So be it Mr. Gang Man!

By Stone Crusher

Thank God the political blood-letting have subsided at least for now, since the renegades within the ruling party have been advised to lie low with the hope of attracting reconciliation.

All democrats know the terrible effect this group of power hungry RMC/OREL thugs has had on the nation’s ability to progress.  They can only be referred to by their right name – INFIDELS as Sadham Hussein would have referred to such animals in his time.  It is now irrefutable that these elements crept into the ruling party as far back as the turn of the century with plans to unseat and replace the sitting Political Leader and subsequent Prime Minister in similar fashion to that of the 1979 / 83 period.

It would appear that they never paid attention to the resolve of Uncle Tilly whom they thought to be a push over since their system of undemocratic dictatorial communism jailed him in the early 80’s.

It is quite obvious that based on their Leninist/Marxist orientation, the regrouped communists are not interested in the views of people but only their own. In a democracy the people are at the centre of attention but in the communist system, power always come from the barrel of a gun.

So it goes without saying that  in a democracy, the thinking of the people is the bedrock of support for any political organisation.  And whereas those committed to democracy on the side of the Prime Minister are pushing the party’s (NDC’s) agenda, these left over RMC/OREL thugs were intent on pushing their archaic agenda which bears absolutely no relevance to the current political landscape.

The son of FRANKO, the famous and notorious butcher from Hermitage withstood their test in the 80’s which turned out to be preparation for big things to come in his life and times. The right hand of God must be presiding over things in this land because no one in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s saw Uncle Tilly as a future PM.

Even in today’s construct in context of leadership, anyone who is truthful to him or herself will  admit that Tillman Thomas is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but his level of decency and “value-centeredness” makes sure that he stands out among our leaders who took charge since the 1974 Independence to the present.

Interestingly, the only other leader he matches up to in QUALITY is Sir Nicholas Brathwaite – a one time leader of the NDC and Prime Minister whose decency and integrity cannot be questioned.

The Stone Crusher has heard it touted about in many quarters that Sir Nicholas is the only real Prime Minister of Grenada in a post revolution sense.

When the undercover plot by the NEW RMC leader was discovered in the early aftermath of the NDC victory in July of 2008 and reported to Prime Minister Thomas from several angles and quarters, Uncle Tilly was not the type of leader to go by predictions, feelings, opinions – which most time come down to “ole talk” steeped in malice as we know many of us are known for – and so he left the clique to do their own thing until they misinterpreted that for full reign.

But all the Prime Minister was doing was empowering his entire team with the intention of having them do good for the country collectively in their various portfolios.  It would appear that the focus by the Rebel Gang on their own narrow agenda made them lose sight of the fact that any tremors within the government and party bearing similar footprints of the period which led to the bloody massacre on Fort Rupert – now Fort George – would have been ventilated in the open and the people would take care of them.

It is obvious that after the basking of the Kirani James glory at the 2012 London Olympics and the Carnival festivities are over, the entire country will all go back to the hot topic of politics as we are approaching home stretch for elections which based on how things are going can be any time soon.

The first serious signal that Prime Minister Thomas received to confirm all the rumours that there was a Cabinet within his Cabinet, and more vulgarly having a gang operating within his Cabinet and Party came in November 2010 when certain recalcitrant members refused to take up their positions after the justifiable Cabinet reshuffle.

The Gang Leader was so upset about the change that he told those close to him that he will not be accepting the change in ministerial positions. It was downhill after that and the proverbial blood-letting commenced.  More energy was placed on gerrymandering the party’s executive so as to command its authority like in the days of 1979-83 when Coard and his followers took charge of NJM and the PRG.

The plan of the new RMC Chief within Congress was to “manners” Uncle Tilly as PM and his deputy, Nazim Burke.

But that was not to be as the Prime Minister made good on his promise to take the issues to the people.  He started off with a series of party meetings called “Solidarity Sundays” which have grown in proportions. It was the perfect platform to touch base with the party supporters and to expose them to the intrigues of the gang.

The rebels never anticipated this just as how Coard and company could not have dealt with the people after they went up to Mt. Wheldale on October 19, 1983 and freed their leader from under house arrest. The RMC leader and his crew were on the run ever since as NDC’ites started to listen to Uncle Tilly.

To a great extent, the country has now seen the almost total annihilation of those who are correctly and popularly referred to as gang members, infidels, rebels, reprobates, renegades and all other unsavoury terms one would prefer not to be called.

The Gang Man and Company are nothing but poor examples for our young people who are in dire need of role models.

There will be very little or no hope for our young people when we have such imposters infiltrating our political leadership in Grenada. How can our young people move on progressively when we have so many of our political leaders just not worthy of occupying positions of authority in this country.

Some of them are stuck in time while others are out of time completely and beyond their real level.  Many of them can be safely described as labourers gone wrong.

It was no surprise that within a week and a day, we were faced with three gruesome murders of women by men who were said to be known to them (lovers or former lovers).  The high level of functional illiteracy that exists here in Grenada is too much to handle. Many of our people seem to know how to count from one to a hundred and higher but if they see any of those numbers in different contexts, they are at trouble to identify them in their new environments.

Many of them feel being able to call out words by way of pronunciation, they are able to read ignoring the reality that for one to be literate one must be able to understand what one reads – for reading is a co-ordination between the eyes and the brain.

Too many people in Grenada lack the ability to reason and analyse. This results in petty conversations for which conclusions are arrived at without any adequate sequence thus reflecting the naked poverty of the mind and intellect among so many.

The simplicity of the mind here in Grenada is mind boggling.  The lack of exposure of our people to things that matter contributes to an all time simplicity of thought and don’t talk about expression – that is even worst.

It is mysterious how more violence is not upon us on account of this lack of ability to analyse and reason in most of our people. When coupled with the vulgar show of hunger for power by the infidels as the “punkin eater” and his inferior crew, one ought to be surprised that there isn’t more mayhem in Grenada.

Recently we saw how disruptive the union reject threatened to behave with talk of strike for LIAT at a time when the nation is on its knees economically and just about getting a fillip from the inflow of visitors to our shores.  One cannot help but wonder what is wrong with this “little boy” who is always looking for attention.

Why it is that every time we hear this union reject’s name we hear it in destructive activities?  If it is not to overthrow governments, it is to militantly maim employers of his union’s members thus breeding bad blood between them and the providers of their bread and butter.

The Stone Crusher is not afraid of sounding repetitive since it is through repetition that we can learn as a nation.  If Uncle Tilly wants to lose the upcoming elections 15 – 0, all he has to do is to compromise and reconcile with the renegades and the new RMC gang leader.
Nobody wants to see these sellouts like the gang man, the drunkard, the “frock ooman”, the imposter God/fake pastor who cannot speak English properly, the big head casino man, and all the others who have been known to take orders from the union reject, and the convicted mass-murderer to bring down yet another duly elected government – back within the fold of NDC.

The talk in town is that the gang members are trying to use a certain Ambassador based in Europe who the “frock ooman” from the South is not on speaking terms with, to be a kind of mediator to bring the two sides back together.

Imagine these renegades who have absolutely nothing to offer, are saying they will only compromise under the condition that Sen. Glen Noel is not part of the reconfigured NDC. Are they for real? Who wants to be in any new arrangements with the gang man and them? Once bitten, twice shy!!!

Gang man, Glen Noel is more of an asset to the NDC than any of your disciples. The Good lord used Glen to make that famous speech to expose the plan involving the gang man and the baker to try and replace Uncle Tilly as NDC Leader and Prime Minister.

The Ambassador will do well to leave that alone and mind his business in Europe on behalf of the people of Grenada.

Grenadians do not want the “pumpkin eater” and his crew back in the corridors of power within the NDC.  They must go and go far away from Uncle Tilly and his people in Congress. The greater the distance between the two sides the better for NDC and the rest of the country.

The real NDC is the Tillman Thomas side. The gang man and his crew are not genuine supporters of the party as they are the ones who have plunged the country into this political darkness.

They have lost their chances which they willingly squandered on account of their hunger for power. They are the ones who have their friends on the other side boasting of the possibility of coming back into power. Against this back drop the red nastiness must be rejected completely and his political career must end before the next general election.

The Stone Crusher will not retire until the gang man joins the Grenada Revolution in the political dustbin of our history.

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