What are we waiting on, or for?

Now that we have gone through the expected three months – that would be permitted to elapse, after our current Parliament has exhausted its five years term since the last General Elections in July, 2008 – the question in the above Headline is crying out for some urgent and forthright answers.

And at the rate the situation is going further and further downwards, from the level of acceptable standards that are normally required by ordinary human beings in any modern day society – the cry is becoming even more desperate and crucial in the months ahead.

And to add political insult to economic injury, the powers-that-be who are in control of the nation’s affairs, do not seem to be taking the critical conditions seriously, and doing anything visible to change the course of forthcoming events or make amends.

Or if they are doing anything, or planning any action of note that could make the required differences any time soon – they are keeping those very close to themselves and their cronies, and that is not helping the many sufferers in need, who are on the look out for any escape route in the present suffocating conditions.

We have no Parliament in motion for the Government Ministers to give any account, or the official Opposition members to ask any questions or make comments – and there is no programme on Television or Radio, where the Ministers or Department Heads can bring the people up to date on what is taking place with the business of the people.

That state of affairs is so disturbing and giving serious causes for concern – that I just cannot understand how those still in control, who are holding their positions because of the votes of the people, can be going about the business of the people without even the occasional report to the very people who put them in control over four years ago.

One big Hotel closed its doors and many people were sent home.  There are various reports of what may be taking place when new owners take over the premises, but no direct statement from the Minister in charge.

In addition a few other Business places are either closing their doors, or reducing their staff to keep a few in employment.

The tourist boats season have started, and it is so quiet and low key that it leaves one to wonder whether the occasion was anticipated by the powers-that-be.

A whole lot of people are going through real economic hell, in trying to make the daily loose living conditions meet each other to barely survive – but those in charge seem not to be aware, or to care, or doing anything to help alleviate those desperate conditions.

Merely playing for time, by prolonging the opportunity for the people to decide which colour they will choose, and where they will put their “X” the next time around is definitely not good enough for the people’s welfare, and I will be very surprised if it helps the chances of those still occupying the seats of power.

I am hearing on the underground grapevine, that we should not expect any chance to choose the next pack of controllers – before April next year. Six months down the road, and only two months before the five years of the current lot expires.

How true that maybe, and much more importantly – how beneficial that long delay would be to those making that decision, only time and the luck of the gods will declare in due course.

But in the meantime we have to try and try again – to make the most of what little we still have to make those daily fading ends meet to survive.

And talking about the survival – as I am writing this just a few days after the SANDY Super Storm made unbelievable havoc on the East Coast of the U.S.A. – especially in New York, Queens and New Jersey as a whole.

A lot of us have friends and relatives in those areas, and our prayers and very best wishes go out to them all who suffered so much and will continue so to do for some time to come.

How that disaster would affect the major U.S. Presidential Election on November Sixth – only time will tell, but I am keeping my solid hope on President Barack Obama to remain in the White House, after all the votes have been counted.

To go back to our people’s struggle to survive in these trying times – everything seem so low key and quiet, that it leaves one to keep on wondering what is happening and how soon.

We heard from the Minister in charge of Roads some months ago, of how many roads were on the list for repairs or rebuilding, and that the funds were available to start work – but since then more silence, and those who are accustomed to doing that type of work are now facing the Christmas Season with very little hope of any pay days to feed their families.

It is clearly understood that Government cannot find or provide work for all the people who are willing and looking for work – but there are areas where it is surely the Government responsibility to make jobs available, and the roads and Bridges and adjoining areas are some such cases, and these are crying out for urgent repairs.

And that state of affairs have been ongoing for some considerable time now, and nothing is being done to make amends and ease up the tensions existing around those areas.

And lately the Gravel and Concrete and Emulsion Plant – at Queen’s Park, had given notice to over Fifty workers that their employment would be terminated because Management could not meet all its running costs.

The workers and their Union (TAWU) took to the streets in protest, and after a small group met with the Prime Minister to complain – he advised that the notices will be withdrawn, and a newly appointed Board of Directors will meet with the Workers Union officials to discuss the matter.

There seems to be some very strange lapses by those in control of such Government operations, and whatever the reasons for same the poor workers are the ones who always suffer.

It maybe that the Union which represents certain workers, have some part to play in the whole process – because of the Leaders Political associations – but that should not be allowed to influence decisions that will penalise the workers, because the end result can have very far-reaching effects.

But while all these distractions are in the pipeline, the people as a whole are anxiously waiting to see or hear some news that will make even temporary differences – for the last two months of the year to ease the tension.

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