NDC Convention cremated the remains of the Gang Members
by The Stone Crusher

The entire gang has finally been cremated! They got the surprise of their lives when they were expelled by resolution from the National Democratic Congress (NDC). They did not see it coming!

If they were paying attention from the inception of their acceptance into the party, they would have heard the response Uncle Tilly gave to his former prison mate (Leslie Pierre) in a public discussion to the magical question: “What if the new entrants to the party under his leadership try what they tried on Maurice Bishop all over again?”

The new entrants were clearly the likes of Peter David, Nazim Burke, George Prime and David Lambert – all relics of the Grenada Revolution which destroyed itself on October 1983 with so much blood-letting on Fort Rupert which has now returned to its original name of Fort George.

Uncle Tilly’s response was diametrically opposed to Maurice Bishop’s response of falling into the trap of the RMC/OREL faction and going into a military establishment to launch a counter-attack.

The few and simple words used by Uncle Tilly is that he would take the issue to the people.  From the time he took the issue of the uprising by the gang man and his infidels to the people, all hell broke loose for them.

The people – in the main NDC supporters, lined up behind Uncle Tilly and it was downhill for them until their final humiliation on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at the St. Andrew’s Secondary School at Telescope, St. Andrew’s.

It was not the “Burial of Miss Faithlyn by Ann Peters and her husband, Urias Peters but the final cremation of the gang leaders and some of their followers.

When Stone Crusher pointed out for the first time over two years ago about the existence of a gang of four in the Cabinet of PM Thomas, many people were in shock and awe, and others could not believe that any such thing could happen.

Remember that even the members of the gang came out forcefully to deny that they were part of anything like that to unseat the Prime Minister.  Time, which is the enemy and the best friend, finally uncovered the truth.

Stone Crusher takes full credit for the final decimation and cremation of the gang members and their advisors and close associates.

The residue of the group of rebels who were tempted to participate in their “gangship” would no doubt get the vibes that the NDC is a serious party and will not tolerate any member who intends to, far less work outside of the constitution of the party.

What is now left of the gang needs to go and find a hole somewhere to hide their shameful faces as there is no comeback for them in politics whether today, tomorrow or ever.

The RMC/OREL group was full of deception up until their final cremation on Sunday. Part of their plan was to send signals that delegates from two constituencies under their control would be present at the convention.

The real plan was not to show up and leave a hole so that a few constituencies would not be represented. If the plan was fulfilled that would have been a major blow for PM Thomas. Uncle Tilly and Naz much smarter than the rebel leader, big head casino man and the consummate drunkard.

The leadership of the party pulled out all the stops and with the highest decision making body of the party in full session on Sunday, resolution after resolution was passed to overcome any hurdle so as to move forward to ensure a smooth flow of events.

The MP’s for the South, Town of St. George and St. Patrick West had another thought coming.  They underestimated the political prowess of Uncle Tilly whom they branded as weak at first and then later as dictatorial. So you see how the gang members were confused themselves in their attempts to taint the PM.

The St. George South East representative knew what time of day it was as he was floored for his recklessness to file a “carbon copy” of the flawed Keith Mitchell no-confidence motion which had to be amended by the House when it was tabled back in May before debate on it could have proceeded.

He showed how retarded he is as a person with delusions of grandeur in his quest to get even with the Prime Minister. Nationally, that one has to be the least respected elected parliamentarian ever in the history of elective politics.

The “bus kite” from St. John was sidelined a long time now by his constituency branch who distanced themselves from him and even selected their own caretaker in the person of Dr. George Vincent.

Could this mammoth surprise/shock be the work of a weak leader? This was a clear manifestation of the strength of character and resolve of a leader who understands the power of numbers in terms of party support to initiate a process which expelled 5 sitting MP’s and other senior executive members from the party he leads with resounding numbers.

Unlike the rebel leader who built his house with only constituency chairmen, Uncle Tilly appealed to the wider base of the party and they came to his rescue to avoid another October 1983 in Grenada. Is that the action of a weak leader?

The NDC members came out in massive numbers on Sunday at the Convention to drive the final nail in the coffins of the red communist wretch and his crew.

Stone Crusher is still surfing the internet to see if he can stumble on information which can prove him wrong that what happened at SAASS on Sunday was the first time in the history of the English-speaking Caribbean or the Commonwealth that a party in power has expelled five MP’s and five other senior members.

The vote against the career drunkard was massive as he received over 400 votes in favour of his expulsion from the party. This should send a signal to this little “drunkard” who seems bent on not working a day in his life that he is not in the big league since he attracted the most venom of the convention delegates. He needs to go in a corner and keep his little drunk tail quiet.

It is quite clear that the gang man is no leader. Every time something important is going down in Grenada, the gang man disappears so that it could be said he was not there.

Is that the characteristics of a good leader?  This has been the ingrained culture of the so-called rebel leader – yet for all there are those who want to say they are lining up behind him.  How retarded! Look out and you will see that as soon as the election bell rings, the gang man is likely to cut and run away from the polls.

Stone Crusher does not believe the gang leader will run as a candidate in the upcoming general election. Ask any old PRA who worked closely with him and they will tell you that his modus operandi is always to cut and run.

The humiliation of expulsion from the party must make him feel as small as he really is since all along he just kept fooling himself and the few who believed in him that he was some kind of heavy weight in NDC and the country.

Even his good friend on the other side recognises that he no longer has any useful juice in him and his similarity in value to a bounced cheque is all the more glaring today.

Stone Crusher understands that the box head casino man is so distressed over his miserable attempt to have a town hall meeting in his constituency last week that it isn’t funny.

Imagine that only the career drunkard was seen in attendance together with the convicted mass murderer whose custom it is to lurk around the precincts of any gathering of the gang members whose hidden agenda and task is really to resurrect the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

It is reported that “box head” said that the group is not getting the leadership from their polit bureau chief and feels something ought to be done about that.  Could it be that they are splintering already?

The people in the north are saying how come every time them town people have something that the box head man is going and give support and solidarity but when the time came to show support for him, the leader and the glorified secretary never showed up.

Stone Crusher also understands that the man who was supposed to have physically detained Uncle Tilly back in 1981 also showed up at the latest Town Hall meeting.

Did that old PRA who detained Uncle Tilly and put him in Richmond Hill prison think Uncle Tilly would have showed up at the Town Hall meeting so he could arrest him again?

Joke that ex-PRA man is making! Uncle Tilly is a legitimate Prime Minister and did not use guns to seize power on July 8, 2008. Thousands of Grenadians voted for him and thousands more will vote for him soon enough to continue with the mission now that the new OREL/RMC gang have all been cremated.

A little comic relief played out at that town hall get together when a staunch follower of the gang man from the town accosted the convicted mass murderer for the negative effect he is having on their ambitions to try their hands at getting political power.

Stone Crusher understands that the individual did not mince words with the mass murderer who just keep upsetting the other members of the Grenada 17 or Bishop killers.

The mass murderer was told (words to the effect): “Why you only following us everywhere we going so. People don’t like you and you should know by now that you are bad for us….. Wha’ you doing here? Get your so and so out!” But then again the mass murderer is a man without shame.

Grenadians —- do you remember when the gang man read out some kind of a speech in the Parliament during the May 15th No Confidence debate?

Do you remember that he promised to deal the matter of the Prime Minister’s leadership at the party convention? Did he show up at the convention to face the wrath of the delegates? Oh how cowards die many times before their death.

Let us revisit what this coward said: “I propose, as a member of the National Democratic Congress and as a Parliamentarian who has some fundamental concerns about the trend that is developing in our party and government, to initiate a process whereby the issues we are concerned about will be dealt with within the mechanism and constitution of the party.

“I believe firmly that ultimate power must rest in the hands of the people. I would wish to discover whether persons in the party, from across the length of this beautiful country, including our sister islands, feel as many of us do, that there is need for a rethink of the direction in which we are headed as a country and a party.”

This is what is called – mouth open, words jump out. The delegates were waiting for the coward to show up on Sunday with his action plan to review the leadership of Uncle Tilly but the red communist wretch was hiding in some little hole much like Saddam.

If you remove the letter “w” from coward what will you get? Is it coard? Well gang man, this country is not going back to ‘83. The NDC delegates spoke on Sunday in the best traditions of democracy – their feet and hands – and not with arms and ammunition.

Gang man, you now have a lot of time to engage in your nocturnal activities of driving around in the night with suspicious people in your vehicle to see which constituency you can help destabilise including the Prime Minister’s.

He knows of your activities and by now everybody knows the various vehicles you are driven in.  Remember, your friends are limited and their vehicles are known and part of your family fleet is also easily identifiable…..so your movements are easily observed and monitored.

Gang Man – Now that your RMC gang has been finally thrown out of NDC, Stone Crusher will not have anything more to say about you all again re: the NDC. As Ronald Reagan said after the October 25, 1983 military action to deal with Hudson Austin, et al – “Mission Accomplished”.

Please, red infidel, go in “pieces” if you can and form your own party. But again that can never happen with any degree of success since your body and soul have been cremated by the NDC massive last Sunday at SAASS.

The gang man episode is over for good since he has been truly put to final rest by the NDC 2012 Convention – a historic date for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

There will be no more Stone Crusher issues on the Gang Man and Company.  The country should be rejoicing over the cremation. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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