Nothing new from Peter David

By Stone Crusher

The Kirani James euphoria in the country forced The Stone Crusher to take a back seat and allow the Jaguar to get all the recognition and praise that he deserved.

Now that the 400 metre King has taken his exit, the crusade has to resume in order to rid Grenada and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of the evil elements of the RMC/OREL brigands.

The forces of evil must be totally decimated by September 30 in order to allow good to prevail in this fair Isle of Spice.

The recently announced decision of Peter David to not contest any position within the ruling NDC party in its upcoming party convention is the most sensible decision he has ever made since his entrance to Westminster style politics.

Of course everyone knows that his style of politics is on the other side where people’s desires and wishes never matter but that of a Central Committee or a Political Bureau.

Our people have all had the experience of this brutal style of politics in the 1979-1983 gap when the side that he was associated with was responsible for the massacre of Comrade Maurice Bishop and other colleague Ministers sympathetic to him to the point where today they cannot even find their remains.

That is the type of politics that he came from when he decided to join the NDC. Is that the reason why it was so difficult for him to function in the Westminster style system that the US military came here to restore?

Let us not forget that Peter David is the same man whose efforts and support in the past dislodged two governments – one of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy in 1979 and the other of his own making – the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG).

He was well on his way to dislodging yet another – the Tillman Thomas-led Congress administration – before the matter was arrested by the people whose integral role he is cultured to ignore and had the rude awakening of his life.

When Stone Crusher saw that he was carded to have a meeting in Hindsey School to discuss things important and to seek the input of his constituents as to his political future, it became clear that he was looking for a way out.

This so-called meeting again exposed the level of deception to which these leftover remnants of the Revo would descend in order to get into power.

A release that was put out on his behalf by the little midget from the Carenage stated that the meeting by the MP for the Town of St. George was being called in order to get the feedback from the people on the man’s political future.

It said that Peter David’s meeting was being called to get the feedback of his constituents “on their recommendations on his future in politics, in general, and the upcoming general election, in particular”. Did this ever happen? Not at all.

This man Peter David was heard on the local media telling people that hours before the meeting he had called the Prime Minister to inform him about his decision not to seek re-election to the post of General Secretary or any other post at the September 30 convention.

No wonder Bishop was killed by RMC deception. This boy called Peter David was only fooling the people about consultation since he already took the political decision not to contest any post in the convention before the meeting at Hindsey School. Is this a man to trust?

Again this man is talking about political tribalism in the Grenadian politics.

What about his style of politics as we saw when he decided to show reluctance to take up his new position as Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation in November of 2010 together with his gang members the “frock ooman” and the box head Casino man with the career drunkard edging them on and one of the St. Andrew’s MP’s seen in their company together with the St. David’s representative?

The hired pen from Miami often wrote about the creation of a new organ within the NDC party ­ the grouping of Chairpersons of the various constituency branches. Where is that body in the NDC Constitution? It does not exist but is a figment of the imagination of these RMC/OREL rebels.

Peter David probably needs some kind of examination of his head to seek to take credit for the July 2008 victory of NDC at the polls. He loves to boast that the party got into office with him as General Secretary, ignoring the fact that it is a party effort and no one man could have done this on his own.

He also ignored the efforts of the nonaligned entities like Michael Baptiste, Anslem Clouden and Lloyd Noel, and to a great extent the prolonged and sustained efforts of George Worme and Eddie Frederick which caused the NNP to lose serious ground in 2003 and then finally to lose office in 2008.

The change of government in 2008 was not a General Secretary doing but a national effort. Post-election events/developments support the reasoning that NDC did not win anything in as much as NNP lost office.

The gang man and his crew got so caught up with infighting because of the greed for power that they forgot to concentrate their efforts in the direction of converting the 1800 more votes than the NNP in 2008 into real support.

At one point in time they appeared to have locked themselves out of their own party – and the drunkard wants to tell us that the gang man was the man who did it for the NDC. It is quite obvious that he did not do it for the NDC but for his hidden agenda, which backfired on him big time.

The obvious follow up to Peter David’s decision to not run for political office on the executive of the NDC in its upcoming elections is for him to drop out of the candidate race altogether.

For sure he cannot be a candidate on the NDC ticket because of his public statement that he has fundamental differences with the Prime Minister and is opposed to the fiscal policies of the government that is spearheaded by Finance Minister, Nazim Burke.

Would Mr. David be brave enough to attend the Convention? The NDC people might give him a good licking because they are disgusted with his public grand standing and deception behind the scenes not to mention his perceived collusion with his friend on the other side to take down the government.

The NDC Convention no longer has to worry about making sure there is enough security at its proceedings to protect the Peter David faction.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas will prevail at the end of the day coming out in tact to fight for the chance the gang man and his crew never gave him.

In all honesty, the NDC was never given a chance to function as a government by the kind of sniping both the legitimate opposition consistently delivered to it during the last four years and the maneuverings of the gang man and his crew from the inside.

Tillman Thomas needs to boldly ask the people for the chance he was never given while he presents the “new thing” Grenadians deserve – minus the gang man, the box head casino man, the frock ooman, the drunkard, and all the other fat cats who are known to hang around the precincts of the gang man to further his agenda.
Should the NDC lose at the polls, this will be the third administration the gang man would have helped actively to destroy.

When one party supporter heard of Peter David’s decision to not contest any position on the party executive, she was relieved – as she claimed he was likely to get the whooping of his life.

She claims to have loved the earth he walked on but got so disappointed when she read the weekly dissertations of Stone Crusher, which to her were very revealing.

There is no doubt in Stone Crusher’s mind how debilitating this column has been to all those who ran contrary to the wishes of the people on the politically correct side of the NDC during the last four years.

The gang man and his crew were not well timed in the execution of their power hungry plot.  Unfortunately, the issue of greed and envy took center stage.

The Prime Minister is a victim of the gang man¹s battle to take down his once Comrade in arms, the Minister of Finance, Nazim Burke.
All these RMC/OREL men used to meet at the hotel in the Lane to plan their political moves.

The NDC was not on their agenda at the beginning since they were following instructions from THE MEN ON THE HILL.

The whole lot of them was engaged in dialogue with the NNP leadership, promising them political support in exchange for freeing the so-called Grenada 17.

Ask the gang man who was the emissary that used to take the decisions from those meeting at the hotel to the man in the Happy Hill for consideration? If he is truthful, he will tell the country that the emissary eventually joined with the NNP and was one of its candidates in a previous election.

It was only when the Happy Hill man tricked them that the OREL/RMC men then plotted their next move ­ go into the NDC and seek to take over the leadership of the party.

The gang man was the post powerful person after the July 2008 general elections and had the ears of the Prime Minister. Ask him what got the PM to distrust him and tell him to be honest for once ands do not engage in any more deception.

As the Prime Minister started to warm up to the Minister of Finance, who was always a calm figure, unlike the gang man who is always uneasy and pacing the floor and can¹t remain calm and quiet, the red nastiness thought he had to do something to smash that and so worked over time with his brigands to see if he could have destroy it.
But what he did not know is that “you can’t keep cork under water.”

The Finance Minister and Deputy Political Leader of NDC, Nazim Burke, never fell for his childish rantings!

No one of consequence bought what the gang man has been selling about Burke.  Burke is a married man with children whose behaviour is without reproach as a family man.

The Stone Crusher is sure that if Nazim Burke were a grandfather like the gang man, he would have shifted gears to accommodate that accomplishment. He would not be programmed to be all over the place like a ‘leggo’ beast not making a commitment with his life to shift gears and match his new status.

Stone Crusher must take some kind of credit for decimating the gang man and his brigands.  They shall never be able to rise again politically in Grenada since their motive is too sinister.

The Prime Minister now has an opportunity to go to his convention and elect a new executive that can empower him to select his new and trusted slate of candidates for the next general election.

The politics of the country will change from September 30 since all those who will be going forward can now be truly trusted as persons without hidden agendas and will always subscribe to the core values and principles of NDC.

No member of the gang will be selected to be on the team. If Peter David runs in the 2013 general elections, he will be running as an independent candidate or as a member of NNP, GULP, MBPM or some other party ­ not with Congress.

Peter David had everything in his hands but because of his impatience he has now lost everything politically.

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