounds in the country should be of interest to all Grenadians whether at home or in the Diaspora since it goes to the heart of the word called TRUST.

The people have a right to know if their leaders have things hidden in the closet, which they do not want to reach into the public domain for fear that, they will be rejected.

When Tillman Thomas collected US$50, 000 into his personal bank account for the use of his party, the NNP tried to make it into a public issue and gave the impression that the Prime Minister had committed an illegal act that warranted prosecution by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Mitchell is still to provide his proof of $US 150, 000.00 and not US$50, 000.000 as collected by the Cabinet Member whom he described as “top, top, it couldn’t be much higher than that”.

He said that his lawyer has the proof that he gave him all the evidence. Is that the same lawyer who is acting for him in the New York case that was filed against both he and his wife, Marietta by his close relative, Rodge Jones?

Dr. Keith, it is time for you to come clean with the Grenadian people on this New York case since it touches on the important question of trust and integrity.

KCM, this is not a threat to or against you since The Stone Crusher is not about sending out any threats. But please take this as a warning – do the right thing and pay Rodge Jones his money or feel the wrath.

The last man who felt the wrath of The Stone Crusher was the Red Infidel and his Gang who tried to make a grab for power in the NDC.

Don’t forget that the Gang Man was warned to behave himself or face the consequences of being crushed and cremated. He did not listen and this column gave him so much licks that the NDC delegates were forced to expel the entire Gang and their siblings last September 30.

If KCM fails to take heed, he too will face a similar fate to the Gang Man. The Stone Crusher will bring him to his knees for the bad treatment given to Rodge – a man who worked for him for 27 years and he left penniless.

What happened to Rodge could have happened to any other Grenadian who accepted the job to be the “Super” at MK Manor, the apartments owned by Keith and his wife in Brooklyn.

Imagine this man who wants to be Prime Minister of the country asking a reporter – what his private case in New York has to do with Grenadians?

KCM, like you getting dottish and foolish to ask that kind of dumb question. This is a man who told the people that if they voted him back as Prime Minister that they would see a changed man.

It appears that the message you were trying to sell Grenadians is that you will no longer be engaged in victimisation of people like Richard Duncan, Julia Lawerence, Cecil Greenidge, Nolan Murray, Brian Francis and all the other civil servants who felt your weight in the 13 years.

The message that you are selling to get re-elected is that KCM will no longer squander the people’s money in the form of guarantees to people like Miller and the Garden Group and that no more crooks and con-men like Van Brink and the other blights from First International bank of Grenada and their offshore banking schemes will be allowed back in the country.

Indirectly, you were also trying to send a message to Grenadians that the new look Keith Mitchell will not take funds from the State once again and put at the disposal of family members like Denis Campbell to start up any Call Centre.

But how can the people trust you when you have built up a reputation as a man that uses people and then dumps them. The records are there to see – Grace Duncan, Michael Baptiste, Mark Isaac, et al. It is only Mark Isaac who has stooped very low and come back to you with cap in hand begging once again.

Now Rodge Jones, your own cousin from Happy Hill is forced to take you to court for using him for 27 years and them dumping him without a penny for his retirement.

This is what Grenadians need to know about you in order to help them to make up their mind on whether to place the second new ball in your hand to clean bowl your opponents for victory in the upcoming general elections.

The Stone Crusher has managed to get a copy of the response that was given by Mr. Jones’ lawyer in the New York matter against you and your wife.

The lawyer was asked to comment on the chances of the Judge in New York allowing you to invoke the Immunity from Prosecution Clause that you did so successful when you were Prime Minister.

This is what the lawyer said: “This lawsuit against Mr. Mitchell involves no “official acts” of Grenada. The suit arises from his purchase of an apartment house in Brooklyn, NY and his employment of his first cousin, Rodge Jones, a naturalized US citizen as resident manager of that building. The Mitchells’ treatment of Rodge Jones is disgraceful.

“Paid off the books by the Mitchells, Jones never qualified for US Social Security. All that time, he had no medical coverage, no insurance, no pension plan. In his last nine years of service, he had but one three week vacation. His reward for 27 years of faithful service was discharge and eviction. Even worse, the Mitchells breached their promise to pay him severance. “No wonder your PM wants to quash this lawsuit. The Mitchells have left their cousin penniless after a lifetime of service. If the Grenadian people knew the true facts, Keith Mitchell would lose all credibility with the electorate. This is the true reason he seeks immunity.

“In fact, Jones v. Mitchell is a purely private matter involving no questions of state. It is purely a New York matter. All services by the Plaintiff were performed in Brooklyn, New York. Moreover, when the Mitchells bought 484 Linden Blvd. Mr. Mitchell was not PM. When Mitchell fired Jones, he was not PM. This case is no more than a breach of contract by an employer to the disadvantage of an employee under New York law.

“Nothing in the NY civil case has any relationship to “official acts” of Grenada or Mr. Mitchell’s status as the Grenadian PM. Mitchell certainly deserves something official because of his bad acts against Jones. However, one thing he does not merit is immunity from the lawsuit.

“The Stipulated date has been changed for the deposition on consent from 2/18 to 2/19 because 2/18 is a public holiday in NYS. I will send on the amended order to you within a day or two. Thank you. Ig

For person who doesn’t know “ig” are the initials of the lawyer.

But this last thing about the “Stipulated date” refers specifically about the date for the next hearing of the matter. So if Keith Mitchell is trying to tell the nation that it is not true that he has any matter in a court in New York that is a blatant lie.

The Stone Crusher understands that since the new court matter involving KCM in New York was reported in the local newspaper, Mr. Jones has spoken to several persons in Grenada confirming that he has taken legal action against Dr. Mitchell and his wife for monies owed to him.

And Dr. Mitchell seems to have forgotten that the case was not filed yesterday but some months back. Did he forget that both he and his wife have filed their defenses in the case through their own lawyer?

Dr. Mitchell, in case you do not know the information making the rounds is that Mr. Michael Baptiste is the one who went to the court registry in New York and found the case file involving you and your wife and Mr. Rodge Jones.

Mr. Baptiste has all the documents that were filed in the case by all the parties – you and your wife and Mr. Jones himself.

A close friend of Mr. Baptiste informed The Stone Crusher that the former Opposition Leader has down to the letter that was signed offering Mr. Jones the 5% at the end of his contract as the Super of MK Manor.

Mr. Baptiste might have more than you know about your private business in New York. As a matter of fact, he went down to the courthouse with Mr. Jones at the last hearing to give him some moral support in the case brought against you.

It is my information that Mr. Baptiste was present when the judge gave the February 18 date for both you and your wife to appear in person and to answer questions on the breach of contract with Mr. Jones.

The Stone Crusher did hear Mr. Baptiste on a recent “Sundays with George Grant” saying words to the effect that the New York judge ruled that you and your wife will have to show up to give testimony come rain, thunder and lighting. Is that true, Dr. Mitchell?

Mr. Baptiste said that the judge also intimated that it will have to take a snowstorm and a shutdown of New York City in order for you not to show up in the next legal step in the matter.

As a matter of fact, the judge ruled that if there was a show storm then the next date he is putting aside for you, your wife and Mr. Rodge Jones in the case is March 6.

Dr. Mitchell, don’t you think that Mr. Jones is angry and hurt over the manner in which you treated him? He is in a position, more than anyone else to leak out some of your hidden secrets. So be careful of what you are asking for from Mr. Jones – the man who knows a lot and can start singing.

Is it true that Mr. Jones did discuss with you the manner in which you were treating Mr. Baptiste when he was the Minister of Agriculture in your former NNP government?

The Stone Crusher understands that Mr. Jones begged you to leave Mr. Baptiste alone and do not proceed with the bogus court case filed against him by one Hugh Wildman, the NNP hit man lawyer from Jamaica.

Do you remember what was your response to Mr. Jones? What makes you feel that Mr. Jones would not have informed Mr. Baptiste what you said about taking him to court.

So Mr. Baptiste was a little boy from the country who wanted to come in town and star in Parliament and had to be cut down to size. Putting him in jail was one of the options for the NNP just to hold onto power!!!

The NNP could not handle him as Opposition Leader in Parliament so the best place to send him to cool off was at the Richmond Hill prison on trumped up charges that he stole Japanese money and put in his own bank account.

KCM, you under-estimated Mr. Baptiste because just like you, he has a doctorate. Your PhD is in Mathematics and Statistics but Mr. Baptiste has earned several doctorates in Street Sense, which you do not have on your CV.

The Stone Crusher is sure that whenever Prime Minister Tillman Thomas calls the general elections that Mr. Baptiste will be once again on the campaign trail to make sure that Keith Claudius Mitchell is never ever re-elected as Prime Minister of this country.

Mr. Baptiste more than anyone knows that KCM has not changed one bit and it will be the same ole, same ole all over again.

Sir, where you are concerned a rose will always be a rose and a leopard cannot change the colour of its skin.

KCM, please pay Rodge Jones his compensation package before the end of the year or forever continue to feel the wrath of The Stone Crusher until judgment day comes your way.

The Good Lord is not asleep.

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