Long rope for ‘marga’ goat!

By Stone Crusher

Old people always say – long rope for “marga” goat. Now that the gang man is on the run with the PM  in control, an olive branch must be sent out to most of those who were misguided by the red nastiness.

However, this olive branch should not include persons like the big head casino man, drunkard, and false prophet/pastor whose claim to fame is that he can’t speak English and dunce as the back of a spoon. They must go with the gang leader and form their own party and leave NDC to NDC’ites.

Both he and the drunkard must leave the airwaves alone and cease and desist from misrepresenting the real NDC whose agenda they are not pushing but that of their own.

The Stone Crusher is warning the ruling party against making the same mistake again by allowing the likes of the gang leader to get into the party and putting into their hands very important executive positions.

There is no need to go back and say that it was a mistake that was made – just accept it and move on and do not walk that same road again. There are going to be others who will come just like the red nastiness came: sounding good and looking good – but definitely not meaning good for the party and government.

History has shown that the communists are committed to getting into positions of influence as part of their strategy to always take charge of things. The only known communist in Grenada who is a leader is the fading-into-oblivion unionist who is in trouble because of misplaced militancy in these trying times for our national economy.

The Brewery saga has rendered him spent and irrelevant to the point where as a means of trying to remain current, he is trying to reinvent himself with “band-wagoning” on current issues like the White in the Moonlight stalemate, the Calypsonians and their mindlessness and recently closer to home – the Caribbean Agro & Lime restructuring which cannot be avoided if they are to remain financially viable companies.

Anyone who doubts that these old outdated communists are committed to getting into positions of influence in order to take charge of things must take a read of Sir Paul Scoon’s book, “Survival for Service”, in which he documented, “Communists do have a way of infiltrating places that are normally considered sacrosanct”.

It was not by guess that the gang man was sent by his OREL/RMC clique to infiltrate NDC in order to eventually take over the party as part of a wider strategy to get back into power like 1979-83. Don’t forget, they promised themselves that they would have to be back in the driver’s seat (of power) twenty years from 1983!  Go and ask the union man who has been jerry-mandering the red nastiness.  He is known to have said enough on this issue over the years.

Do you recall his utterances when the PM sought to make his first Cabinet reshuffle and there was resentment from the gang man and his disciples?  The union man was so annoyed that he came out publicly and said that the Progressives only joined NDC as part of a coalition in order to remove the opposition and to get into power.
These people were never true NDC’ites – their mission was always to try and infiltrate Congress and to take over the party as their own with the gang man becoming the new leader instead of Uncle Tilly.

Bishop and Radix of MAP did the same with Unison Whitman, Teddy Victor and other Comrades of JEWEL from St. David’s when they formed NJM in order to remove Gairy from power.

Bishop got a taste of his own medicine when Coard decided to join NJM and bring in his OREL Crew – and before long he was able to split the NJM Joint Co-ordinating Secretary positions between the same Bishop and Brother Uni. Thus started the bid by the OREL crew, of which the gang man was an integral part, to get power into their own hands.

The rest is history as the progressive forces brought about their own downfall in October 1983 on Fort Rupert (now Fort George) because of greed for power.
Please tell the gang man that the people of Grenada are not going back into those dark days with him.

They can do us a favour by going back on the bloody crime scene on the same Fort and shoot down each other! The last communist to stand must then throw himself over the Fort and commit suicide and leave us all alone to live in this beautiful island in peace.

As long as these RMC remnants remain committed to their ideology of old and refuse to change and accept the new world order, the country will be in turmoil if we make the mistake of trying to engage them politically.

The young people of this country must not be fooled by the quick smile and appearances of charm on the face of the Chief Rebel.

Whenever they see this man who is like the one that betrayed Christ, ask him who gave him the orders to strike and to move against Uncle Tilly? Was it the union man? Was it the convicted mass murderer?

Coard would not have made his move against Bishop unless some kind of tacit approval came from Comrade Trevor – the Moscow man in the English-speaking Caribbean. The Cubans did not sanction the removal of the Comrade Leader – the OREL men did because they did not like the closeness between Bishop and Fidel.

Callistus Bernard (Iman Abdullah) did not just line up Bishop on the fort and shoot him down along with Sister Jackie, Uni, Norris and Fitzroy Bain, Brat Bullen, Keith “Pumphead” Hayling, Evelyn Maitland and others without getting the orders from elsewhere.

Remember the evidence that came out in the trial: Abdullah pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and said that it was Central Committee Orders that the Comrade Leader had to be executed. The CC members were stationed on Fort Frederick and after the shooting – just ask Cletus St. Paul who was held a prisoner on the fort – what kind of reaction came from the CC members after the killing of Bishop and others.

Gang man, please stop your attempts at destabilisation against Uncle Tilly and go your way in peace. Do not push the NDC people to the limit because you might instead be forced to go in pieces. If you want to temp fate on that one – why you and your infidels do not show up at an NDC rally presided over by Uncle Tilly? Look at how you end up a man without a party!  You red fool!

Recent events should tell you that everything that you did against the PM failed. So you think that you had him covered with all those acts of espionage employed against the Prime Minister. You did feel a sense of confidence to seize power – didn’t you?  But you forget that these are not the times when you could force people to support you and your corrupt bunch.

The NDC people were ready for your kind. Many of them did read Sir Paul’s book and got a better understanding of who really is a communist.

Even the Catholic Church did not trust the PRG boys because they understood the commitment of the local communists to always engage in Soviet style spying on everyone in the society.

Such was the fear of the likes of the gang man and his comrades during the 4 years of the Revo that even Bishop Sydney Charles was forced to be very cautious and careful of his movements.

This is what Sir Paul wrote in his book, “Survival for Service”: “Bishop Charles visited me almost weekly and many a Saturday I invited him to stay on for lunch. On one occasion Bishop Charles expressed fears that my reception room might be bugged. I tried to convince him that I had no reason to believe that it was, adding that, even if it were bugged, I could not care less as I would not be muzzled in my own home”.

Could you imagine the head of the Catholic Church expressing such fears? Well Gang Man, many persons in Grenada were waiting for you to start enforcing that script against Uncle Tilly to pounce on your so and so. Now that you have played true to form, you have to go and really go this time.

Gang man, there is too much freedom now under Uncle Tilly for Grenadians to bother with your kind of “stupidness”. Who in their right mind will think of giving you power in front of Uncle Tilly. Like you mad or what- we ain’t going back to ’83 with your likes.

The baker man helped to smooth the waters for you to gain acceptance in Congress. Now the same baker man is being called upon to recognise that the NDC people have spoken – Uncle Tilly is their leader  – and not a counterfeit like you.

The chicken feed salesman who once posed as elder of the party was more concerned about his security contracts which shall be short-lived so he could go back to focusing on the aggressive sale of Menezes’ fowl feed.

After the NDC humiliating defeat in 1999 at the hands of NNP, the baker man took the decision to do away with the likes of Mike Andrews and Kenny Lalsingh and to bring in the communist boys to help the party with the work that was needed to defeat Mitchell.

Now that the Chief Rebel has overplayed his hand – the baker man – should do the NDC people a favour and ask the gang man to back-off and go in peace. He (the baker man) owes the supporters of the NDC a public apology for bringing that red nastiness into the party.

Uncle Tilly must be left alone to put together his team of trusted persons to win the next election and to get down to the business of running the country. Since he never had a real chance, the people of Grenada should give him that chance without the red nastiness, the drunkard, the box head casino man, the dunce and retarded frock ‘ooman’ – (glorified secretary).

The drunkard is going around asking colleagues to “give him a work” because he opened back his office. You think anyone in their right mind will go to this drunkard for representation?

Stone Crusher understands that one priest in the South is reported to have recently mentioned on the pulpit that some people have stopped talking with the frock ‘ooman’. This seemed to have angered enough people who have started telling his current parishioners that he has a child in another church parish where he was posted before moving to the south.

If that is true, the priest needs to realise the resolve of people to distance themselves from this ‘dotish’ and consummately ungrateful inferior ‘ooman’ and he ought to mind his business and stick to Christianity and do not allow her to suck him into her ‘dotishness’.
The NDC supporters are resolute that there must be no more distractions. New candidates have to be found for St. Patrick West, The Town of St. George, St. George South-east,

South St. George and one or two other places for whenever the elections are called.
The would-be candidates have already been identified – and once the conditions are right the PM will do what has to be done to complete the process.

Stone Crusher also renews the call for a mass get-rid-of-the-gang and their leader rally in the Town of St. George soon after the Carnival – and before the Convention – in order to send the final message to the infidels.

There is no way that Uncle Tilly will appear on the same platform with the likes of Peter David and Joseph Gilbert. If that happens then NDC will be in Opposition for another long spell.

It is time for some of them and one in particular – to be given more time to spend with his grand children and ease the burden on his father.

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