Gang Man and his glorified secretary were absent

By Stone Crusher

As a school child when you beat a frog – as soon as you deliver the first blow and it turns over, it pretends to be totally knocked out and if you were to surrender when you depart (never mind for how short a period) upon return to look for the frog – it is gone.  So the gang man is behaving with his skullduggery deceitful self.

Although the gang man has been decimated and his surrogates admitting they have lost the battle against Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC – Tillman Thomas – in their efforts to remove him from those two positions, he continues to plot his deceptive moves to destabilise the government and by extension the country.

Gaping holes have appeared in his original plan, which was based on his Central Committee modus operandi – a method steeped in the norms of democratic centralism according to the Munroe doctrine.  Yet for all, this red nastiness continues to give life to his deception by appearing on television with his chief drunkard partner in the company of another whose rent he pays from time to time to brow beat this nation into believing that he is so clean and good.

It is no secret that the gang man is affable, quite handsome and speaks well (even though what he says lacks substance) – but those are not enough qualities to run this nation.  The gang man is a better looking version of his close friend on the other side. They have too many things in common for us to take a chance on him, too!  As a people we will not be fooled to give the better looking version of Dr. Mitchell a chance too. Grenada is not a “soo soo”! Gang man, it is not your hand to draw this time around.

Your reckless actions have stalled the country and render the government that you were elected to be a part of unable to run the country effectively to the benefit of our people as a whole.  For most of the life of the administration you were busy profiling yourself as the go-to/come-to man and not doing anything at all.   What have you achieved since July 2008? The answer is simple – zilch!

Apart from you high jacking the issue of the renaming of the international airport as if to make amends for the murderous acts committed by the RMC/OREL squad against Maurice Bishop and others back in October 1983, what have you done? The early thinking in July 2008 was to offer Nadia Bishop a job as Ambassador to the United Nations in order to seek her forgiveness for the brutal assassination of her father.

Nadia was smart enough to decline the offer and not be hoodwinked by another of the sinister ploy of the hardliners grouped within OREL. The RMC Gang leader inside the NDC must make amends to the daughter of the former Prime Minister by asking his colleagues like HA, Callistus Bernard, Headache, Sello, Bernard and Cornwall etc to give full disclosure about the remains.

After all, Bogo and HA met with former GG, Sir Paul Scoon and informed him that plans were being made by the RMC to facilitate a funeral for Bishop and the others who were killed on the fort. So the man now posing as the new face of the RMC is well-positioned to get the information from the men now on the outside and bring closure to this bloody chapter and to out Nadia’s mind to rest.

For a man who hardly used to be in Grenada during your stint, do you think you brought any benefits to Grenada commensurate with your jet-setting? NOT AT ALL! Oh how you cost this country plenty through your extensive travels with our losses outweighing the benefits.

Apart from Chavez who wanted Grenada’s soul for “the ALBA”, and was told by you that PM Thomas is not in favour and that he is so backward and non-progressive, etc. thus damaging the relationship between Grenada and Venezuela, and making mischief to tell the Chinese that you and your crew ( the frock woman & functional illiterate glorified secretary, the box head casino man, the drunkard, your three part-time supporters within the Cabinet ) are in favour of them while Burke has influence over the Thomas faction and they favour Taiwan.

You figure the PM did not know the level of mischief you were involved in. Please remember this: Diplomats speak in a manner that is easy to read between the lines and so, the insecurities of both Venezuela and China were put on the table to PM Thomas by their representatives a long time ago.

The red nastiness tried to sell to some of the diplomats that Vince who supports the PM was doing a hatchet job on the Chinese with the full blessing of the Prime Minister in connection with the millions that were promised by the Keppel Foundation to KCM, Nimrod and Bowen and the NNP Crew to break relations with Taiwan and recognize the Mainland.

The PM is a decent man and cannot and will not tell the Chinese something and do the opposite. Can that be said of the ghetto prince/RMC gang leader? He promised some people positions in the government when he had influence but never delivered. And the reason for this is that he could not get the people to make commitments to pledge loyalty to he and he alone. Gang man, please behave yourself.

Gang man – you need to get a life and start behaving as the grand father you are of two, three or four that you are, so that their dear great grand father can get the ease up he DESERVES in the twilight of his years.

Gang man – how many passing as well as resident foreign investors have you tried to poison against the Prime Minister and Finance Minister? Interestingly when these said investors actually met both men, they realise what a fraud you are and opened up to them about the conversations you had with them.  There are many angles to your deception which the PM discovered a long time now and was providing you with long enough rope to complete the job of hanging yourself.

Haven’t you noticed that you are the flip side of the same coin when it comes to your close friend on the other side?  Look at the low crust of “lumpens” you have following you and saying they are supporting you.  You, on the contrary to him (your close friend on the other side) have a “few friends” while he has supporters.

KCM was able to bring a good enough crowd to his convention and rally while the La Tante fete only attracted a handful of person. Some people complained that there was not even enough on offer for them to get a full plate of food. So what would have happened if 500 people had showed up on the beach picnic?

That is why the few you have around you are eating you out at great peril to your family coffers and your dwindling ALBA funds stored in a friendly OECS country. Don’t forget that some of our people understand the phrase – eat him out and vote him out.

Gang man, your business is on the streets! You are as transparent as glass window and so nothing you try will succeed as you can be spotted miles in advance.

The people are also taking note that when something of special interest is taking place in the country, the gang man is often absent.

Where was he when the bill was shot down by the opposition with the support of the two “parliamentary vagabonds” on the government backbenches?  The plan is for him to be absent on each of those occasions so that Uncle Tilly will not have enough support to pass anything in the Parliament.

The red nastiness prefers to be out because he will be forced to vote in favour, and if he is there to abstain. However, the people are saying that anyone who chooses to abstain in truth and in fact voted against it.

Surely the gang man knows the agenda of parliament before a sitting is called and so he chooses which sitting to avoid so a vote against any government bill will act as humiliation for Uncle Tilly’s administration.
What the gang man does not realise is that Uncle Tilly is a consummate democrat who expects whatever democracy serves him.  At the end of the day, democracy prescribes that the people will evaluate each representative’s performance with a view to rewarding them justly.

The frock woman was absent also! Where was she at the time?  Away looking at her daughter play a game, Stone Crusher is told.  Before this functional illiterate glorified secretary was elected, how many of you remember her catching her tail enough to reach out for help, here, there and almost everywhere?

Could she have afforded to travel to see her daughter or son play any sport in another country (neighbouring or otherwise) then?  It is the electorate who gave this “woman” a job which she has failed in being able to deliver time and time again.

And although the people continue to maintain her in that position, she continues to show them contempt in return.  One would have thought that the job which provides opportunities for her to be sheltered properly, clothed properly, fed properly, take care of her children properly, would have been important enough for her to realise that two hands must clap.

This is the kind of so-called Christian that makes Christianity looks like a bad thing, as she continues to forget that Christianity is an action and a practice and not something to talk about and claim to be. But when one is dunce and stupid, that is the consequence.

The Stone Crusher will not be hoodwinked into the ole talk of the frock woman that  she has a mind of her own and that the gang leader cannot make her do what she does not want to do. Who this oo-man thinks she talking to – little children. Like she mad ah war?
That is why when Uncle Tilly sets the date for the next election, the people have to make sure that their “one vote” is not wasted on these mal-intentioned petty little parasites who are not deserving to be elected to our parliament.

The gang man is not really a believer in the “one man, one vote” thing since his principal advisor is the one who tried to sold the country and the rest of the world after March 13, 1979 that from hereon, the democracy in Grenada will be based on the principle of “one man, one gun”.

From the time the “bus-kite” from Gouyave was elected everybody knew he was trouble including the Gouyave people who remained vigilant and eventually threw his “vagrant tail” out!  The other one was the religious guru whose body language and supported practices give him away as one who had a preoccupation with women which took priority over and above “The Lord”.

Congregants know that only too well! The Stone Crusher has been told that he was recently given a church in Beausejour to pastor.  Is that one of the reasons why he went to the NNP rally at Telescope – to inform KCM that he will be going back home to do some work in North-west. May God help the young women in that church! Father, please forgive him not because he knows what he is doing.

You want to hear something interesting?  Since Uncle Tilly scatter the gang man, he start answering his phone these days.  How many of you remember when he used to “not answer” his phone and not return calls either?  This is quite the opposite of the man he hates who at one time used to be on the same side with him. If that man cannot answer his phone at any point in time, when it is convenient for him, he returns all calls. This man has proved his consistency at being an organised man and thus a “class” act – unlike the gang man whose modus operandi is steeped in chaos and total disorder.

The Gang man always wants to be the brightest bulb on the tree and so he surrounds himself with people who are dull so he would shine.  But gang man, if you are already dull, no matter who you surround yourself with, you will not shine as time will expose you – (and in your case time has already exposed you). Should you consider regrouping after your political decimation, take the following advice: “If you are the brightest man in your group, you need to find another group.”

Imagine a certain top businessman had the experience of being frustrated making contact with the gang man when he was in the government and someone of consequence mentioned that to one of his ghetto surrogates.

Hear this: The ghetto boy took up his cell phone and made a call in the presence of the person and within a few seconds of the phone being answered, he asked the gang man to call him back and he handed the phone to the person.  That is the level of the man.  When he was in the government, he was not answering his phone just so – although he was busy giving everybody his number.

From day one this “lumpen” wanted to operate a government within Prime Minister Thomas’ government. That is why when the PM attempted to make changes in the November to remember, the gang man showed open defiance and threatened not to take the move easily.

The country was placed in a crisis and the gang man still has the nerve to ask the following question – what has he done wrong? Red nastiness, please behave yourself. Take your few marbles and leave the NDC people alone to get on with the business of running the country.

Everybody who has eyes to see can see that he is really a mommy’s boy who was never accustomed to being told NO!  He said it himself at the funeral – God bless her soul. Everything for this little boy is self, self, self, self!!!!

His blind desire to get where he wants to get in life was so rushed that he ended up opening the door for his undesirable close friend on the other side. But if he had waited, Stone Crusher is sure as the sun rises that he would have stood a chance of rising to the top position had he played his cards right.

Uncle Tilly is not a greedy man and so because of his devout love for and belief in democracy, he would have demitted office at the right time (during his second term) and let the chips fall where they may.

If the gang man had patience, the Stone Crusher is sure that the red nastiness would have been considered as a worthy replacement. A defeat for KCM in the next election would have meant that NNP would not be able to regain power in this land for another ten to fifteen years.

The gang man due to his greed for power has opened the door slightly for NNP to feel that they can get through the crack.

Another annoying development is the regular appearance of the “can’t speak English” fake pastor on radio veering away from the norms of honesty – who is peddling untruths and outright lies.  He was heard to have said recently that Prime Minister Thomas is using state resources to fund party activities.

Everybody knows that this “undesirable fake pastor” cannot convince even the dullest among us that Uncle Tilly would do a thing like that.  He is also trying to peddle as fact that Randall Robinson of Creighton, St. Paul’s – another upright son of our soil is being given a lucrative contract/assignment by the Ministry of Finance.

All this is being done in an effort to taint him because he is likely to be the choice of the Tillman Thomas faction to replace the recently resigned missing-in-action pastor as the next candidate in South-east, instead of their choice who already started to use some of the ALBA dollars to put up posters in certain parts of the constituency.

Fake pastor take this little advice:  Spend your spare time wisely. Enroll in TAMCC’s Adult Continuing Education Programme and learn to speak English, learn to read and write.  When you have attained your certificate to support your competency, report to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and pay up your years of arrears in taxes as your conscious contribution to the development of Grenada.

The Stone Crusher understands that the IRD is looking at you closely and may close in on you any time soon because of your refusal to meet your obligation to the state that you want to be part of the governance of.

You also have a choice: Take some of the ALBA dollars from the gang leader and clear off the debts owed to IRD.

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