No more October 19th in Grenada again


The supporters of the ruling NDC have spoken loudly and clearly about their wish not to have the red nastiness and his rebels lead their party. This could not have been made clearer than on Sunday 8th July, 2012 when the rebels ceased to exist as any political force within the party.

It is quite clear to see that they remain stubborn and want to hold on to their plan to sabotage the party’s chances at the polls constitutionally due in 2013. The question many are asking is why would they who have been spat out by the NDC massive wish to hold on if they are not planning something sinister?  After all, to hold on is to force people to support them as per their communist Central Committee culture.

Privately they are hurting and ventilating this to one another and a couple trusted close associates who have been aware enough to warn them that they were going the wrong way. Their non-confidential close cohorts have been speaking and because of the “winners’ syndrome” are starting to regroup with the obvious winning side after realising that the rebels have been quashed to nothing.

A couple of them had started to say that the NDC is finished because they could not see the party continuing without the likes of the gang man and his personal drunkard, box head casino man, chicken feed salesman, bread man, glorified “frock woman” secretary, and recently added “elder statesman” from St. David’s.

But after seeing the growing momentum of Uncle Tilly’s side which the people are clearly behind, they had no choice but to surrender and change their tune.

Uncle Tilly is a forgiving man and will welcome back the few who were misled by the gang man and strayed away from the flock. However, the olive branch will not be extended to the red one who cannot change from his old communist ways.

Grenadians have demonstrated over the years that they always want to be on the winning side and so most of the gang man’s alleged support have made a run on him and are starting to go back home.

It is only the few close to the gang man who are continuing to stick around to benefit from his ALBA funds before they dry up.

A careful and close look would reveal only the broke – “can’t speak English” fake pastor and the media mercenary are keeping the gang-man close.  It is alleged that the gang man’s personal drunkard friend who recently drove his VW without oil and ceased the engine is keeping even closer to see how he can siphon some of the ALBA funds to repair his vehicle.

The people’s support for Uncle Tilly has got them so “bazody”, that they start to do more “stupidness” at great expense to themselves.

Reality has started to hit home even among NNP supporters that the rebel faction of the party has great support among them and that they have been making a sad mistake to feel the Chief of the Rebels was popular nationally.

What they failed to realise is that because the gang man and his infidels have been attempting to make their work easy for them (The NNP) to return to office, their liking him does not translate into national support. They saw this on May 20th at the Grenville Car Park after the May 15th No Confidence motion and on Sunday July 8th with the ground swell of support for Uncle Tilly as against the handful of associates within the NDC that followed the “red nastiness” for his “dog-food pelau” in La Tante.

As a means of keeping up the momentum that Uncle Tilly has been able to gather since he came clean with the nation to advise them of the division in his NDC party, Uncle Tilly needs to strategise and soon after Carnival, hold a series of town hall styled meetings garnished with well timed mass rallies with a move into the town of St. George on Sunday October 14th with a view to burying the gang man before the 19th so there could be no October 19th for him. That should run him out of the constituency once and for all.

The gang man should be politically dead by October 19 – a day that he wishes will be removed from the Grenada Calendar since that was the day that the OREL faction of which he was a member, slaughtered the people on the fort.

The gang man must be put to rest in the dustbin of Grenada’s politics so much so that no one would remember if he had existed on October 19 – the darkest day in our modern history.

People hear this: The talk on the ground in St. David’s is that Mr. Lett asked his main man in the constituency to cook a pot of Oil Down for him, but the chap turn around and ask him where the pot of food is intended for.

Upon being told it was for La Tante, the man told his MP that if it was going to Gouyave, he would cook it but he is not cooking anything for the La Tante beach lime. The gang man should have asked Kennedy for a pot of food.

All the shopkeepers in St. David’s were looking out for some economic stimulation when they heard of the NDC Rebel Executive function in La Tante, but that was not to be as the function was a non-starter.

The rice, flour, sugar, salt and what have you stayed on the shelves. As one shop owner told a friend, the sale was as usual because only the regular people in the village came out to buy her goods.

Despite the flop in the thing, imagine the gang man telling Grenadians that 1,800 people passed through his La Tante ghetto lime, when at no time did they ever have more than 150 people scattered on the beach.

It is true that this is the age of Science and Technology and in New Maths 100 plus 80 could possible be 1800. May be the gang man counted the NNP supporters who dropped in to get food on their way up to their party’s 25th anniversary convention in Telescope that same day!

Gang man, didn’t your faction announce a cooking competition?  Who won? What did the winner cook? What did the other people cook on the beach? Some of the few people who stopped by the lime were heard complaining that they did not get anything to eat and drink.

That is why shopkeepers in the area thought they would have done some business for the occasion and ended up disappointed.

The drunkard who recently burnt the engine of his new vehicle recently told someone that “Tilly win the battle boy!” What he and his gang members did not realize is that this is the first time country people ever elected a Prime Minister from the country and they bad as yaws for him.

No dishonourable discharge from town will mash that up. The country people say they have a Prime Minister and no little upstart, especially one that came from a group with so much blood on their hands will kill their leader. One leader is enough – not a second one, especially Uncle Tilly.

The box head casino man made the first error to allow the rebel from town to put a wedge between him and his elected St. Patrick’s Prime Minister, but supporters of the NDC from the countryside are smarter than that – No Uncle Tilly, no NDC!

Just look at how Roland Bhola will have to take cover just now. One indication of that is the fact that young Hilaire from St. Andrew North East was able to organise, produce and contribute 9 loaded buses to Uncle Tilly’s celebrations in Gouyave. Bhola – take warning – Hillaire coming for you!

NDC’ites, be on guard because the rebels are in massacre mode as October 19 draws near. The gang man himself is on a drive to destabilise the NDC chances of winning the upcoming elections.

He is making all sorts of moves to badger the new earmarked candidates like Hillaire, Dr. Vincent, and Dr. Mitchell. Could you imagine that not only is he constantly calling Hilliare but he is visiting him too.

The gang man was seen in the company of Dr. Mitchell on one occasion already, something which did not go down too well with Uncle Tilly’s side. Did he trick the doctor to visit the St. George South-east constituency to help him give support to the little boy in health?

The red nastiness made sure that he found himself at a function at which Dr. Vincent was attending abroad. What he is believed to be doing is to attempt to taint them so that word would reach back to Uncle Tilly that he is close to them so that Uncle Tilly would dump them and end up with little or no good candidates for the upcoming poll.

Gang man – you are as transparent as a glass window. Please leave NDC alone and go and form your own party and hope the sun will shine on you.

If you do not want to take the chance and form your own thing then go back to your profession for good so that you can retrieve the money spent on your education by your devoted family.

While you are at it, see if you can repay your family all the funds you squandered since you started on your political mission in 2000 to highjack the NDC.

Imagine the gang wants reconciliation but Charles Peter David or as KCM said Peter Charles David going around telling people that the relationship between him and Uncle Tilly started to deteriorate when he opposed his wife for Chief Personnel Officer within the Public Service Commission.

Hello, lots of other people spoke out against Uncle Tilly on this subject and their relationship never deteriorated. Gang man – you need to stop all this commonness.

Peter Charles David or Chares Peter David, which ever is the correct one that was put on the credit cards, you even said that you went to the Prime Minister on your knees one day – but you lie again! How come Uncle Tilly cannot remember seeing you do something like that.

Nimrod is the only politician in this country who can boast of going on bended knees to praise and worship Dr. Keith – Uncle Tilly is not in that kind of foolishness.

So Peter, please be informed that people feel you got so caught up in the moment while you were in the company of your “rent salvaged” partner that you forgot that the public could have seen you.

Pedro, the relationship with Uncle Tilly started to deteriorate when your media mercenary was caught having secret meetings with the NNP hatchet man with the accent to bring down the NDC in a most nasty plot.

This was when Uncle Tilly heard for the first time of the plot – to use your words – the conspiracy – with ALBA money that would be brought in from through Dominica to undermine the PM in St. Patrick East.

Prime Minister Thomas has concrete proof of that and he kept it quiet all along o the gang will not know that he knew about the plotting! All the time his eyes were on you.
Uncle Tily had the opportunity to dismiss you within the first six months of assuming office and had he taken the advice of the many decent citizens who were never sold on you, you would have been history a long time now.

But instead, he gave you chances and when he could not take it any more, he flamed the trap on you. Chief Rebel, you are locked in with no where to run. Although you do not like to hear the name Ronald Reagan because of October 1983 – it was the former U.S President who said tht you can run but you cannot hide.

Gang man, please concede that you are done! July 8, 2012
was when the last of your political breath came out of your body. As a matter of fact, you were dead and buried on that day. No one wanted to keep your body for even 24 hours longer.

Chief Rebel, people are generally not buying what your media mercenary is selling because they don’t know if it is counterfeit or if he “t’ief” it (like the property he sold, collected the money for and had absolutely no title for).

By the way has the bailiff been able to serve him yet?  For your information (Mr. Bailiff) – the gang man’s media mercenary is in town and he is close to the man with the ALBA dollars so get him to pay and settle so that money could finish.
Another Bailiff might soon be looking for the media mercenary for assaulting Chris De Riggs – all because hew lost his cool when he saw the thousands attending Uncle Tilly’s mass meeting.

Gang man, all fall down. The man from St. David’s was so ashamed that when he reported to Cabinet last Monday, he kept his head down “in a book” for most of the day’s session, while the frock woman (the only toddler in the Cabinet these days) came in and started to display her immaturity and abject stupidity, and after a while when she realised no one was taking her on, she settled down – a real infant, indeed.

Gang man, your best bet is to set the date for the Convention and go peacefully! Do not let the NDC supporters come and look for you because you might then go in pieces.

If you don’t set the date for the Convention along with the fake pator, it is certain as day that you are likely to get a Convention rally and/or motorcade in your tail.

Remember, people are in the mood to give you and your infidels cremation fire.
Did you see or heard about the people’s sentiments on GBN I-think and letters to the editor of our major weeklies?

Gang man, what other signals are you waiting for! GO means go, be gone, scram – haul your red tail out of NDC!

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