By The Stone Crusher

It is very symbolic that notwithstanding the shortcomings and omissions of the current administration brought on by “the little boys and little girl” playing with toys among their leadership ranks who mistook the calm and gentlemanly nature of Uncle Tilly for stupidity when they made their untimely grab for power, the main opposition led by Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell is not getting the impetus they thought they would get as a result.

That is a fact that even the few open and upright educated NNP supporters agree that “Jonah” is not a good seller for the election.

This must be frustrating to the NNP leadership which remains the same recycled bunch with the exception of the two new bourgeoise boy and girl whose main reason for getting into the ranks of that party is to look after their own class interest.

As for the woman, one just has to look at her track record when it comes to the treatment of the maids. The NDC needs to seek out the maids and ask them about the lady.

The new boy on the NNP ticket is very arrogant as many saw when he appeared with Lew Smith on the recent, “Beyond the Headlines” programme.

What more is he looking for?

The NNP with one stroke of the pen banned the small man from importing “skettels” and forced the ordinary people to go and find more money to pay their big shot friends in the car business,  taking bread from the mouths of the small car dealers.

Is like the new boy and them not satisfied and so they want to send one of their own to sit in the Cabinet to further look after their big shot class interest with KCM and Crew.

This NNP is a snake that changing colours very often. It promotes itself as a poor man party but once it gets into power is the big boy and them who benefit while the poor little people only get a few crumbs from off the table. The cream of the crop goes to the NNP big boys and their friends.

The power frustration syndrome is getting to the heads of the NNP leadership. The more Dr. Mitchell comes out and speak is the more he continues to aggravate the nation’s undecided voters who are prepared to give Uncle Tilly the chance the expelled rebels never gave him.

A few months ago, many people were saying that Dr. Mitchell does not have to do a thing and he would be returned to office easily. But it would appear that it is so they all thought. Dr. Mitchell is not known to keep quiet.  He is known instead to suffer from foot in mouth disease. His manner of speaking angers so many people.  He is not the type to sit and keep his counsel for he fears not being in the limelight.

One thing that defines a real man is his ability to be okay with his weaknesses.  When a man can identify with his weaknesses and therefore avoids venturing into unknown territory, then you know the substance of the man.

The serious character flaws of Dr. Mitchell are only helping to widen the gap between he and the thinking man. This is more glaring especially when one considers that we have had a long enough time without him and his kind of obnoxious behaviour at the highest political level.

It is time for the NNP to realise that the new national conscious of the people is totally opposed to corruption and bubbul.

Have you been looking at the platform of the NNP when they go out to have public meetings?  It resembles a back in time stage laden with “old-timers” with the same visionless message…. beg, borrow and spend.

The NNP is not concerned about the productive sectors of the economy like manufacturing and agro-industries like the PRG. It is CCC and roads where kickbacks can easily become the order of the day.

Under NNP, how many times did CCC bid with other companies for road contracts? It was CCC all the way. The NNP No.2 man had a self-interest to protect through the million-dollar house in the south. Who was the tenant in the house?

Instead of keeping his cool like Uncle Tilly, the NNP leader is demonstrating behaviour, which only shows how out of touch he is with the future needs of Grenada.

To a great extent, Dr. Mitchell comes across as a man who has not changed and often gives hints about getting involved in the same old modus operandi which got Grenada into the financial mess we are hard-pressed to get out of on account of the international financial and economic crisis on our largely consuming dependent economy.

Why would he talk of approaching the “Kuwaiti” fund to build more agricultural feeder roads when he is on record as telling us that he has no time for agriculture because his father was involved in it and died poor.  Do you recall that?

How sustainable would such roads be when there is no NNP articulated vision for putting agriculture back on a strong footing so that the same loan from the fund could be repaid?

In fact, the NNP used up a lot of the Kuwait money to build roads in St. George South-east to help out Gregory Bowen. How many agricultural farms are there in South-east? Why were the monies not spent in St. David’s, St. Andrew’s, St. Patrick’s, St. Mark’s and St. John – the real agricultural places in the country?

Could it also be another attempt to siphon money by the NNP smart men and women from the preliminary stage of the road project development as has been widely suspected was the practice when they were in government between 1995 and 2008?

Could you imagine the cost associated with the preliminary stage of any project being as high as 37%?  People, do the Maths for yourself and when you are through ask where is that money going?

It makes you wonder if this is the kind of administration you want in office again in light of the stark reality of how high our national debt is with a demand for repayment of over $320 million for 2013 in addition to the public service monthly wage bill of around $24 million each month.

No wonder we can hardly afford anything else like road maintenance and repair, medicines in our hospitals, proper pensions for our pensioners, more scholarships for our students at all levels, and the list can go on to no end….

Did you hear the former Opposition Leader, Michael Baptiste in the last “Sundays with George Grant” radio programme when he said that Finance Minister, Nazim Burke must be a Magician to deal with Grenada’s finances including repaying the massive debts created by NNP and paying civil servants at the same time?

By the way, have you noticed that at every public meeting the NNP seem to have the same people to the point where when a call is made by the representative of the area in which the meeting is held, for the people of the area to register their presence, it is always low-keyed.

The NNP have been trying this psychological approach to make people feel they have so much support. This was tried in 2008 and the people did not fall for the ploy and NNP was voted out 11-4 in the elections.

What is going to happen to them when the real election bell rings and Uncle Tilly starts to amass his crowds, not to mention when the undecided voters who for the most part would prefer not to go back to Mitchell and his inferior lot come out and do their thing on the day itself.

Dr. Mitchell must remember that Uncle Tilly really never got a fair chance to govern on account of his NNP friends on the inside (the rebel leader and crew) who sought to terrorise the administration and the nation with their greed for power.

The people must also realise too, that it was the vehemence of the “NNP sympathisers” on the inside of the NDC administration which stood in the way of any criminal charges being brought against some of the top men in the NNP and their operatives.

The glorified secretary said very early after the elections: “We ain’t have no time to look for corruption since we have a country to run”. The gang members did nothing to help Uncle Tilly and Naz to dig out all the evidence of NNP wrong-doing.

The Stone Crusher has no choice but to join the several patriots in becoming more and more convinced that Keith Cladius Mitchell should be kept away as far as possible from the seat of power in this beautiful little island of ours.

Did Stone Crusher hear right that Dr. Mitchell addressed a public meeting and announced that he had a lot of foreign investors lined up and ready to come to Grenada when the current government is voted out of office?

Somehow, Stone Crusher heard this message quite frequently from 1995 to 2008 when the people voted him out of office. Dr. Mitchell, stop taking the people for fools and tell us who are these investors that you and NNP have waiting to descend on Grenada.

Are you talking about Wally Forshuk with Rigid Panel back in the days of the first NNP government or even Steve Altman – the sex toys man that came in and fooled the people with his investment under your previous NNP government?

Is it E.J Miller, who you and NNP guaranteed millions for the Ritz Carlton hotel project at Mt. Hartman, and as soon as he drew down the millions your government guaranteed, he disappeared leaving the taxpayers with that debt to service in the bank?

Tell us, Dr. Mitchell, we need to know about your new investors. We need to know if these are the same investors who were sent to jail in the United States for the fraud that your NNP government allowed them to use our sovereign soil to commit against American and Canadian taxpayers with the collapsed First International Bank of Grenada (FIBG).

At least, we know that Van Brink who set up the bank reportedly died some time ago but others like Rita Regala, Larry Barnabe, the Springer boy and David Rowe are still alive. Are these the investors who are once more waiting for a return to power of NNP? Please, tell us Doc.

Are these people lining up once again because they know that under NNP they will get millions in guarantees and be able to cut and run freely with the peoples’ monies and leave the taxpayers to pay back the funds?

Dr. Mitchell, your friend and former Ambassador Eric Resteiner should be getting ready to leave the U.S Federal prison soon after spending some years for fraud? Is he one of the investors who are lining up too to be flown into Grenada as one of your investors?

Please, Dr. Mitchell, come clean with the Grenadian people you so love to say you love. You are the only person to hold the office of Prime Minister who seems to be a magnet for a certain kind of people. The only dubious character that Eric Gairy had was John Clancy.

KCM, the eyes of the people are on you. The records will show that you apparently did not learn from your first stint with the Herbert Blaize government when he appointed you as the Minister charged with responsibility of getting rid of the Grenada Airways plane.

Who was the point man in the plane fiasco? Was it Chehab? Didn’t Chehab take a jail somewhere in Europe? Tell us what was the crime he might have committed? Doc, please do not let us revisit the person with the sticky finger in the Grenada Shipping Agents affair. The big man in Hubbards would have inherited the files from the late Fred Toppin.

Dr. Mitchell, please tell the Grenadian people if your investors include the name Lev Model. If so, is not this the same man who spent some time in a jail in New Jersey for fraud? Is that the same man who fooled us with the NNP plan to re-establish the Call Centre at Seamoon?

Did the Stone Crusher read an affidavit from court papers in the United States in which the Rose Lady said that Lev often made mention of giving certain monies to Gregory Bowen to pay his daughter’s school fees?

Doc, this is not hear say but the real stuff that can be read by any Grenadian who has access to these court papers in the United States. If the lady lied on oath about Mr. Bowen, she would be in big trouble. Why has Gregory Bowen never made a public denial before Grenadians of the contents about him in these U.S court papers?

If these are the investors that Dr. Mitchell is planning to bring back under an NNP government, then the people need to know.

The last time Dr. Mitchell opened his mouth and asked the people to forgive him for whatever wrongs he might have done, several persons were tempted to react to him. Up to know Dr. Mitchell has not told us as a people what it is that he wants forgiveness for.

Our people are biblical and especially the Catholics who would go down on their knees and confess to Father about their sins and to ask him to prayer to the Good Lord to forgive them for their many wrongs. Sin is sin whoever falls short of the glory of God.

KCM, do not ever forget that the priest is told by a Christian of the sins that were committed and what he is being asked to present to the Lord for forgiveness. Nothing short of the above will be accepted in thinking about giving you forgiveness for your transgressions against the people of Grenada.

Here is Dr. Mitchell wanting us to forgive him of the many wrongs that he committed against us as a people but is not man enough to be specific about his wrongs.

Is Dr. Mitchell asking for forgiveness about his wrongs against Michael Baptiste – a man who had to face so many bogus charges brought by his high-priced Special Prosecutor, Hugh Wildman?

How can Dr. Mitchell expect Mr. Baptiste to forget the attempt that was made to manipulate the judiciary in order to convict him (Baptiste) of these trumped up charges? How can the same Baptiste ever forget the vulgar attempt by the NNP to try and get the former Chief Magistrate, Patricia Mark to go up to the Grenville Court to do the case? At least, Ms. Mark is a lady of decency and integrity and did not fall for NNP politicking.

The former Chief Magistrate is a very upright and honest Grenadian and will not lie on Dr. Mitchell. She did not invite herself to the Gardens to meet with Dr. Mitchell. Anyone who makes such a claim is telling a lie on Ms. Mark and should stop it.

After listening to Dr. Mitchell, Stone Crusher was forced to call George Worme and to ask him what is the status of his court matters with Dr. Mitchell. It was shocking to learn that Dr. Mitchell is still pursuing him in the high court. What the journalist said is that Dr. Mitchell still has one Garvey Louison going after him and the GRENADA TODAY-in liquidation.

Is this the action of a man who is asking for forgiveness? Imagine Dr. Mitchell is calling for forgiveness of his sins against the people of Grenada but in the still of the night is pursuing Worme and others.
While Dr. Mitchell is asking us for forgiveness, this man is secretly trying to kill off his opponents. Is that the action of a man who has God in his heart? Should the people really forgive Dr. Mitchell?

The case against Worme and the former GRENADA TODAY arose from a petition to the Queen by Steve Fassihi in which he claimed that Dr. Mitchell brought in crooks as investors into Grenada. At the time, none of the crooks were convicted in the U.S. of their crimes.

After the case was heard, the people of Grenada including the same Dr. Mitchell, a man without a conscience know that several of the investors brought in by NNP eventually went to jail for fraud.

Dr. Mitchell should hide his face in shame for trying to pursue Worme and GRENADA TODAY-in Liquidation over the Steve Fassihi petition to the Queen. But then again, many people will tell you that they do not believe that KCM knows anything about being shamed face.

Is Dr. Mitchell serious about his plea for forgiveness? How can we forgive him when he is not telling us about his failure to keep the promise to make sure that the nieces and nephews of his auntie pay back the millions owed to the State in the bad Call Centre deal?

Dr. Mitchell, the country needs to hear something from you on the millions owed by your family members to Call Centre before we can consider your plea for forgiveness.

Now that the OREL/RMC gang has been demolished, it is also time to finally demolish their accomplices especially those in the NNP.

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