What we need in our struggling Tri-Island State – in the existing circumstances now rising up all around us – is to proclaim a set of principles and live by them.

Members of any Government must proceed with manifest integrity and humility.  And where these are absent, any attempts of trying to communicate with the people will only create more confusion and mistrust.

These past two years, at least, have been so disappointing and frustrating – that to get a reasonable number of those who fell for, and relied on the promises and nice-sounding phrases of the divided group, to again take notice of any of the renewed vows and re-packaged ole talk, and rely on them to the extent of giving even some of the divided group another chance, that is a serious gamble.

As one listens to the many statements coming from those who have abandoned the ship of state, for one reason or another, and whether they did so voluntarily or were thrown over board – the impression created from the picture painted by those castaways, is that the situation was hopeless from way back when, and they only remained on board for purely personal and economic convenience.

In other words, from the many statements that have been flowing from all the dropouts after they broke ranks, these are clearly showing that there was no question of principle in the national interest. And in the events, which have taken place over those past four years, I fail to see what those cats can put forward in these times to change the people’s opinions of their motives.

But as I wait to see how the Convention picture will unfold, and who will be cropping up on which side – in the National Executive that will be chosen, to lead the party into the upcoming General Elections whenever that maybe – I cannot help entertaining the lingering doubts, that some of those offering themselves in the new layout, will be doing so as convenient opportunists.

I maybe very wrong, or too suspicious – but having seen what transpired from 2008 to July 2012, and listening to some of the statements coming from both sides in the national division, I am far from convinced that the Convention outcome will lay the foundation, or sufficiently pave the way for better days ahead.

There seems to be a whole lot of underlying mistrust – among those who are offering themselves as potential leaders; and when the behaviour of those who were elected in the National Polls four years ago, and who continue to make all kinds of derogatory statements about the Party Leadership still in control – when they are taken into consideration in the existing political atmosphere, that is doomed to get a lot worse before we can see any improvement – our people must be prepared to face even more hardships in the uncertain months ahead.

Regardless of who are the new persons chosen to fill the places of the Five dropouts – and there is a strong rumour of a Sixth dropout anytime sooner or later – it is my considered opinion that the people should not be kept waiting for the new chaps to find their way as it were, because things are not going to get any better by just delaying “D day”.

And after all is said and done, the interests of the very people who will be kept waiting and suffering ongoing hardships – these are going to be the very yardsticks by which they will judge the newcomers at the Polls.

So delaying the date, to determine which group will take over the mantle of power in the changing situation – will not be making very much difference if any at all – because the damage has already been done, and can only get so much worse if the chaos is prolonged indefinitely.

Despite all the ole talk from this, that or the other group, as to where they want to take our people, in the changing and challenging times ahead – they all know pretty well, that the road ahead in no way depend on the respective party doing this, that or the other – because none of them have the where-with-all to bring about any significant changes any time soon.

The key to the way forward is to decide on the team for moving ahead, and make the decisive move without any undue delay.

A whole lot of people would already have made up their minds which party they would be voting for – just as a fair number having decided they are not getting involved in the next Election melee.

But those still in control can bring about some changes in the above situation – if they act with dispatch on the one hand, and on the other hand try to convince the voters, that it is the voters interests which are uppermost in their consideration, and not that of the party as such.

From talking with, and listening to, a whole lot of undecided voters about the way ahead – a sizeable number have not yet forgotten, the carry-on that took place in the last few years of the last lot in control of our tri-Island State.

And they are very clear in their thinking about the way ahead – in that they are not prepared to jump from the Frying -pan as it were, back into the raging fire of just four or five years ago.

The great majority are in agreement, that many of the group still in control acted foolishly and without thinking positively – but many of them are still convinced, that with some sensible re-thinking and replacement of those that strayed for whatever reason – much good can come from a revitalised team.

The manner of thinking – is clearly a matter for the individual voter, as he/she sees and understands the current situation and the way ahead, in the months upcoming.
But however the situation is seen and understood, and acted upon in the months ahead – our people will have to live, and exist, and make the economic ends meet in the years ahead.

We seem always to be – “Islands in Conflict”, and yet we never look like learning from our mistakes, or confusion, or deception by those we put our trust in, and who let us down so badly.

The upcoming situation to choose a Government whenever it is called, will be another such occasion arising from events that have never been experienced before – and how we respond to that call, will show whether or not we have learnt anything from the experiences of the past few years.

Some people seemed to have expected that the Prime Minister was going to give an indication of when the next Poll is going to be, because he had said that there was a major statement to be made at the recent Convention.  In the present division within his Party he could not go that far, and now there is a new Executive in place, they have to choose new Candidates to replace those that resigned or were sacked.

In these circumstances I cannot see Elections until about the first quarter of next year – but how those in control will be able to meet the Government commitments over that period is anybody’s guess.

Our people will be facing some serious problems and had better be prepared to survive the storm.

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