Re-election in 2013 – or no seats in the house!!!!

In our troubled Isles of Spice since our Independence in 1974 – we have always been very well known for no dull moments in our politics nor our Government affairs.

And after the Thirteen consecutive years of the NNP control of power, which ended in July 2008, and the NDC victory at the Polls in the said July, with a comfortable 11-4 majority in the House of Parliament, it all looked as though we had come of age, as it were, and we were on the road to stability and greater regularity, in the daily operations of the affairs of our people in the Tri-Islands State.

But that appearance and genuine hopes of our people, to see our long-suffering masses entering a new beginning, under the direction and solid Leadership of a team of trusted patriots – those niceties did not last for very long, and we were soon back to our traditional in-house fighting, and back-stabbing, and readiness to turn back the clock to the 1983 era and the years before.

And here we are in the midst of all manner of chaos and uncertainty, and the very real possibility that come the next General Elections in 2013, our people and state could be back under the control and political domination, of the very same group who were discarded just four years ago.

And what is even more disturbing about the whole state of affairs – is that all the allegations and accusations, that were highlighted in the years leading up to the 2008 General Elections, not one of them has been brought against any of the NNP members to force him/her to answer any claim.

But whether any of those allegations could have been proven against any of the NNP lot, is now neither here nor there, as far as our people are concerned at this stage.

What is of much greater significance, as far as the image and credibility of the NDC lot are concerned – is the fact and ongoing reality, that the team voted into office to bring about the required and promised changes – five of them have deserted the ship of state, and those still holding on to the power base can do nothing, or very, very little to make any difference.

It is against that background, and the reality of the existing state of affairs now facing our people, that the questions of Re-election, or no seats in Parliament, come up for discussion and ventilation.

In the Television programme “Watch Dog”, the commentator disclosed last week that he had seen a Poll which showed that the Ruling NDC Party would not win a single seat in the upcoming General Elections – whenever the same is held next year.

The poll showed NNP winning (14) fourteen Seats, and only losing the St. George’s Town Seat – presumably to M.P. Peter David – according to the “Watch Dog” commentator.

Peter David would not be running under the NDC banner, because he has been expelled from the party at its September Convention.

That level of prediction was also advanced by political activist, “K.B.” Kennedy Budhall, some weeks ago, based on discussions and opinions he had picked up islandwide.

Of course, these are opinions as expressed by people as they see the situation unfolding; and who knows, things can change as the months roll on and new things develop.

And only last week the Prime Minister was on a Television Program, and asking the people to re-elect his NDC Group next year.

His major hurdle on the road to Re-Election – is putting together and building a cohesive and trustworthy group, in the months remaining before Election Day next year.

In the same week, the Prime Minister was appealing to Grenadians to Re-Elect him and his NDC party back into the driving seats for another five years – his ex-Foreign Minister, M.P. Karl Hood, was going to Court for a case he brought against the Prime Minister and three other Executive members of the NDC, claiming that he was illegally expelled from the Party and his Rights have been violated.

Where else can that level of political pantomime be taking place – than in our Spice Isles of never any dull moments in the running of the people’s business.

So while the forecasters are predicting doom and a gloomy Election future for the Prime Minister and his divided party – the Prime Minister must be engaged in putting an acceptable team together, to face the polls in the first four months of next year.

Bearing in mind all that took place in the last four years – while the said Prime Minister and his makeshift group of opportunists, were at constant loggerheads in dealing with the affairs of state, to the extent that five of those elected M.P’s who became Cabinet ministers, were out of the Government in about three and a half years – the picture facing the Prime Minister and the few loyalists still holding the strain of government control, does not look very bright or re-assuring for Re-Election.

On the other hand, and re-calling the chaos and confusion, and fingers pointing at those who held power for the former thirteen years, and were discarded by the people to bring on-board a new group for change – that picture by itself is just as daunting, and posses a whole lot of troubling questions in our public affairs that remain unanswered.

Looking at both pictures, therefore, it must mean that our people have a huge task on their hands – as they approach the deadline for making that very significant decision, about which group to lay their confidence in.

The problems facing the Prime Minister would be who are the persons available to replace those who have been expelled from the party, and whether there is sufficient time to get them fully acquainted in the voting arena so as to gain the people’s confidence.

In addition thereto – there are rumours that two or three of the remaining Elected M.P’s, will not be contesting the next General Elections; and bearing in mind the political melee that erupted among the ad hoc group, after the last convenient get-together to defeat the NNP in 2008 – a whole lot of voters will no doubt be very wary, and reluctant to again choose another group that would be coming together for the sole purpose of keeping the leftovers of the old NDC in office.

The Prime Minister spoke of the “Good Governance Agenda” his administration had put together in the last four years – and he was appealing to the people to give him another term to bring that “Agenda” into operation.

The hurdle he will have to overcome, and the question to be answered is – what comprises that “Good Governance Agenda”?

On the other side of that road-leading to the gate of the Houses of Parliamentary control of power for the next five years – is the old Brigade of the NNP under Dr. Keith Mitchell, with some new faces and re-kindled aspirations to regain the power lost in July, 2008.

The Opposition Leader’s problems are centered around the claims and accusations, made about his performance and dealings with the people’s property and finance while in control for those thirteen years – and whether or not these have been forgiven or forgotten by the political voters.

The people Islandswide are crying out for employment – to earn a regular wage to feed their families. The issue facing both sides – is which one can provide the jobs to satisfy the people’s needs soonest.

But whichever side wins the people’s favours come Elections Day – those same people will have to live with the winners for the next five years – come whatever maybe.

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