Rodge Jones – the ‘man that we fired’

by Stone Crusher


So Keith Claudius Mitchell has been caught once again with his pants down.

The last time he was blaming Michael Baptiste, Anselm Clouden, George Worme and others for throwing a host of propaganda out there against him, which resulted in NNP losing the 2008 general elections.

This time he cannot blame the same set of people for the action taken against him in a court in New York in which he and his wife would have to put in an appearance on February 18 to answer questions in a matter involving Mr. Rodge Jones.

The Stone Crusher had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Mitchell in an interview conducted by MTV’s Cheavon Benjamin on Friday night in which he was ducking and bobbing and-weaving all over the place in answer to some straightforward questions.

At one time, the former Prime Minister in trying to dismiss Mr. Jones referred to him in words to the effect as “the man that we fired”.

Ms. Benjamin must go back and interview Dr. Mitchell once again and put it to him that Mr. Jones is not simple “the man that we fired” but a rather close family member from Happy Hill who was the Super for his apartment block of buildings for 27 years.

Cheavon Benjamin looks to be much younger than 27 years so Mr. Jones has been working with his cousin, Dr. Mitchell in New York for much longer than Cheavon’s own life span thus far. Doc, please give due respect to a senior citizen.

As Mr. Michael Baptiste explained later in an appearance on the popular “Sundays with George Grant” programme, Dr. Mitchell was not speaking the truth on the Rodge Jones matter.

The former Prime Minister was giving the impression that he had a problem with “the man that we fired” and so decided to take the matter to court.

Any Grenadian can go up to the courthouse in town or in their own parish and look at the document posted on the board about who is a complainant/plaintiff and the defendant.

If Dr. Mitchell had taken Mr. Rodge Jones to court, the case document in the New York court would have read something like this: The complainants Keith Mitchell and Marietta Mitchell Vs Rodge Jones (the defendant). Get it.

But an examination of the document as seen on the front page of THE NEW TODAY newspaper indicated quite clearly: Rodge Jones (Plaintiff) against Keith Mitchell and Marietta Mitchell (defendants). Common sense will tell anyone that it was Mr. Jones who brought the case against Dr. Mitchell and his wife and not the other way around.

The belief is that Dr. Mitchell had not seen the article when the female reporter approached him. If he did, he would have made a much different statement. AS the people would say, he was caught with his pants down.

Dr. Mitchell is a Mathematician and Statistician for true. He has introduced a new formula for all of Grenada to look at.

The NNP leader gave to one member of his family a whole 100 percent guarantee of funds from the State in the Call Centre deals. The relatives of the former PM did not put in one cent in cash money to get a share in the Call Centre.

Remember, this is not Mr. Jones who was involved in Call Centre but the children of his auntie – one of them is known as the man with the crooked foot who has not been seen around here in public for some time now. So that is what Dr. Mitchell and his NNP government did with public funds.

However when it came to his own private funds, he gave only 5 percent to Mr. Jones in a signed document to handle his apartment block of buildings in New York. So you see how the man was prepared to protect his own money but was just giving away State funds in all kinds of guarantees.

Maybe, E.J Miller of Ritz Carlton fame heard that money was being given away under NNP and rushed down to meet with the Mitchell government to hoodwink them into guaranteeing the millions for the hotel project which was only a dream project.

The NNP leader has been trying to play down the New York court case as a private matter. Tell him to come with another excuse.

People, do you remember when Charles Howland took legal action against Dr. Mitchell when he was Prime Minister in the Eric Resteiner Briefcase matter? That was supposed to be a private matter. But he did not treat it that way at all. Do you remember.

And as a private matter, Dr. Mitchell was able to approach the U.S. Justice Department to protect him from going to court by invoking the Doctrine that protected Heads of Government and Heads of State from facing prosecution in the United States.

The table has now turned full swing. Like H.A Blaize said, what goes around comes around. Today, Dr. Mitchell is not the Prime Minister of Grenada and is not entitled to any protection from prosecution in the United States.

As Mr. Baptiste quite rightly explained what Mr. Jones and his lawyer did was to launch a pre-emptive legal strike against Dr. Mitchell and his wife on the compensation case for thousands of dollars before the next general elections.

These people are quite rightfully afraid that if Dr. Mitchell gets back as Prime Minister he would move once again to ask the U.S government to give him immunity from prosecution as the head of a duly-elected government in Grenada. Hence the reason why the Doc is so anxious to win the next election.

Mr. Baptiste, George Worme, Spice Capital Radio, Eddy Frederick and Stanley Charles, and others could not resort to any Doctrine of Immunity from Prosecution when Dr. Mitchell moved the local courts in Grenada against them.

These people had to feel the full weight of the law and the court as Dr. Mitchell’s legal hit man, the infamous Hugh Wildman of Jamaica got down to work on some of the cases.

A return of Mitchell at the helm will once again see the likes of Hugh Wildman descending on Grenada to be the servant of his master. He who pays the piper well will always call the tune.

This leader of the NNP is a real brave and bold-faced man. A few months ago he was out in public calling on the Tillman Thomas government to pay him the monies owed to him for the two weeks that he worked in July 2008 as the Prime Minister of the country.

Imagine he got 13 years of full pay as a sitting Prime Minister and making a lot of noise for 2 weeks pay. Why did he not send a note to the Treasury requesting that the few dollars owed be donated to a local charity in need of some real cash?

Tell you what, Dr. Mitchell is demanding payment of about $4000.00 from the government while denying Mr. Rodge Jones his compensation and gratuity payment as the “Super” in his New York block of apartments. That is a hell of a man and political leader.

Dr. Mitchell, you of all person must know that Mr. Jones is a 66-year old man who wants to come back to Grenada to live in the warmth of the Caribbean sun and move away from the bitter cold winter in New York.

The man wants his money NOW to come back home to live a peaceful live until the Good Lord calls him home for good.

What is so intriguing about the Rodge Jones issue is the manner in which Dr. Mitchell looks after his own. He and NNP got compensation for the party building at Mt. Helicon because it was insured when Hurricane Ivan passed through Grenada in September 2004. The State got no insurance money for the stadium because Dr. Mitchell and NNP did not insured it.

Now, Mr. Rodge Jones is catching real hell to get his two pence from Dr. Mitchell for looking after his building for 27 years.

The Stone Crusher has spoken to someone who is in touch with Mr. Baptiste and heard from him that he has a copy of the agreement that Dr. Mitchell signed with Mr. Jones in 1982 or thereabout promising him the 5% payment for taking care and looking after his building in Brooklyn, New York.

It also appears that Mr. Baptiste has another document in which a letter was written to Mr. Jones from Mt. Royal on a very sensitive matter. So Mt. Royal, the official home of the Prime Minister of Grenada was being used to conduct private family business.

The 4 years in opposition has not changed this man who is trying to fool people into believing that he is a changed man and will be a much better Prime Minister than before.

The mistake that Mr. Jones made is not to have contracted Chester Humphrey and TAWU to put the seal onto his 5% agreement with Dr. Mitchell to look after the New York apartments.

If he did that, Chester and TAWU would have been marching all over the place and picketing Dr. Mitchell’s home at Happy Hill and the party office at Mt. Helicon to get the thousands owed to Rodge Jones.

Chester would not have given any consideration to any agreement that the NDC expelled member had with Keith and NNP for the upcoming general elections where Rodge Jones money is concerned. He would have gotten it for the old man within a matter of days.

The Stone Crusher is calling on those with influence on Dr. Mitchell such as former Governor-General, Sir Daniel Williams, former President of the Senate, Dr. John Watts and former Speaker of the House of Representative, Lawrence Joseph to approach Dr. Mitchell to settle this matter out of court with Mr. Rodge Jones.

Half of the Switzerland thing could have settled this matter and keep the issue out of court.

Mr. Baptiste has dropped hints that he has a bundle of documents from the New York court and in due course would be releasing them for public consumption.

One of the documents is a letter which mentioned the feared IRS in the United States. The U.S Charge D’affaires in Grenada might be interested in reading this letter in so far as the payment of taxes are concerned.

The IRS might have to look in to see if any hanky-panky business is taking place with respect to MK Manor and the filing and payment of taxes to the relevant authorities in New York.

This Rodge Jones business is far from over and the 5% man in Grenada should take warning.



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