Where are we heading – From here on?

Four years ago – in early September 2008, the zeal and excitement, and expectations, were so high and so very hopeful, that our people and Tri-Island State seemed then to be on the road to a welcome recovery.

We were coming out of a thirteen years period of some good, some bad, and some very strange and indifferent decisions, and administrative political performances that were very questionable.

And what was very different about that apparent recovery, was the background from which many of those Eleven members of Parliament emerged – and seemed prepared to put their ideas together, pooled their political experiences, and work as a team to put our people and country on the road towards a new beginning.

It all looked good, and the vibes coming out of the meetings and countrywide discussions – leading up to July Eighth, 2008 – were all so positive and re-assuring, that anyone could be excused or forgiven for having fallen for the glib promises and re-assurances.

But the years have gone by, various occurrences have taken place, words have been spoken and statements made by all and sundry – and here we are, four years and two months almost to the day, and the political situation as well as the business of the Government in control of the people’s affairs – are in utter chaos and irreversible confusion that is doomed to failure.

And from all appearances, those still in control and exercising powers of authority – they seem to be taking their responsibilities as if they have no care or concern for the thousands of our people who depend on them.

How else can anyone assess the happenings surrounding the late payment of salaries to Government workers for the month of August?

From the Prime Minister downwards – and stopping at the Ministerial doorway of the Finance Minister for a longer period – the statements coming through on the matter, all seem to indicate that no one in authority knew what was taking place with the Government Finance, or worse yet – no one cared one way or another.

And because of that pattern of behaviour at the top of the power structure, over four thousand persons were embarrassed and badly inconvenienced by the powers-that-be.

The story making the rounds, was that the very members of Parliament did not receive their monthly salaries in their respective Bank Accounts at month-end.

As one wise guy put it to me – they should not be paid at all, because they doing nothing.

Come on ladies and gentlemen in control of our nation’s affairs – where are we heading, what examples are you setting for our youngsters, how can you honestly ask the people to give you another term in control of the nation’s affairs?

And to even think that all this is happening in the very month, that a Gouyave Boy from The Lance at Gun Battle in St. John, had placed Grenada in the news and on Television Screens in every Olympic participating country worldwide, by winning our first Gold Medal for Grenada and the OECS, at the London Games in August.

Based on that level of performance by those in control, and with the authority to manage our nation’s affairs for the past four years – what answer can be honestly and logically advanced by them, to the motion of No-confidence filed by M.P. Karl Hood, to have the Government supposedly in control dissolved?

What message is being sent to our thousands of young ones, now going through the process of growing up and acquiring educational and ethical standards and qualifications, to be able to replace their retiring elders in years to come?

The entire situation involving the Government at any level, and in all aspects of the operation of the state of Grenada – these are all so disconnected, and causing so much embarrassment to us all as a people, that any honestly concerned group supposedly in charge, would throw in the towel and call it the end.

The shortage of money to pay salaries last month, would not improve this month or in the months ahead – so how would that state of affairs help those in charge, as we move towards the end that is inevitable anyway?

This habit of borrowing the people’s Insurance monies from the National Insurance Scheme, is surely not a wise move – especially because paying it back anytime soon is very unlikely.

And because those in charge before the current lot also engaged in the same practice – it leaves one to wonder how much of those Insurance monies are being owed by the Governments over the years.

I saw a statement by the St. George’s Town M.P., Peter David, that there should be some kind of national discussion about the Economy.  I cannot see how that exercise will help the situation at this stage, when the unemployment figure is over (40%) Forty percent, and there are no signs from any area that things will likely be improving anytime soon.

The St. George’s Market project and the Tanteen Sports Pavilion were opened last week in the said M.P. Constituency – and the finance for both came from the Venezuelan Government when he was in the Cabinet and close to President Chavez.

The roads and bridges Islandwide are in a bad state of disrepair – and while those areas can provide the much needed Employment for a lot of people, finding the funds to do those projects remain the on-going nightmare for the divided group in charge of the nation’s business.

Because of the continuing division among the Eleven M.P.’s who won the election four years ago, and the very odd state of affairs where one Minister is in charge of two and three Ministries, and in most cases he/she does not even have a deputy – the Business of the Government cannot be adequately supervised.

Against that background therefore, I cannot see any Institution of repute being ready and willing to come to the assistance of the disunited group, with funding to bring any of those projects on stream.

And since the very people who are struggling these past two or three years to make a decent living – are the same ones who will have to vote the next Government into office within the next year, I fail to see the logic in trying to hold unto the reins of power up to the bitter end.

Hence my question – where are we heading from here on?  Because as far as I see it – in the case of the leftovers of what was the  NDC in 2008, when the group entered the political marriage of convenience to unseat the NNP – what is now left holding unto the bare threads of authority, in the name of the Government of our Tri-Island State of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, that leftover group cannot be said to be in control of our nation’s affairs.

And if my assessment is fair, and truly represents the existing conditions in the Islands – then the powers-that-be are inflicting a grave disservice on our people, and can only be heading down the road of greater national Economic disaster, and prolonged human suffering.

And may the Good Lord in his Mercy come to our assistance – in the fullness of time.

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