Simple minds should hush up!!!

By Stone Crusher

Things are unraveling even more these days for the cremated as the one from far out in the North is hopping mad with the lack of leadership he is getting from the gang man in the formation of their “new” party which seems to be still born.

This same one from the North recently told someone that being able to mobilise money is not all and if they do not buck up quickly even the sources of funding will be cut off when the “funders” realise that we are a sad and sorry bunch led by a joker.

He is so disappointed in the lack of leadership that makes sense in these trying times for them and their group, yet for all when important things come up, the man earmarked to be leader is always missing.

This man from the North is very concerned that all the gang man is interested in is making regular clandestine visits to Uncle Tilly’s constituency and he does not know to what end.

It would appear that the one good thing is that most of them are coming to the realisation that the bodies of the Gang Man and Crew are currently in the hands of the Undertaker.

So come Election Day, the Gang will pose no threat to NDC although the Gang Man is saying that the only thing he is interested in right now is to make sure that the PM loses his seat in St. Patrick East.

That is one good indication that he is not running in the constituency of the Town of St. George – especially in light of the reality that he has made two terms and is now qualified for a pension on the little pittance he receives as an elected MP.

The committed efforts of businessman and staunch NDC supporter – Mr. Kent Joseph must be lauded in his approach to actively helping the NDC caretaker candidate for the town of St. George, but the party as a whole needs to pay more attention to a more encompassing strategy for retaining the Town of St. George constituency and wrestling it from the cremated gang man and his infidels.

The image battering he is getting from the NNP caretaker candidate who is moving into the core of his support and setting up a community center, and patching holes in Sendall Tunnel – ignored by the mischievous rabble rouser who is more consumed mentally with getting even with Uncle Tilly than taking his responsibility to his constituents seriously – must not be discounted.  He must get licks from both fronts but in the end the NDC candidate must take the seat.

If the NDC wants to take that seat much more effort has to be put into it. The presence of the Prime Minister and his team are needed to give a boost to Senator Bernadine.

It is my understanding that when the PM makes his regular Friday afternoon Walk-about in a particular constituency, he goes with a team of about 20 – similar to the way in which the Jehovah Witnesses would storm a village to spread the gospel.

Senator Bernadine can benefit from such an approach – and the sooner the better! The Gang Man has diminished in support and the Minister of Education has to position herself to mop up all those who are jumping off the gang man’s ship.

Many of them are convinced that he is not running because he can smell the licking he will receive to confirm his dustbin of history status in context of our local politics.

The PM also needs to personally reach out to the several old NDC stalwarts in the Constituency; those who know the ground and to bring them back as active participants in the crusade to win the election.

The NDC also needs to call in all those who did not fully understand and appreciate the necessity to get rid of the gang and to march forward without them to victory. They are NDC supporters who would appreciate that direct call to action by the Prime Minister and Political leader of their party to get back into action.

Recently the “Stone Crusher” was listening to a call-in programme on a radio station up North on which former Opposition Leader Michael Baptiste and two Ministers that served under the NNP administration of Keith Mitchell appeared.

The topic was the Call Centre and the monies guaranteed by the State for the Call Centres in which the close relatives of the former Prime Minister (Dr. The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell) were involved.

The long and short of the discussion is that the NNP people on the programme were trying to write a new dictionary and give new meaning to the words cousin and relatives.

These two NNP hounds are now claiming that none of Dr. Mitchell’s family members were involved in the Call Centres deal since a man’s family is basically his wife and children. So it appears based on the reasoning of these NNP apologists for the failed Call Centres that the children of a man’s aunt and uncles are no longer considered as members of the family.

The Stone Crusher wants to offer a word of advise to Anthony Boatswain, Roland Bhola and the others, to stay away from this call Centres thing and leave that one to Dr. Mitchell himself to come and explain to the Grenadian people.

Why is Boatswain trying to take Dr. Mitchell out of the mess called Call Centres and the involvement of the former PM’s family members? Is it Boatswain who piloted those Call Centres bills that were brought before Parliament by the NNP in which millions of taxpayers monies were guaranteed and thrown down the drain?

Is it Boatswain who as Minister of Finance took to Parliament the other millions that were guaranteed to the fly-by-night American investor known as E.J Miller and who drew down on the monies and then fled our country without building the promised hotel at Mt. Hartman?

Is it the same Anthony Boatswain who was sent by the Mitchell Cabinet to the United States on a fact-finding mission to ascertain whether or not Miller was for real and had the means to deliver on the promised Ritz Carlton hotel?

If it is the same Anthony Boatswain then he must come before the Grenadian people and inform them what exactly he told the then PM Mitchell and the rest of the Cabinet about his findings on Miller. Mr. Boatswain will speak the truth since Mr. Michael Baptiste might still have been a member of that NNP Cabinet and privy to the happenings.

Mr. Boatswain, it is still not too late to cut and run and leave Dr. Mitchell to explain the millions that his government guaranteed to projects that never materialised and now costing the country and current government nightmares in servicing this albatross of a national debt on their backs.

Sir, did you hear the Hon. Michael Baptiste recently when he said words to the effect that the current Minister of Finance, The Hon. Nazim Burke must be a magician to find every month $24 million to pay civil servants in salaries and the other millions to service the huge national debts left behind by Dr. Mitchell and NNP.

So Mr. Boatswain, play it safe and leave Dr. Mitchell to defend his Call Centre deals with his family members. Do not be afraid of the IDC thing still hanging over your head.

The Stone Crusher was not present at the press launch for the Sandals takeover of La Source but one person who was there made a very interesting observation.

He said the current Leader of the Opposition deserves to hold onto his post and remain in it for another 5 to 10 years and probably die as Leader of the Opposition.

He said that KCM was in power for 13 years and could not build or attract one signature or brand name hotel to the island like Sandals, Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton. All he did was bamboozle the nation year after year about the coming on stream of the Ritz Carlton and later Four Seasons and gave huge guarantees to the Miller man who drew down millions of dollars and left us the already over taxed nation holding an empty bag.

The Good Lord must be at work with the NDC and not NNP because out of nowhere comes Mr. Butch Stewart and Sandals to give a massive lift to our tourism sector. Why was this not possible under NNP? Only the Good Lord knows the answer and if the Grenadian people are conscious they must take note!

And please do not forget that the NNP was pursuing another fraudster, Alan Stanford to come into the country and invest in possible a five-star hotel in the south of the island after Miller and all the other crooks failed to deliver the promised luxury hotel.

Sir Royston Hopkin and Michael Mc Intyre – two of the big NNP czars can bear The Stone Crusher out on this NNP move to take Stanford away from Antigua and bring him into Grenada to do business under the Mitchell government.

The same Stanford had set up some kind of a foundation to look after Grenada and had named a number of prominent persons on the island to serve on this body. People do you remember all the names. Ask Mc Intyre and Sir Royston to bring forth the names of the persons to serve on this body.

God smiled on Grenada again because Stanford was not able to gain a foothold on the island. Could you imagine the beating Grenada would have received once more internationally when Stanford fell from grace.

The scandals from the First International Bank of Grenada (FIBG) with crooks like Van Brink, Rita Regala (imprisoned), David Springer (imprisoned), Larry Barnabe (imprisoned), David Rowe (imprisoned) and Eric Resteiner (the US$500, 000.00 provider of the briefcase money) was already too much for us.

What this country needs are investors such as Butch Stewart and his Sandals Group …. Not the smart men who ran rings around the NNP and bamboozled them into guaranteeing millions of dollars and running away with the money.

The NNP boys and girls are not happy that Butch has come in to invest under Uncle Tilly and NDC. Look out for them talking one thing in public but in private doing anything to bad-talk the deal.

Already, one can hear so many murmurs coming from quarters which pose as authority on just about everything but who know nothing.

Small economies like ours, which are by and large doomed to failure because of the small-minded backward elements we allow to saturate our leadership landscape – in the private as well as the public sector.  Needless to say there are the few who are frustrated by the many who continue to operate from inside the box and do not realise how detrimental their empty utterances to our image abroad.

The Sandals Group is a “brand” unto itself.  They have perfected the art of the “All-Inclusive” concept to the point where they are known to be the number one “all inclusive” resort brand in the world.

The many incentives offered to Sandal’s to entice them to come to Grenada when they seized the opportunity of the misfortune of one of our local hoteliers to survive his leadership style in an international economic/financial crisis environment must not be moped over since that is the nature of big business.

As a micro economy, if we do not do this and fall in line, we will be forced to remain the little “banana republic” without ever being able to attract any international flagships of accommodation like the same Sandals, Ritz Carlton or even Four Seasons.

On average how much does one have to pay for a thirty-second television advert on CNN or Fox?  Stone Crusher is told somewhere between US$250,000 and US$1million. Can Grenada by itself afford to advertise on those two media?

The answer is clear “no” otherwise we would have been advertising there all on our own!  This is a much-appreciated benefit Sandals will be bringing to Grenada – more visibility on the important and popular international media that they advertise on as a matter of course.

So the back end of Sandal’s coming to Grenada is much more loaded than the front end of the various incentives we offer them. Our offerings must be considered our contribution to a partnership of substance. Their own booking/reservation network will now include Grenada and that in itself cannot be valued in monetary terms.

Their training institute (University) is also of the highest standard and our entire Tourism Industry can very well benefit from that too!

What about the crafts men, local suppliers of honey, condiments, spices, vegetable and salad (produce), fish, fresh meats, poultry, and even our electricity, telephone, cable and water services?  During the expansion phase of the property at least 200 construction workers will get work, thereafter, at least another one to two hundred hotel employees will be added.

Stone Crusher wants to sound the alarm to all the backward elements who love to speak loudly and remove all doubt of their stupidity – to stop before forcing this column to identify you as fast as you make foolish comments about this project just because you envy the thought that they came to Grenada at this time and not in any other time.

Sandals is for all of Grenada and not a thing to be mixed up with NDC and NNP politicking.

When Butch Stewart and his Group start to hire Grenadians to work on the Resort, no one be asked a silly question as to who is wearing green or yellow jerseys.

Uncle Tilly and Nazim Burke should borrow the US$100 million from the Bank in China and build another 5-star hotel at the right place and give it to Mr. Stewart and Sandals to run and bring more tourists to the island.

This is what NNP should have done a long time ago instead of giving away the millions to Mr. Miller to take and run away scotch free and in the process leave the Treasury and taxpayers with a heavy burden each and every month.

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