The expelled running scared and getting more mad!!!

Thank God no one can consider Uncle Tilly’s new model NDC party and Cabinet as having any criminals, would-be criminals, fugitives, or people who attract thugs around them any more.

Thank God Uncle Tilly was able to get rid of those degenerates who are either career drunkards, or corrupt in their own rights and who wanted to reintroduce to government –  underhand dealings with kick-backs.

These infidels forgot that NDC is the National Democratic Congress (NDC), a party that stands for accountability, transparency and good governance in all its dealings.

This is not NNP which in 13 years engaged in the most crooked and shady dealings in the country’s history by any government since Independence was granted by Great Britain on February 7, 1974.

The dishonesty of the few who are unmasked at every move they make to proceed with formalising their grouping as the only way forward since their cremation at the end of September, continues to surface.

Interestingly it can be noticed that just about every time they have a meeting – formal minutes or informal minute by minute accounts hit the media in short order.   What a shame that some of them who are sympathetic to the cremated and who insist on starring at group sessions are not decent enough to resign from their various board appointments, but continue to use their positions to collect the board fees.

What is further distressing is the fact that no improvement in the management of such entities can be noticed as all they seem to be there for is the fees for attending meetings so as to subsidise their monthly earnings.

Whoever it was that leaked the minutes of that Sunday gathering of the cremated gang at Marian  must be thanked profusely for sharing so soon after the meeting such important highlights of their intentions, quoting each contributor to the meeting word for word.

The stuck-in-time mode of operation of this left-over few of probably the most brutal system of government which imposed itself in and over Grenada between 1979 and 1983 need to realise by now that no body is interested in anything they are selling.

It would appear that the sex and race of their (apparently still-born political) creature is known but name and daddy are missing.  The cremated are still at the stage of denial that they are done.

Truth be told their chief is not likely to run in any election especially when he realises that he has very little support from among the NDC supporters, let alone the fence sitters.

If he can muster a hundred votes, that would be considered a lot. The race is a two horse race now that one of the most successful Cabinet Ministers (Sen. Franka Bernardine) has decided to throw her hat in the ring.

The signs of a likely “no show” for the leader of the cremated are very telling because if anyone is committed to their craft as the irrelevant element in labour would love us to think both he and his “pin head” new party leader –  when they are painting over their dwelling, they would use their party colour as cheap advertisement and not change it from light yellow to pink.

If anyone is not aware of what is happening then take a drive from the Bus Terminal in town to Grand Anse and look up at a particular house on the left hand side of the road and check out the new colour scheme. At least Sissons and Colorworld might have gotten some extra bucks.

Is the change in the colour of the house an indication that they are at one with the “Pink House” at Mt. Gay?  Since the NDC delegates expelled them, like that man gone mad for real!

The “frock ooman” might be the next to change the colour of her house from the yellow to either blue or pink too and spend some of that money she recently got from the insurance company.

The gang man supporters in Town have started to dessert him out of realisation that it makes no sense forming any new party to contest the elections.

One supposedly staunch supporter (who gets personal benefits) said in a rum shop last week that it is only the gang man who has some money since all the others are “brokes”.

He said the $200, 000.00 left in the kitty is not enough to run a campaign among 15 constituencies. One rally and the $200, 000.00 done. The man told me that nothing much is coming in these days from ALBA.

On another but more serious note, Stone Crusher appreciates the fact that Senator Bernadine seems to have been reading this column.  Great to learn that she has landed on the ground in the town of St. George constituency and seen in many areas with party stalwart Kent Joseph and starting to campaign real hard.

It appears that they have a great plan which will see them avoid confrontation with the handful of unintelligent handout driven supporters of “the man that will not run” when the bell rings and leave them hanging as he is accustomed.

It is quite obvious that the plan would be to woo all NDC’ites back to the party at some stage but not through confrontation as that old RMC seems to be a magnate for always attracting.

The only man in Grenada with political menopause as he was referred to in another quarter and who is best known for the “Guns in a Barrel of Grease” trade seems to be getting more and more desperate.

He has been running from television station to television station and heard on various radio stations making a nuisance of himself while continuing his anti-Tillman and anti-Naz campaign.

His latest attack on government relates to the Gravel & Concrete issue. The irrelevant stuck in time “blob” must tell us how much money he owes the same Gravel & Concrete and to outline his pay back plan to wipe out his debt to the corporation.

The infidel was caught with his pants down as he told another lie about some NDC plan to interfere with the personal income tax threshold. Tell this man to provide the truth – the tapes with Aaron Moses voice suggesting that the threshold will be lowered.

This is a ploy by the last standing hardline communist in the country to seek revenge on NDC and PM Thomas and Nazim Burke for the massive expulsions  on September 30th 2012.

Stone Crusher wants to know if there is any truth to the rumour that this same irrelevant societal outcast is pushing hard at the Trades Union Council (TUC) level to get a meeting in order to try and get the other affiliates to put the pressure on government re: salary negotiations.

What a pity that the government cannot hold the discussions with TAWU in Puerto Rico or the U.S Virgin Islands. That would surely have made him a “no-show” since that scumb-bag cannot go there for fear the US Marshalls pick him up for gun running years ago.

Stone Crusher understands that the US’ desire to take him back in, is as fresh as back in the late 70’s when the crime was committed. Could you imagine how much jail time this miscreant will attract for both the crime and for fleeing justice?

One example of this played out recently before us when the step-son of a former local Attorney General fled justice in the US and was eventually caught. He is spending the better part of 25 years behind bars.

This infidel is now passing 60 and 25 years in prison will take him to 85. Can he last that long in a U.S cell where the keys might just be thrown away and forgotten?

The two churchmen that Uncle Tilly expelled are in financial troubles. One cannot come up with the dollars to pay the rent for one of his concubines and the woman is sending email messages all over the place to his friends telling them what a nastiness he is.

It appears that very soon he might even loose the big time gas-guzzler he has been “flamming” all over the place with. The collection box in the church cannot stand the pressure of this man’s iniquitous lifestyle.

The other one has a forever long outstanding balance for the Inland Revenue Department.  Government should see to it that whoever he has as a friend in there must be moved from his account so that the much needed outstanding revenues to government’s coffers can be collected from him.

What they cannot get from him in cash, they should seek to get in kind and put a lien on whatever property he has including the equity he must have in the little match box he drives.

If he wants to be as “vituperous” as he behaves with his mangled English and a rare tone steeped in a misplaced arrogance, we the people must insist that he pays his taxes and then he could be in our faces speaking as boldly as he wants to even now that he is not qualified.

Oh how so many of them are not qualified to be in a “Shango” dance far less to be on a pulpit or on radio or television saying they are preaching to people.

The Gang Man cannot be resting comfortable at night with the recent incident involving his man and the Drug Squad of the Police force. He must be concerned with what the people are thinking of him and his association with the man that fell into the police net.

He should take warning and hope that Uncle Tilly does not get vex one of these days and open his mouth about the Jamaican connection.

Imagine the man is not the Prime Minister nor the Minister of National Security but “cussing” the Immigration Chief for refusing entry into the country of suspicious persons from Jamaica.

Little boy, if you play man enough and hit the campaign trail in the upcoming election, this piece of information will hurt you badly when the real thing start.

Please remember that eggs have no right in rock stone dance.

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