People’s Power in the gang man tail!

by Stone Crusher
There is absolutely no doubt that NDC’s last executive meeting (Thursday 26th July) was a true demonstration of PEOPLE’S POWER. It was a true revolution where the democrats voted against the dictatorship of a small minority. This makes the difference and will ensure that the kind of October 19, 1983 seizure of power by the OREL clique in a bloody coup killing of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop will not happen in our fair isle.

The red nastiness that has arisen within the bowels of the Congress party – similar to Bernard Coard in NJM – will be history come September 30. That will be the day that his powerbase in NDC will be destroyed and smashed.

The gang man is now trying to sucker Nazim Burke and Chris De Riggs into his nonsense of they being Ministers of government in the PRG while he was not as if to indicate that they are the communists and not him – but one thing he failed to recognise is the fact that they have been reformed and resolved to fit into today’s realities because their past is dead.

This is very much unlike him (gang man) who rose up within the legitimately elected administration of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas in his attempt to reintroduce the same floor plan of OREL to unseat him.

The stories of this mindless simpleton trying to secure the loyalty of various influential Grenadians of whom he was unsure and actually articulating this demand to each, is testimony that he had plans to highjack the government from the beginning.

Several persons can testify about his ambitions to see that Tillman Thomas lost the St. Patrick East seat in the last election and when the results showed the political leader up as winner, can vouch for the gang man’s open expression of disappointment. This adds fuel to the consistent fire of this man’s deception.

Do you recall “Uncle Tilly” being asked publicly by Leslie Pierre if he is not concerned about being a victim of similar circumstances as those of the 1983 events which saw the demise of Maurice Bishop?

The Stone Crusher recalls PM Thomas indicating strongly that he will be the first to tell the people of any move to unseat him from inside. Bishop failed to take heed of the warning from President Kenneth Kaunda to always look in “the fig stool” for the enemy.

This current problem in NDC was a legitimate concern which many voiced as they anticipated that the gang man was going to be Uncle Tilly’s nightmare. Thank God the PM and Glen Noel came out just in time to inform the people about the inside moves – and you see the response!

It was nothing but total obliteration of the gang man and his “possie” to include his chief advisors – the now irrelevant unionist and the convicted mass murderer, coupled with his loyalists – the stupid “frock ooman” (glorified secretary) who has never been able to deliver – never mind how many times she has been reshuffled, the box-head casino man, the drunkard, and the other hangers-on who are continuing to siphon the ALBA dollars from the Red One.

The drunkard was on radio recently saying Stone Crusher should reveal his identity because “they” know is a group of them that behind this “trademark brand” that has helped to destroy the ambitions of the newlook Coardites.

Imagine this ungrateful drunkard saying that the rebels will not vote for the NDC government in parliament because Uncle Tilly and Naz did not tell them thanks for voting against the no confidence bill.

This little upstart also said that nobody does come and ask them how their children doing – as if somebody send them and have children.  Stone Crusher did not hear him personally with the diatribe but understand he did not sound like himself so may have been drunk – as usual.

The gang man was too afraid of voting with the opposition to bring down the government to create history – the third government that he would have had a hand in bringing down – Uncle Gairy in March 1979 and Comrade Bishop in October 1983.

Drunkard – you will have to keep guessing who Stone Crusher is. Whether you think it is Willie Joseph, Chris DeRiggs, Glen Noel, George Worme, Stanley Charles, Eddie Frederick, Aaron Moses, Kent Joseph, Richard Simon, or others – the fact remains you cannot contest anything documented here about you and your perpetual drunken state.
What makes you think that Stone Crusher is not a reborn Coardite who now believes in the existence of God.

He is certainly sworn to root out for good the gang man, your imposter pastor who can’t speak English and all his nasty ways, the ungrateful dunce frock ooman, the box head casino crook, the irrelevant union man who just woke up recently to realise that his members are in trouble because of the international economic crisis and more directly – the spinoff from the poor militant stands he is known to have taken under the guise of their interest, and – yes – the convicted mass murderer.

The consistency of the growing numbers which Uncle Tilly continues to attract at public meetings held in his name are also having the effect of blowing away the gang man. Have you heard how quickly the gang man was able to respond to a caller on Andre Donald’s radio programme recently?

The caller seemed to have made reference to his ALBA dollars when he called at the drop of a hat to say that he does not have any ALBA dollars. In his true to form “is not me” manner, he called the name of one of his surrogates whom he said wrote a cheque for $3,000 as if to throw the girl under the bus.

The red nastiness knows that he is made of glass and should not throw any stone at anybody.

The gang man lacks a winnable strategy to take down Uncle Tilly and his jet-setting media mercenary cannot help him.

Even the great support he once boasted of within the party’s executive has started to cave in because they realise he has absolutely no support.

The Stone Crusher is told that during the last executive meeting some of the gang stayed away, some presented themselves and others walked out in the face of the strength showed by Uncle Tilly and one member of the gang pledged not to return.

The gang man can be likened to a man with a prized kite that burst over the seas and who cannot swim so he cannot go for it.

Even though all is lost, the Gang man will not stop! He can be seen in church on Sundays trying to fool people that he is a Godly man these days.

Gang man, you need to show your Godliness by staying home and using your spare time to help your accomplished father who deserves a rest to take care of “your several grand children”. Charity begins at home!

The whole of Grenada is aware that you are still up to your nasty tricks. Recently, he tried to use one of his surrogates from St. Paul’s to try and attack the integrity of the Prime Minister.

An attempt was made by the clique at a meeting in Morne Jaloux of the St. George South-east constituency to use a woman linked to the disgraced Chairman, Kenrick Fullerton to attack the Prime Minister on a scholarship.

The woman got help from government with a scholarship to go to UWI in Barbados and all she had to do was look for some additional funds to assist her to complete her course of studies. Is like the woman wanted the PM to take his salary and give her to go to Barbados to do her studies.

Why didn’t she get Fullerton to approach the Gang Leader to give her some of the ALBA dollars? Why couldn’t Fullerton, himself, sponsor her? Fullerton was full of money after the Insurance thing – even Uncle Tilly fell victim to him with money.

The surrogates of the gang are the same people who are peddling a lot of lies about the Education Minister, Franka Alexis using her position to get government funding for her daughter to go and study.

Franka had to put out a statement to beat back the lies and propaganda from the Rebels. But then again, the gang man was schooled in propaganda by Sister Phyllis. Do you remember the propaganda about Gairy and the sexy albums? Ask the Revo boys to show you an album – none existed – just a ploy to blacken Gary and to seize power.

Uncle Tilly, please do the nation a favour. After the carnival, all roads must lead to the Town of St. George Constituency for a mass public meeting to be held anywhere near Purcell’s Lumber Yard to re-enforce to NDC supporters that the PM is fully in charge.

The challenge to the Gang Man is to hold a meeting in the same venue one week before or one week after the PM’s meeting to test his strength in the Constituency.

The Stone Crusher pledges US$50, 000.00 to the gang man to be deposited on any account of his choice if he can bring out more people than the Uncle Tilly. This is good money that will be put up by NDC Patriots from inside the country and not underhand money that comes in from Dominica.

The Rebel Leader has lost so badly in the fight against Uncle Tilly that some of his members are bolting away from him. His gamble has blown up in his face. The PRA that he was courting are not taking him seriously.

The former PRA members can be seen in large numbers attending public meetings of the Prime Minister. The PRA boys are not going into any “stupidness” with the gang man! March 13-1979 to October 19, 1993 is totally over in Grenada.

The Pastor has to be dealt with too. Imagine “Mr. Confused” was in government for almost 4 years and kept complaining that he was not getting resources from the State to do work in his constituency. How come he is no longer in government and getting resources to start a few projects in the constituency?

Where is this money coming from? Is this the US$150, 000.00 that the Opposition Leader is talking about? But on a more serious note – there is talk about US$50, 000.00 given to a certain MP by a certain Arab State to spend on projects. The Prime Minister must ask all NDC MP’s about this money. Those who collected must hand it up.

Mr. Confused nearly cost us a lot of money from the United Arab Emirates to build the new Parliament building. He ended up in Israel talking gibberish about Israel has a right to exist thus scuttling Grenada’s chances of getting the UAE funds.

Thanks to Uncle Tilly and his diplomacy the Arab State decided to forgive the indiscretion of the Pastor and recommit rthe funds for the Parliament.

The Pastor is blaming everybody except himself for his own demise in the constituency. Imagine this man was working in a government Ministry and a close family member of one of his own constituents working in the said ministry died and the man was so heartless.

This creep who would like people to think of him as a “Man of God” did not see it fit to go to the woman’s desk to extend condolences to her. The woman was so right to tear up (in his own face) the card he eventually sent expressing condolence weeks after the burial.

Is that the actions of an MP and so-called Pastor of a religious flock or the action of a very self-serving individual? MP’s should always put people first.

The people in South-east are not stupid and looking to PM Thomas to give them a far better representative than this fork tongued fake pastor.

The Preacher should see the turn-out at the Morne Jaloux R.C School when Uncle Tilly was in attendance at a recent meeting for NDC supporters in the Constituency.

It would appear that God is really tired of the “confused” pastor with the most expensive vehicle in the whole of Grenada.


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