The red nastiness and his crew plan to boycott

By Stone Crusher

The gang is so much on the run these days that they are now so much far apart from each other and can best be described as nothing but a splintered group.

Reports are coming out from their cronies that upon personal reflection, some of the members have realized the mistake made because of bad advice from the “little boy” union man and the convicted mass murderer that was given to the Chief Rebel who then handed it down to them.

What a pity that the infidels did not realise that they were only part of an effort by the left over RMC/OREL remnants of ‘83 to stage a political comeback by seeking to arrest the NDC  government from Uncle Tilly.

How stupid of these people to follow the so-called charm and charisma of the gang man who was the puppet of the last bastion of communism in Grenada – that sleazy union man.

But greed had them totally sucked in to the plot to dethrone Uncle Tilly whom they really thought was a push over.  But when the people got to find out of their plans through the Stone Crusher it was a different ball game.

He hoodwinked them with those funds from ALBA that was stashed away in another OECS country whose leader is their good friend and partner.

It is no secret that the box head casino man tried a thing, which could have padded his personal income and got the trap flamed on his hand.  It is no secret that the little upstart who is a career drunkard  is like a rudderless ship with no port for his stormy life.

It is no secret that the “frock ooman”/glorified secretary who is known to be devoid of any competencies whatsoever – should have been appointed to serve refreshments to Cabinet and probably do their laundry and make errands for them.

The fake man of the cloth has been trying hell hard in the last few days to see what he can do to save himself in the eyes of Uncle Tilly.

Pastor Can’t-Speak-English, you have been seen through and the only “asset” you can be to anything is “the little donkey” that you are.  You need to go and establish a payment plan with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to pay your back taxes for fear that they foreclose on you and you end up more destitute than you are.

You have already shown your hand as someone wanting to use politics to feather your nest and so with that chance totally gone you might be better advised to stick to what you know and become a foreman on a construction site and stop trying to give people the impression that you are a contractor.

The most recent word on the ground is that the gang man and his tribe are planning to boycott the party’s upcoming convention.

The Stone Crusher would like to rearrange the ignorance of the gang man as to the word boycott.  When we hear the word “boycott” we immediate think of some form of humbug or set back. In this case any boycott by the gang man and his infidels would not have such effect and so what they really want to say is that they are planning to be no-shows at the Convention.

As a matter of fact that would be the best thing they could do since their security and safety cannot be guaranteed in an environment in which so many people whom they have incensed by their reckless greed for power might be tempted to eat them raw.

The Stone Crusher is not advocating violence and would hate to be interpreted as such, but the reality is some NDC people are so incensed by the behavior of the gang that they might allow their emotions to get the better of them.

Can you see Michael Church being bold-faced enough to try and sit among the St. John’s delegates at the Convention? Will Peter David have the guts to sit on the head table at the Convention alongside Uncle Tilly? Karl Hood will most likely be booed from the time he enters the hall until the time he leaves the building.

In the interest of everyone, it might be in the best interest of the gang man and his crew to stay away from the NDC Convention and do not risk the wrath of the people.

These are the people in the eyes of the NDC’ites who have plunged the country into uncertainty and dashed the hopes of a government which promised so much in the aftermath of the thirteen years of questionable leadership which was thought to be behind us altogether.

With the last executive meeting of the NDC showing the major swing from the infidels to Uncle Tilly, the gang man is reported to have said “he think he done because the man get back he executive…..”

The prediction all along since the return of The Stone Crusher is that he (the gang man) would bow out but no one expected him to do it so soon.  It is true that the Revo boys always branded him a coward because of his penchant for running and hide when space got too warm in the 1979-83 period.

Ask Lieutenant KB about the time when he paid a visit to deal with the Gang Man in Grand E’tang and the poor soul threw himself out of a back window and ran into the bushes – so scared of KB. This is not the kind of stuff that should size up to fight Uncle Tilly for the thing.

Just as how the gang man ran away from KB, it is the same way he is now running away from the fight with the PM for control of NDC and the government.

It is quite obvious that the gang man miscalculated his moves on account of the overpowering advice of his mentors i.e. the union man and the convicted mass murderer – none of whom have any shred of popular support in our local community.

The union man tried to offer himself in the 2003 general elections for the Town of St. George but nobody bothered with him. He again volunteered in 2008 for St. George South-east but nobody wanted him in frontline politics. What will he do in 2013?

Imagine the convicted mass murderer is reported to have told someone recently that the gang man/pumpkin eater is weak and lacks the necessary organisation and structure to have been invested in to lead the onslaught against Tillman Thomas and get back power in their hands like 1979-83.

People, do not think that this view is shared by the other members of the Grenada 17 who spent years in prison for killing Comrade Bishop. The boys and them not in that kind of stupidness with the gang man and his dunce head political advisors.

Even the union man is now realizing that it was bad to invest in the gang man as the new RMC/OREL head to regain power.

He is reported to have said something similar to the Mass Murderer that the gang man was the wrong person to have been chosen to lead the opposition to PM Thomas both at the Cabinet and Party level.

It would appear that the gang man needed to have been baby-sat constantly to ensure that he carried out all instructions correctly and to the letter.  This was not possible as he had other interests to please and the entire focus got mangled since he is known to be a man of chaos and confusion.

Do not ever forget that the gang man with all his charm and good looks, is a ghetto man who spent too much time in the bowels of River Road in a personal relationship and up to this time still spends a considerable amount of time in the ghetto on the Wharf.  What are we going to do with such a ghetto prince at the leadership level in our country?

Anyone who can predicate his life on such unacceptable geographies cannot be the level of individual we desire at the level of government, except he was going down to that level to bring the people up to his level.  But that is not to be as that is his real level, which is no level at all.

Word on the ground is that there are plans for another “no confidence” motion to be brought against the government in Parliament and that the absence of the gang man, the “frock ooman”, and the box head casino man would aid the opposition’s four MP’s plus the two good-for-nothing –  Hood and Church to finally scatter the government.

That “smart” move by the rebels not to show up in Parliament at the timing and voting on the second motion might be their final downfall.

But on a more serious note, the issue of Parliament meeting and government not having a clear enough majority to pass money bills must be examined carefully.  Could you imagine the Leader of Government Business reporting to Parliament with a motion to borrow money to meet government’s monthly expenditures – chief among which are salaries for public servants and the opposition and the renegades vote against it.

Oh, boy what a grave they would have all dug for themselves. The Speaker will remember the days of the late H.A Blaize when Keith Mitchell who was sacked by the late Prime Minister after he toppled him as NNP Political Leader, tried to get the Opposition to vote against monies from Cable & Wireless to satisfy pay increases for Civil Servants.

The NDC Opposition members did not join with Keith Mitchell and assured Blaize and his Minority government that he had nothing to fear in coming to Parliament to get the monies to pay the workers. Is history about to repeat itself in Grenada?

This would surely be a different ball game altogether as the people who would be affected would know what to do when the bells rings for election the next time around.

The Stone Crusher does not think that after the Opposition’s mess up with the GARFIN Bill, they would wish yet another mess up so soon!  Mitchell is hungry and greedy for power but might not want to put his foot into his mouth so easily with the likes of Hood and Church.

Can you imagine the pumpkin eater and his infidels absenting themselves from voting on any money bills in parliament for salaries for workers and such bills being defeated? How would the people respond to them?

The NNP is power hungry but would think not once, but twice or even three times about obtaining power by squeezing the same people they want to vote for them the next time around since this can boomerang terribly on them.

It is obvious that Grenadians’ minds are already made up on how they will vote in election 2013. Nothing that will be done by the gang man and the infidels will influence the outcome of the poll.

The people will cast their vote on whether they want to continue with Uncle Tilly and his style of democratic governance or return to the days of Stone.

That is why both individuals will have to be very careful of their moves in the coming weeks and months ahead of the next poll.

If Uncle Tilly wants a second chance, he needs to send a strong signal after September 30 about his new team to take the country forward and to get a few of the projects up and running.

This team cannot have any place for Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Church, Hood and the frock ooman and the likes.

Already, the man who was trying to run in St. Mark’s is on the run. He is meeting almost daily with the man from Happy Hill to carve out something for himself in case NNP gets back into power. NDC can do without these elements who will sell out for less than 30 pieces of silver.

This should be a lesson to the gang man that not all those who shout out, aloud, “Lord, Lord” shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

But then again the gang man is a red communist and does not believe in our God but in the God of Marxism and Leninism.

The battle for Uncle Tilly is no longer with the red nastiness and his crew since they are history but with the one who is wetting his appetite each and every passing day about getting back on the throne.

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