We gained our national Independence and Parliamentary Political Freedom from Great Britain in March 1974 – and although we lost same for some years between March 1979 and October 1983, we re-gained that freedom in the said month of October – after a whole lot of suffering, deaths, and political imprisonment of thousands of our sons and daughters, by our very Grenadian Rulers.

And here we are again, twenty-nine years to the very month of October – and our political outlook, and the road ahead towards settled peace, and good governance, and some measure of progress and prosperity for our suffering people – all look very bleak and very distant.

Where we going – from here on into the dark, uncertain, and somewhat frightening months and maybe years ahead – is really anyone’s guess work.

But whatever it maybe, the unfolding picture does not look very reassuring at all, and if I was forced to be more definite on the way ahead as I see it – I would have to admit that it is very gloomy indeed.

The ruling NDC party won a very decisive victory in July, 2008, under the then seemingly solid Leadership of Party Leader, Tillman Thomas, who became our Eighth Prime Minister since Independence in March 1974, and the Third NDC Leader and Prime Minister – after Nicholas Brathwaite and the late George Brizan, who held the high office before him.

True enough, the NDC after the Brathwaite and Brizan era, had entered a political relationship with some of the comrades from the failed Revo days, and had won seven seats in the 2003 General Elections, and served as the Parliamentary Opposition from 2003 to July 2008 – and all seemed settled and in place for the consolidated victory at the 2008 General Elections.

But that victory seemed to have changed the whole political landscape – because power was then in the winners hands, and from our own history we know only too well, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So here we are again in 2012, with the history of October 1983 virtually repeating itself.  And what appeared to so many as the correct and sensible way forward, for our people to bind themselves together in July 2008 – to get rid of the group then in control of state power, and who was abusing that power to the detriment of the majority of our people – that decision has now backfired.

That very successful get-together of those days, have now turned back the clock, and the current situation is just as bad, and even worse, as we prepare to make the next moves as a people.

Those who were elected to the high positions in Parliament, seemed to have mounted a rebellion against the Party Leader and Prime Minister – and five of them abandoned the ship of state in mid-stream.

In retaliation thereto – the party members at their Convention, took the decision to expel them and five other Executive members from the NDC.

When those Five M.P’s took their decisions, and insulted and embarrassed the Prime Minister and the other Government Ministers in Parliament – as well as the Grenadian people in general, but especially those who voted them into Parliament – that was o.k. as it satisfied their democratic rights, according to them.

But now that the very people who voted them to their lofty positions – and who are in charge of the very NDC Party on whose bandwagon they rode into Parliament, decided to expel them from the party for their reckless, insulting and humiliating behaviour – they are all crying foul play, and denial of their very special Democratic and Constitutional Rights.

It all sounds like one set of special privileges, for the few of them – but no such niceties for the overwhelming majority at the Convention.

I saw a report where a few of them maybe getting together to contest the next General Elections, whenever that maybe. That decision seems to me to be the way they should be heading – if they truly believe the people in their respective constituencies are behind them, rather than the NDC led by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

Whatever those on the outside decide to do in any upcoming Elections, and whoever the remaining NDC group choose to contest the next Elections on their behalf – it all looks to me that so much damage has been done to both groups image and to the respective individuals reputations, that the end result is more likely to benefit the existing official opposition in Parliament – than either of the divided groups, by whatever name they maybe called.

And while our people are waiting for the next date when they will have to choose a new Government – those still in control have to always remember, that the conditions regarding employment and the cost of living are affecting a whole lot of the same people.
And unless the controllers can make some practical differences to those conditions – just holding onto the powers of Government will not help their chances, when the time does come as it must do by October 2013.

The economic downturn in the larger countries are rumoured to be moving upwards, but how much difference that movement will make to our mini-states in these parts – only time and sheer luck will determine in due course.

Finding the funds to meet monthly wages ­and salaries and pensions, as well as the everyday costs in the ministries to keep the wheels of Government running – these are already creating grave uncertainties, and there seems to be no signs of any concrete improvement anytime soon.

So that as the situation remains at a permanent standstill – with no visible signs on the economic horizon of better days ahead – it all looks as if we are a people on hold, heading no where, and with our future in the lap of the divided political power-seekers.

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