Time to get serious and prepare the ground aggressively

By The Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher is very grateful for all the followers out there who are appreciative of this column and who continue to send their encouragement for it to keep stimulating thinking in our community.

It is no secret that Stone Crusher’s desired goal is to rid Grenada of all parasites and undesirables whether in the form of renegades or recycled corrupt elements persistent in their focus to mug the nation’s coffers.

This column is not about going easy on anyone who wishes to take the path of least resistance. Politics requires commitment to win and anyone who relaxes most times comes in after the first place is already decided.

It is to be understood that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since its total sanitisation through the purge of the destabilisers on September 30th seems to have gone into hiding once more.

Yes we must all admit that the expulsion of the extra baggage which were more interested in drawing a salary and making mischief within the ranks of the administration, was a big plus for the party and government – but in terms of the local climate and the way things go here, people are expecting more excitement from the NDC as the campaign trail heats up.

Where is the sustained constructive presence anticipated, and in some cases promised by certain NDC party operatives?

There is no doubting that Sen. Glenn Noel has been trying real hard to get the Congress flag flying even in hostile media environments perceived to be on the take by the cremated gangsters.

No need to call their names, as they are easily identifiable. These are the people who look to the ALBA man for money to pay even their rent and help purchase groceries and drinks on the Carenage. Even one of them is upset because he did not get the job that he so wanted – to run in a seat in St. Andrew’s. That one is only big in size and is nothing but a big joker.

But where is the leader of the NDC in all of this?  What is being done about the statement so often made by the Political Leader to bring comfort to his followers and encourage the undecided to stick with Congress? Who is doing the follow up work?

How much serious and effective political work is being done on the ground by the likes of Chris De Riggs, Aaron Moses, Willie Joe, Richard Simon, Jerry Hopkin, Phillip Alexander and the lot? Big talk and analysis do not amount to getting the votes for the PM and NDC to win the next elections.

It is no secret that privately the opposition is admitting that they never anticipated any expulsion of their inside surrogates and now recognise the huge political capital that Uncle Tilly attracted from the decisive action taken against the Gang.

In fact, one high ranking opposition official is known to have said that this makes things a little harder for them (the NNP) as people are going to see him (Uncle Tilly) as a strong man after all, which he was never thought to be.

Well, Stone Crusher has news for all of them that Uncle Tilly is not the “stupidee” they thought him to be – instead he is a “smart stupidee” who only played dead to see what kind of funeral he would have gotten!

The gang leader played right into his hand. Uncle Tilly is a cunning little fox and gave the over zealous boy a false sense of hope and ensured that the Gang Man instead got a surprised funeral. The Pumpkin Eater is really politically dead in the country.

Did the gang man remember the smile on the face of the PM when he, the Gang man once tried to belittle him by retorting that he, Uncle Tilly must understand his limitation.

Well, well Gang Man, you too failed to understand your own limitation because when Uncle Tilly let loose the NDC supporters on you, there was no place in Grenada for you to run and hide. When the Yankees came, Coard and them were only able to hide for a few days and soon they were flushed out in one of the Roberts’ home in Mt. Parnassus.

The little lime on the beach at La Tante with 180 persons was where the Gang Man tried to hide. He knew the road was bad and not many persons will come down to take a look at his crowd.

The NDC supporters rejected the Gang on that Day of Decision and traveled in thousands along with their leader to Gouyave for a massive rally.

Despite this show of support, The Stone Crusher would like to see more leadership from the NDC big boys in keeping with the temperature generated by their members at the party’s convention on Sunday 30th September 2012 at SAASS.

Where is the structured campaigning expected in the various constituencies in the aftermath of the convention?  Is Mr. Hillaire working the St. Andrew’s North East constituency to erode the 27 votes Mr. Bhola beat Mrs. Ingrid Rush by in the last elections? Are resources being given to Mr. Hillaire to do the job and bring home the seat?

If the Gang Leader was not playing games with the NNP, he would have put adequate structures in place to defeat Bhola in the last four years. But tell you what, the man was playing a numbers game with the 15 MP’s in the house. His belief was that if he got a majority support of the 15 then that would have made him the next Prime Minister.

Bernard Coard tried that same thing with Comrade Bishop by packing the CC with his people and was able to out vote the Comrade Leader on the question of Joint Leadership in the bloody 1983 events. It blew up in Bernard’s face and it was off to Richmond Hill prison for nearly 30 years on a charge of murder.

Is Mr. Patrick Simmons working hard enough in the St. Andrew’s South East constituency to maintain and add to the 30 votes he beat Mrs. Emmalin Pierre by in the last elections? Simmons will have to speak for himself. Is Emmalin posing a serious threat for the Sports Minister in the Constituency despite the lack of resources that she definitely was able to pull out in 2008?

Is Prime Minister Tillman Thomas working that much harder to combat the efforts of the “cremated gang man” who is known to be working his St. Patrick East constituency in the wee hours of the night to destabilise him next time around when he (Uncle Tilly) only beat Mr. Carl Caton by 104 votes in the last election?

The Gang Man is committed to spending plenty dollars on three seats – The Town of St. George and South St. George’s and in St. Patrick East to undermine the PM and to make sure that he loses the seat in the upcoming general elections.

The surrogates of the Gang Man are going around the place singing a particular tune:  “Even if they do not win the next election, if is one seat they want NDC to lose is that of St. Patrick East where the Prime Minister is the boss”.

There are two, possibly three seats, which the NDC cannot win in the upcoming election.  St. George’s North West and St. Mark are surely in the corner of the opposition while Carriacou is more in the NNP’s in-tray than it is or will be in the NDC’s judging from the 6 votes in 2003, which increased to over 282-vote margin by which the NNP’s Mr. Elvin Nimrod beat Mr. George Prime in July 2008.

The last 4 years saw Prime going further into the political wilderness through his own personal actions. The NDC moved a little bit too late to look for a replacement in Mr. Fleary to try and take the seat away from Nimrod.

The NDC failed to recognise that politics is all about timing. The time was right a long time ago for Prime to be replaced by a new contender. Prime should have been sent abroad on a foreign posting a long time ago but that was not in the best interest of the Gang Man at the time in terms of the numbers game.

The NDC is known to be unshakably strong in St. George North East with Mr. Nazim Burke – the envy of all political neophytes and power hungry infidels both among the cremated and the opposition.

Similar to the NNP’s position in Carricaou by way of expectation, the constituencies of St. David and South St. George are expected to be retained by the NDC based on their comfortable margins in the 2008 election.  The frock ooman will lose her deposit in the South, as her numbers will read on Election night as those given out by the Lotto.

NDC needs to find a decent candidate for St. David’s similar to the nature of Mr. Lett when he first started before he became too close for comfort with the cremated gang members.

Uncle Tilly and his party need to steer clear of anyone who is making any demands for their mortgage to be paid off and their wife’s student loan too – before they can agree to become a candidate. If you have any scenario like that playing out stay away from such prospective candidate. Any man who can be easily bought can also be easily sold.

The marginal seats of the Town of St. George, St. Patrick West, St. George South East, St. Andrew South West, St. John and St. Andrew North West need some serious work if either of the parties want to win them.

With the St. John seat having been won by the “bus kite” natured Mr. Michael Church who was “mannersed” early by the NDC Constituency branch in that area, has his replacement been working hard enough to retain the seat on the NDC’s side?

Many seem to think that his uncharismatic rival does not stand a chance. Be that as it may, extra effort at sealing the votes would not hurt the candidacy of Dr. George Vincent. The political work has to be done. Dr. Vincent needs to understand what some Gouyave people are looking for in order to get their votes.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Vincent needs to understand that the NNP should not be ruled out as they have a good election machinery and will depend on that more than Da Breo to try and win the seat. Grace Duncan was more popular than Claris Charles but the NNP machinery on the day of the election brought home the seat for them in 1999 and again in 2003.

The Town of St. George constituency is not so straightforward as the margin in favour of the NDC in last election of 297 is not anything to shout about. The “cremated gang man” was not able to beat Mrs. Brenda Hood as convincingly as his former legal partner and political colleague whom he envies so much did to Kennedy in 2008.

If there is any truth to the speculation or intention of the NDC to run one of their most successful Cabinet Ministers – Sen. Franka Bernadine – in that constituency where she was born and grew up, then they have got to get serious.

The gang man is absolutely no threat to the candidates of the two main parties.  Stone Crusher is convinced that the bulk of NDC’s support has shifted from the “cremated gang man” and “the unsure” because of the confusion – to the side of the NDC when they saw how decisive the party could be under the leadership of Uncle Tilly following the September 30 events at SAASS.

Stone Crusher is further convinced that if the Gang Man contests as an independent or as part of a new party (which is doubtful), his votes would come in like the one to ten count in terms of numbers in the various polling divisions.

The man is still in denial even after the successful surgery carried out by the 425 delegates attending the NDC Convention to bring back life into the heart following the period of instability by the lumpen elements of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

On a serious note, Franka needs to get down on the ground and start to do the political work that can make her a force to be reckoned with in the constituency. Come on Franka, do not become another Karl Hood?

Franka, the people are saying that they hear that you might be the candidate but like you missing in action already. This is no time to engage in long overseas trips but to be on the ground among “the masses”.

People only get elected to serve in Parliament based on the votes cast in their favour by the people at the constituency level. The votes of UNESCO and the University of the West Indies and such cannot influence the way the man on the street will see things and make up his mind on which candidate to vote into office.

So Franka, get that into your head as soon as possible and start knocking doors and going into the trenches in the Town of St. George’s. People need to feel and touch Franka in Darbeau, River Road, Four Roads, The Villa, Old Fort, Lucas Street, etc, etc.

On another note, the opposition, which has clearly been in collusion with the “cremated gang members”, is making all sorts of bogus comments and bringing lots of reproach unto themselves.

At the recent Tanteen meeting of the NNP – Dr. Mitchell mentioned several things that he wants to do which are geared towards racking up more and huge national debts on top of all that he left us with from 1995-2008.

One such thing he mentioned is that of establishing a Kirani James Stadium in St. John. But hear this – a certain regional business mogul asked recently if that Stadium will be built by Colm Imbert and the same company that built the ones at Queen’s Park which fell down on hearing that Hurricane Ivan was coming.

And to add insult to injury, the NNP man did not even insure the stadium and nothing was collected from an insurance company in terms of compensation for the millions of losses. But the NNP got thousands of dollars for their rotten head office up by Government House because they made sure that that one was properly insured.

Several Grenadians who live in Canada, The US and even the UK are hearing all sorts of negative nonsense about the NDC as if to give them the impression that the NDC is done and gone already and that the NNP is way ahead in the race.

The “cremated gang members” through the residue of their ALBA dollars have been doing all sorts of publications on social media and through their hired media hand to give the false impression that all is lost for the NDC.

When members of the Diaspora from the metropolis visit with us they realise a different story. Even the few intelligent NNP supporters are adamant that NNP would do much better without Dr. Keith Mitchell as its leader because of all his past baggage and his unchanged unpalatable attitude.

But unfortunately for these educated NNP’ites, they cannot see any real successor within their ranks at present – except for one of the only two new faces among the recycled bunch of carry-over from the 1995-2008 corruption infested period.

The Rachae boy and Kennedy were pelted out of Parliament to make way for the old guards – Gregory Bowen (the oil money mongrel) and Anthony Boatswain (the man at IDC at the time of the missing $240, 000.00).

Members of the Diaspora are finding out for themselves that all the reports they read by the “cremated gang members” in collusion with the NNP are not reflected locally when they visit and that the expulsion of the “cremated gang members” has bumped up the palatability of the NDC once more.

The real NDC supporters are now prepared to go out and get registered to vote due to the expulsion of the gang. Stone Crusher again reminds one and all that politics in the Grenada context is all local!

Prime Minister Thomas must take his team in hand and start reading out the riot act to some of them. After all we are headed for a general election, which no one knows when it will actually happen except for the PM himself who holds the crystal ball in his hands.

For this reason all Ministers must be grounded and no travel without value for money should be okayed by the Cabinet for elected MP’s and important Senators. If there is no value for money in the travel – cut it out. It is time to ground all the Ministers and impose a Constituency Curfew on them. It is back to the people or out for good.

NDC must remember in order to form the government again they must win 8 seats. In politics, there is nothing called coming a good second in the race. The name of the game is winning at all cost and KCM understands that because he likes power.

In passing, have you noticed how hypocritical some “lumpen remnants” of the PRG can be?  Imagine the fugitive of American Justice talking about opening the parliament when the 1979 revolution was staged he and his Comrades closed down the Parliament for good.

This is the last hurrah in Parliament for the fugitive, the gang leader and his surrogates. Please enjoy the next few days, weeks and perhaps months before Uncle Tilly brings an end to the life of the current Parliament.

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