September 30th is cremation day for the gang

By Stone Crusher

The recent election of new executives members  for constituency branches in the South East St. George and South St. George constituencies must confirm to those in denial how much NDC rank and file supporters do not want the “gang man” and his infidels anywhere near the NDC leadership.

How much longer would this “red nastiness or communist” continue to live in denial and fail to accept that all of them in the gang are politically dead and finished?

According to a morning radio personality in the North – both the gang man and the box head casino man will get the shock of their lives when the elections are called.  What the gang man needs to do is to ask Andre Donald what this radio man in the North means by that.

It must be so distressing to the “frock ooman” (as simple and dunce as she portrays herself) who thought she had things tied up in the South to realise that is joke she making.

The reserved bench is waiting on the newly constituted team in the South St. George Constituency to ring the bell for the selection of a candidate to be recommended to the executive of the party for the upcoming poll.

That is the process in which the candidate is to be selected and not the other way around as the gang man and crew tried to ambush the constituency a few months ago.

Uncle Tilly is not a foolish man and made sure that an alternative route was plotted in case the destabilisers tried to capsize him.

Two persons are on stand-by waiting in case the Prime Minister has to ever summons them to get down into the trenches to hold onto the seat for Congress.

Stone Crusher understands that people who attended the last constituency branch meeting at which elections were held to constitute a new branch executive – wonder what manner of woman the “frock ooman” is.

It is believed that she did not say a word throughout the entire proceedings except to utter – “so they don’t want me…..?????” or words to that effect.

She did not even have the decency or courtesy to get up and thank the outgoing branch executive who were mostly partial towards her nor even welcome the incoming persons.

The “frock ooman” does not understand that charity begins at home. Does she expect the foot soldiers will hit the ground on her behalf when she shows so little courtesy and disregard to them?

It is clear that her God is a different God from the regular people here in Grenada and so will never understand what the real God is delivering unto her.

Is her new god the ALBA man? Look lady start to put on your thinking cap for once because the little red communist is dead.

The proof of the death of the new RMC/OREL leader came one night later after the meeting in the south when the NDC South East St. George constituency branch met to elect a new group to replace the one that was partial to the gang man.

Of course we know that the loser – the political degenerate who poses as a man of God and who does not seem to know that vengeance is the Lord’s – has been missing in action since election.

Whatever group there was in the constituency posing as executive branch has also failed the constituency. With general elections in sight, it is necessary for them to put their house in order and so the “can’t talk English” pastor has been rendered redundant and diminished.

The pastor did not show up since he knew that defeat was staring him straight in the face. Left with no one else to push his line, the gang man did not send anybody to put up a challenge on his behalf.

This was so different from a year ago when the gang man was running all over the place to help install his men to take charge of the various Constituency Branches. Do you remember the often repeated phrase from the hired media mercenary from Miami about PM Thomas not bowing to the demands of the Constituency Chairmen? It was very familiar to the chants against Comrade Bishop that he was refusing to accept the decisions of the Central Committee of NJM.

The RMC gang man is an adherent to the principles of Democratic Centralism and not one who appreciates the parliamentary system of government in which the Prime Minister wields power through the Grenada Constitution.

Under Democratic Centralism of the communist system, when the Central Committee and the Polit Bureau speak, no dog shall bark. If you defy then it was up to Richmond Hill prison.

It is clear that the gang man/counterfeit communist is only interested in three constituencies – i.e. his, the “frock ooman’s” and the box head casino man’s.

Every time Uncle Tilly tries to organise something in these constituencies, the gang man tries to mobilize his few supporters to try and put up resistance.

If the gang man has any political strength, why didn’t he hold a mass meeting to match the NDC massive crowd at those meetings held in the Grenville Car Park, Gouyave and Tivoli?

All the political lightweight could muster was a handful of persons on a beach at La Tante.

Gang man and infidels please take warning. The incoming Chairman of the new executive branch already indicated the process for the selection of a candidate for the South is not yet complete. ….. so the “frock ooman” should take a hint.

The process will soon take place in keeping with the dictates of the NDC Constitution. The true NDC’ites will make the selection and not the kind of mob rule that was held a few months ago that was orchestrated by the gang members.

The sooner this OREL counterfeit leader appreciates that Grenadians want no part of he, the mass murderer and the irrelevant trouble maker in the labour movement, is the better for him.

The gang man is the same old PRA coward who was the Political Commissar of the People’s Revolutionary Army in Grand Etang and showed off his true colours when Lieutenant KB visited the Camp to deal with him.

Ask the soldiers who were in the cap at the time ­ all of them reported that he threw himself out of a window and take bush. This man had to be replaced soon after by a new Political commissar because the rank and file soldiers lost confidence in him.

After seeing him in action in the last four years, the NDC supporters have also lost confidence in him. Uncle Tilly is the leader and no one else.

The gang man lacks spine and when the going gets tough he runs away from the scene and leave the others behind. That is not a leader. Even the NNP leader does not want him ­ but will use him to try and bring down the NDC.

The new RMC/OREL leader is not anybody to follow as a leader since he is the biggest coward one can ever dream of knowing.

This left over communist is dead already and his cremation is carded for the 30th September when the NDC Convention is held in River Sallee.

One NNP stalwart recently was overheard saying that there is no difference between a bounced cheque and the gang man. This evoked a loud laughter as if you know how close the person speaking is to the hierarchy of the NNP – you would know this kind of chat represents the sentiments of the leadership of the NNP.

No sooner than the Russian Oil tycoons landed in Grenada and spent the few days here, ‘karl hood’ started up with his rubbish of a no-confidence motion, the red nastiness raised his head with a different twist to his political mischievousness.

The NNP also started up their political vehicle and dispatched their truck with a load of rumours. Even this week, the NNP/OREL rumours started again with pole talk about Nazim Burke walking out of Monday’s Cabinet meeting, about Uncle Tilly wanting to fire Naz as Minister of Finance and replacing him with Franka.

The rumour mill also put out the propaganda that Glynis attended the Cabinet meeting with her resignation letter to hand to the PM. If Glynis has to resign, the letter has to be sent to the Govern or-General and not the Prime Minister.

The new NNP/OREL formation did not think out this piece of propaganda to have made such a basic mistake. But then again propaganda is just propaganda.

What is the interest of the Russians in Grenada currently? Oil and natural gas exploration? Are they likely to be carrying the bag for the new NNP/OREL friendship in order to try and destabilize Uncle Tilly and NDC?

Did they pass money while they were here to entice persons to vote for the latest No-confidence motion? Who get money and for what?

There can be no disconnect between the actions of the few greedy ones whose ALBA funds are thought to have dried up and others like the Russians who are committed to bringing the government to its knees and all of us with it.

While the NNP’s rumour mill proceeds to turn as part of its plans to dislodge the NDC, they are also focused on the electoral machinery – the new system of which they are nervous about.

Everybody knows the voter padding activities, which used to go on during the reign of the NNP in 1995 to 2008.

Everyone knows about the moving of registered voters from North West and St. Mark’s to areas less sure about in order to pad those constituencies for victory.   This new system makes no allowances for that level of voter padding and rigging by the architects of dishonesty and they are right now trying to besmirch the character of the decent Parliamentary Elections Supervisor and her team.

The NNP must not be allowed to get away with their constant attacks on the Supervisor of Elections since she is only standing in their way and preventing them from getting involved in rigging.

The NNP used to get its operatives in New York to collect the names of its supporters and bring them into the Electoral Office where they had certain persons in high places to be registered to come down to vote.

The NNP would also take blocks of votes from North-west and their other strong hold on the West Coast and get them registered in areas where they were vulnerable in order to top up their candidates.

The NNP is right now very nervous since it is no secret that Dr. Mitchell is not palatable to many of Grenada’s intelligent voters even though many of them are fed up with the instability of the ruling NDC.

Once Uncle Tilly takes charge on September 30 the cricket game is likely to change.

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