Carnival and Olympics gone – What next

The Carnival Celebrations this year got entangled in Court House proceedings – to decide which show could take place at which venue on the same night – and a whole lot of bad publicity preceded the events.

But the Kirani James Olympic Gold the week before clearly saved the occasion, and even added to the festivities – as it gave a lot of our people something very special to celebrate about for another four years.

Yet when I saw the Informer Page 3 of last week, the number and variety of weapons I saw displayed by the Police – as having been confiscated from persons who were stopped and searched, on their way to various shows the two or three weeks before the Carnival Monday/Tuesday – these were very frightening, and the Police Commissioner and his Team of Law enforcement officers must be highly commended, for their foresight in mounting those searches.

And the absence of any major violent incidents around the two main days and nights – must have been as a result thereof.

Since that fantastic world-beating Golden London run, our Gouyave boy has won two more 400m races in Europe – to keep the winning Red/Green/Gold Flag flying; but our people are getting restless, that after three weeks they have yet to see our Golden Champion on the Streets in Grenada – hope he would not be too much longer in coming.

In the two or three weeks before the Olympics in London – we had about three brutal killings and one suicide in these Spice Isles; since that Golden run by Kirani, and the excitement that followed the victory here in Grenada and especially in his hometown of Gouyave, the lawlessness seemed to have given the stage to our Hero Island-wide, and everywhere I passed it was all cheers and high fives.

As a few visitors on holiday for the Carnival in Gouyave remarked, they never knew there were so many people in Grenada – and it seemed all of them came to Gouyave, on that Monday night the Sixth August, Twenty Twelve.

And having safely returned to Grenada after my sojourn in London during the Olympics – on Sunday 19th August, a DJ and Carnival Band in full costumes came all the way from St. Andrew’s to Gouyave, and paraded from the Lance to the Cuthbert Peters Park, and back up the Lance before making their way home to Grenville.

And what really touched me, when I asked a small group by the park what was the occasion – they all answered as though in one voice – “we come to celebrate Kirani’s victory”.  On “Kirani Street” in Gouyave the people really and truly appreciated the very thoughtful gesture.

So now we have our Olympic Champion and World Record Holder for the 400m, for the next four years or so while we wait for the 2016 games in Rio, and Kirani continues to parade his skills in various places worldwide, and complete his studies at the University in Alabama in the U.S.A.

But while the name “Grenada” will be on everyone’s lips, once the Olympic Champion name is mentioned – the people and the conditions and state of affairs in our Tri-Island State for the next Ten Months, these will be tottering in political limbo, and at the mercy of fate and sheer hopefulness if we lucky.

And that remains so – because those in control of the seats of power are not as concerned about the good and welfare of the very people who put them in control, and whose business they are supposed to be taking care of – as they are worried about not getting another term in occupation of those seats.

And the madness about that state of affairs, is not because of the strength and good standing of the lot who are in opposition in Parliament – but because of the greed and deceitful hunger for power, by so many who have a very different agenda to please their masters.

These power seekers did a very good job in fooling our people, that they were concerned about repairing the damages inflicted by the longstanding lot of thirteen years in control.

But here we are, four years after the people fell for the nice sounding promises, and the apparent solid plans and intentions to bring changes and improvement to our people’s lives – and so very sad to say, nothing of the sort has taken place, or even in sight of so doing.  Instead it all looks very hopeless.

Looking at and listening to the happenings taking place among those eleven M.P’s, and their very close associates who must be well taken care of, it leaves one to wonder why the official opposition has to even bother to make any comments or suggestions.

Because the way things are at a standstill, people are bawling for much-needed relief and assistance up and down the country – and none seems to be anywhere on the financial horizon surrounding the Tri-Island State; all the official opposition has to do, is sit back and wait for the political suicide to take its very obvious and natural course, and then we are back to where we came from four to five years ago.

Another school year is about to begin, and while the results from the financially stable schools are very creditable, and even one or two from the traditional popular ones are also in the limelight – a whole lot of children who have passed Common Entrance, as well as hundreds who have been attending schools away from their home parishes for a year or so, they will be up against serious odds to meet the bus fares and books and a snack during their long hours from home.

And that is because their parents and guardians are not working, and just cannot make the required financial ends meet to enable them to support the young ones.

And instead of their M.P’s who are members of the Government in control of state power – coming up with programs or plans to help them overcome the financial burdens – they are busy filing motions of no-confidence in the five or six Government Ministers who are still holding the reins of power, while those break-away Ex-ministers continue to draw their M.P. salaries and doing nothing to show for same.

And the very people who voted to put them in Parliament, cannot even get a day work on the roads to care for their children and send them to school.

Something has to be wrong with that state of affairs, and whether or not those enjoying the M.P’s salaries – and doing nothing in return for the pay cheques they are cashing every month – have any bold-faced intention to offer themselves as Candidates at the next elections, whenever they are called – they should be helping families in their constituencies to try and make financial ends meet in these trying times.

Instead of helping the needy, however, they have the nerve to be carrying on about how they plan to make appropriate changes in the remainder of the wasted term.

If any number of voters in any constituency are blindfolded and crazy enough – to even help most of those defaulters to barely save their deposits, in any future elections after what they have suffered since the last one – then they deserved what they are getting now, and even more.

The joy and celebrations and euphoria over our Kirani James Olympic victory, have definitely came about at an appropriate time to help ease the pressure and tension – but that is only a passing and short-lived relief.

There could be a number of Investors in the major sporting nations, who have been very impressed by Kirani’s performance at the Olympics – and may feel and see the need to seize the opportunity to get involved in Grenada at this time, so that by the date of the next Olympics in Rio, their investment could be further boosted on the world sporting stage as sponsors in the Champion’s homeland.  But in the current political climate I cannot see this happening anytime soon.

To show their concern and goodwill for Grenada and its people – those still in control should take the bull by the horns and have the Governor-General dissolve Parliament within the next Ninety days and schedule General Elections before Christmas this year.

Whether two, three or four groups wish to contest that Election – so be it, but at least the people would have their constitutional right to choose the group they feel more comfortable with, and potential investors will have a united Government to deal with – as they travel on the Champion’s journey to the “Next Gold” in 2016.

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