Where are we heading – and how fast?

The business and public affairs of our people – seem to be heading down the wrong road, with no hope in sight for immediate relief.

And the party political chaos and controversy now facing our people on all sides – these are becoming so disturbing and distasteful, that they leave very little room for relief.

The situation has gone so far out of any organised control – that the end result may very well leave our people a whole lot worse off than what we are facing today, if that is at all possible.

The people outside Grenada reading that an ex-Minister of Government has taken the Prime Minister to Court, and three or four other party members of the very party of which he was elected a Member of Parliament, and the same Prime Minister made him a Minister of the Government from which he resigned as that minister – because he was expelled from the said Party at the Party Convention.

In a nutshell therefore, he was free and within his rights, to walk out of the Cabinet and embarrass the Prime Minister – because he disagreed with the Prime Minister’s methods of running the Government operations, but the same Prime Minister and the Party Convention which is the highest organ of the NDC Party, they do not have the right to expel him for bringing the party into dispute and political scandal. Something must be wrong here.

Other members of the Party who were also expelled, and were also Ministers of government, they are in the process of forming yet another Party in our Mini-State, which will be bringing the number of Registered Parties to Seventeen (17) – according to the Register records.

I doubt whether all that lot will be putting up Candidates, for the upcoming elections next year whenever the same is called.

But according to the latest party members, they will be taking part when the bell rings – even though at this stage the name of the new group and the leaders are still unknown.

What affect those expelled Cabinet Members, under the banner of the new party organ, could or will have on the Election results – only time will tell, after the votes are counted and published to declare the eventual winners.

From the tit-bits coming through the Ruling party grapevine – three of the six ministers who were elected in July, 2008, General Elections, they will not be taking part in the next Elections – so that leaves only three of the Eleven who won in 2008 – and even one of those three has been also rumoured not to be among the Political Leader and Prime Minister’s favoured Candidates for 2013.

If the foregoing turns out to be correct – it will mean that the Government seeking Re-Election, would be going back to the people with only two of the eleven persons who won the Election in 2008. Not very re-assuring I must say.

And while the NNP Opposition Leader, has already named his team of Caretaker Candidates for all Fifteen Seats for the upcoming Polls, the party in control has a long way to catch up.

It is against that background, which does not display as much readiness and confidence in the controllers set-up and preparedness – when compared with that of the opposition waiting to take over – that the Prime Minister plea to the people, to re-elect his group back into control of the nation’s affairs, comes up for consideration.

The Sandals Hotel Group coming on stream in the next two or three months – to help boost our failing Tourism Sector for some time now – is a welcome booster for our entire employment depression, which needs a whole lot more positive injection to make a difference.

We have been hearing about the new Parliament Building, to be built on the site of the damaged Governor General’s Residence on Upper Lucas Street, for sometime now, but no action thus far.

The CCC Feeder Roads and Bridges project, and the other Road Works listed by the new Works Minister some months ago – all remain silently pending; so whether they will be coming on stream in the next few months, to help boost the Re-Election plea, all remain hopefully to be seen unfolding.

But we are moving full speed ahead, and the question begs itself – where are we heading?

It is accepted that the collection of funds by the Government for some time now, has been very low, and therefore being able to meet its financial burdens must be very difficult. And because so many thousands are unemployed, they do not have the cash to spend or pay taxes to the Government – so it is a vicious circle on all sides.

But the major problem facing us as a people is the chaos and uncertainty, and lack of confidence in the political and the Governmental administration responsible for our public affairs at all levels.

Because of that breakdown, which has been affecting the people’s business for so long – with no hope in sight from those currently in control – the only possible solution is going back to the very people, and giving them the opportunity to choose a new team of controllers.

The problems facing those in charge, is the reality that they have to choose a relatively new team to face the polls, and even the few who are Senators are in the same situation, when it comes down to convincing the people that they are Election material – and the way I see things unfolding, time is not on their side.

To attract investors who can provide the jobs for the unemployed, those in control of the nation’s affairs have to be seen as a united team, operating under a Leader who is respected and fully in charge – and the performances we saw from the NDC lot who won so convincingly in 2008, those were the worst displays imaginable.

And whether those who behaved so badly, and really brought the winning team down to a national disgrace, are planning on coming back to the people as a “National United Front”, or whatever other name they may choose to pose under, they will have a very heavy task to overcome to convince the voting public.

It is therefore against the foregoing mistrust and grave uncertainty, that I see our nation’s political future heading – but without the checks and balances to protect the good and welfare of our people, and our nation’s image abroad.

And the task facing the Candidates who are seeking Election applies to all parties, and not just the newcomers or those who are changing sides – because a whole lot of registered voters are saying very openly, that they are not going to the Polls the next time around.


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